Pisces Weekly Horoscope 26th April – 2nd May, 2020


Love and Relationships

Singles who are seeming for a relationship might do well to connect with like-minded people. Physical intimacy might just be around the corner. However, singles might do well not to make any long-term relationship responsibilities right now. On the family front, there may be some trivial disruptions that may make you upset. Don’t worry. All you need to do is to work out a solution without hurting any ego. Try to maintain family harmony. Love works wonders. Look forward to potential new friendships. However, do not rush into long term commitments or make friends very easily.

Education and Knowledge

Students who are seeking graduation in science or information technology may remain very focused and alert. They may be able to plan their study habits and give enough time to it. Intense concentration on their part may help them learn new things very quickly. As a result, their overall journey might be best. Students might finish brilliantly during their final exams. Students who want to pursue higher studies abroad may be successful this week. Planetary positions may promote their wishes. Students may need to secure a balance between being overemphasized and reckless. We suggest that students meditate if they face undue stress.


You may need to take extra care of your fitness and health this week. You may be subject to viral diseases during this period. Take care not to drink dirty water or eat street-side junk food. If you have the symptoms of a viral attack, rush to a doctor without further ado. Beware, as you may also have problems with your digestive system. Our suggestion is that you consume light and nutritious meals. Do not be lazy. Try going for a walk or hitting the gym. It may help you. However, keep an eye out for unexpected injuries during this time, and always take precautions.

Money and Finances

During this period, planetary movements indicate that you may need to be very cautious when it comes to money matters. If you don’t your actions might have consequences in the future. You may need to keep a tight leash over your useless expenses. You may need to save money whenever possible, as any cash saved today may ensure a brighter tomorrow. There may be no important financial gains during this week, apart from small minor gains that may lift your spirits. Stay safe, and do not take any unnecessary financial risks during this period.

Career and Business

Salaried individuals may be presented with an opening to move away from home for a reliable task. They might do well to jump on this chance. After completing this trip positively, who knows what may happen. You may get a raise and a promotion in the firm. Businessmen may do well to stay as organised as possible. Those who are dealing with import or export businesses might thrive. There might be a trip abroad on the cards to finalise a profitable deal. During this time, if you wish to upgrade your business equipment, you may do so. This is a time for endurance and determination.

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