Pisces Weekly Horoscope 19th – 25th April, 2020

Love and Relationships

If you think your love to be real and correct, try not to bear malice. Your spouse may not always react the way you want. Considering any ill-feeling towards your partner may only concern the relationship. You must decide, whether your ego is more powerful than your love. Give your loved one time and space. Slowly, the love in your relationship may be restored. A small family problem may keep you troubled. Try to solve the issue tactfully, to keep peace in your family. Do not over-depend on someone you love.

Education and Knowledge

This may be quite a positive period for academics. The concentration and attention of students who are seeking graduate degrees in science or information technology may be at its peak. If students pay undivided attention, it may reap good rewards for them. Their academic progress may be so heavenly it may surprise everyone. Students who want to pursue higher studies abroad may apply to the college or university of their liking. The current position of planets and planetary changes may indicate success. Students pursuing higher education may get somewhat defocused on time. There is no need to worry though, as there is nothing that hard work cannot achieve.


This may be a trying time for health problems, where the Pisces sign is concerned. Be very careful with matters of health during this week. Try staying away from eating junk and drinking unfiltered water, as you may be prone to viral germs during this period. You may face some minor digestive-tract related issues during this period. If you encounter the most inadequate physical discomfort, you may need to seek expert medical advice. Try and start a routine, with a morning walk and light cardiovascular exercises, to help you stay fit. Inculcate good, healthy habits. You may get inadvertently injured during this period. Take care not to climb heights, without safety regards as you may fall and hurt yourself badly.

Money and Finances

During this period, the second house is ruled by Mars, thus linked with finance. Mars moves through the twelfth house, followed by Saturn. There may be some negative influence on both these malefic planets. It may be tough to achieve any commercial gain during this time. However, a debilitated Jupiter moving through the eleventh house in the company of the malefic Ketu may bring some relief by raising fund inflow for you. This sudden inflow of income may be enough to bring positivity into your life. This is the right time to keep a tight rope over the wrong expenditures.

Career and Business

During this period the ruler of Pisces is Jupiter. This planet is also in command of the tenth house, which is responsible for occupation-related matters. The movement of Jupiter is thus very crucial. A debilitated Jupiter moves through the eleventh house, along with the malefic Ketu. Businessmen may need to put in more effort than usual, especially when striking a big-ticket deal with a customer. Salaried employees may need to step up, as they may face a huge workload at the office. They may need to increase their ability, and deliver assignments on time. During this period, you may do well to refrain from taking any major career or business-related decisions.

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