Pisces Weekly Horoscope 29th March – 4th April, 2020


Love and Relationships

According to planetary movements, you will have to be careful before entering a new relationship. Steer clear from anyone who has a drinking or substance abuse habit. If there are any problems with your relationship, you have to handle them peacefully/gracefully taking into consideration all the factors and sensitivities of the other person. There could be cohesive forces that help in working towards peace and harmony in the relationship. In a new relationship, exercise care and don’t get tempted to spend too much time with each other, because it may not be a good idea

Education and Knowledge

Students who are undergoing a graduate degree in Science or IT subjects must make academics their topmost priority. They need to be able to concentrate for long hours. If they do, student may make excellent progress, and fare well in annual exams. Students who are wanting to go abroad for higher education and get admitted in a great college, may face favourable planets. They will still need to make an equal effort to ensure that their goals are fulfilled with the support of planets.


Take care of your health during this week, as a bad case of acid reflux in the digestive system could cause some issues. While you can use antacid tablets, you should also include fibrous vegetables and grain in your diet. This kind of food is suggested for flushing out excess acid from the digestive system. You may also get injured, so be careful. Follow a light exercise routine in the morning so you stay fit enough to go about the day productively without fatigue.

Money and Finance

During this week, the planet Mars rules the 2nd house which is associated with finance for the Pisces zodiac. Mars is in the end of the air sign Aquarius, and along with the ruler Saturn, it is stationed in the 12th house, thus associated with expenses and loss, amongst other things. Considering this, you need to make enough savings for any emergency. You need to be cautious in terms of money and finance. Keep a regular check on personal and unwanted expenses, and you may stay in a stable financial position.

Career and Business

For the Pisces zodiac during this week, Jupiter rules the sign and also holds belongs to the 10th house, which is linked to profession. The movement of Jupiter carries great significance in the occupational domain. Jupiter moves in its sign of debilitation, the earth sign Capricorn along with the malefic Ketu. Both these planets are linked to gain as they are stationed in the 11th house. Businessmen need to put in extra hours to keep their company running well. Employees will do well to stay driven and keep enahncing their performance to keep their position stable. The good news is that for Pisces during this week, progressive forces work much more effectively. 

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