Pest Control for Termites During Home Renovation

Termites are some of the most annoying household pests. Do not let their small physique fool you to think that they wouldn’t cause much damage. The little but very destructive pests dwell under surfaces like the soil. They often build tunnels and colonies in any place they infest. They live in colonies of up to 200,000 termites.

These tiny creatures enter homes through networks that they construct underneath the soil. They also live in the stumps and roots of trees like timber, where they find their food. In homes, they dwell in walls, furniture, and floors. During home renovations, your home becomes an open space. This makes it more vulnerable to infestations from termites. However, renovation can be used as the best time for pest control.

Pest Control for Termites During Home Renovation

Home renovation may just be the best time to implement pest control measures for termites. The following tips would come in handy:

  • Before construction begins, it would be a wise idea to contact a pest management professional. The role of the professional is to assess the pest activity in the house and its environments. By doing so, you will be able to come up with the most appropriate measure to get rid of the pests throughout the construction period.
  • You can also pretreat for termites before the construction process begins. If you already had a termite infestation in your house before the renovation, make sure you apply chemicals like insecticides or termiticides in the open spaces. This will help you to get rid of the infestation before construction begins. You can also drill holes in walls, floors, and any other areas that the termites are dwelling, then treat the areas. 
  • During construction, make sure to use noncellulose building materials. Such building materials help to minimise the chances of an infestation.
  • It would also help to avoid wood-to-ground contact during the construction process. This will significantly help to minimise infestation because termites dwell in the ground. Therefore, laying wood directly to the ground would increase the chances of infestation of the wood by termites.
  • Check for leaks in pipes and the roof and fix the issue. Termites thrive in damp conditions. Therefore, correcting such issues can prevent future infestations.
  • It is also a wise idea to inspect all raw materials before they are used in construction. Make sure that the materials are not infested. 
  • Make sure to keep the construction or renovation site clean at all times. This is because food and trash can attract pests to the area. Termites are especially attracted to sugar and sweet foods. 
  • If you are looking to landscape your house during the renovation, make sure to avoid plants that attract termites. Termites are attracted to plants like fruit trees and flowering shrubs.

    Once you have made sure the house is completely free from the termites, you might want to inspect your furniture as well. Termites tend to build tunnels inside wooden furniture, especially rotten wood. Placing such furniture in the house can lead to reinfestation of other areas in the house. Therefore, make sure to treat the furniture and other home equipment that could be infested.

Signs of Termite Infestation

You know that you are the victim to a termite infestation if:

• Visible termites are roaming around your house
• Wooden areas around the house appear swollen
• There are signs like cracked pain through which the pests are roaming
• Floors and ceilings appear swollen, especially those that are made from wood
• Taped wood begins to sound like hollows
• Exterior pipes appear to be filled with mud or tunnels of mud


Other ways through which you can prevent termite infestation during renovations include using termite resistant timber and using metal shields. These shields help prevent the entry of the tiny pests in the house or building. Hiring a pest control company like Excel Pest Services is also a wise idea.

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