Pisces Weekly Horoscope 12th – 18th April, 2020

Love and Relationships

You do not bear hatreds in tru love. Your partner may not always respond the way you want. Holding an ill-feeling for your spouse will only contaminate the peace in your beautiful relationship. Decide, what is more important, your pride or your love? Give ample freedom and time to your loved one. Slowly, the love in your relationship will be restored. A minor family issue will keep you worried. Try to maintain symmetry of the family by managing the circumstances tactfully. Do not be too reliant upon somebody you love. Be cautious before making new friends, particularly the ones of the opposite sex.

Education and Knowledge

This week seems to be rather good for studies. Concentration and attention of students pursuing graduation in science or information technology will be at zenith. Their collective consciousness in class will reap heavy rewards for them! They will be able to dedicate enough time for their studies. Their educational progress will surprise one and all. Students who are desirous of pursuing higher studies abroad can apply for admission to their college or university of liking. The prevailing placement of planets and planetary movement will ensure victory! Students pursuing higher education may get slightly de-focused at times. Although, there is nothing that hard work cannot achieve!


You will need to be very careful with health during this week. Avoid eating roadside junk and drinking unfiltered water since you are prone to viral diseases during this period. There may be minor issues with your digestive system. You should seek therapeutic advice even on the sparsest physical discomfort. A morning walk and moderate cardiovascular exercises will help you to stay fit. Instill a habit of exercising daily. An unintentional injury is a strong possibility during this week. Do not climb mountains without sufficient safety precautions as there is a chance of falling and injuring yourself severely.

Money and Finances

The second house is ruled by Mars, which is linked with investment. Mars moves through the twelfth house in the company of Saturn. There is a chance of some negative impact of both these planets. It will be very hard to obtain a major financial gain during this time. However, a debilitated Jupiter moving through the eleventh house in company of malefic Ketu will bring some change by raising fund inflow for you. This immediate and sudden inflow of funds will be enough to fill you up with positivity. This is precisely the time to keep a tight leash over unwanted expenses.

Career and Business

The ruler of your sign is Jupiter. It is also in command of the tenth house, which is bound for occupation related matters. Concerning this, the movement of Jupiter is very significant. A debilitated Jupiter moves through the eleventh house along with Ketu. Businessmen will need to attempt a lot more than usual, particularly, while concluding a big deal with a presumed customer. Salaried employees will face relentless work load in office. They will need to improve their performance and deliver their tasks on time. It is advised that you refrain from taking any major decisions on business or your career.

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