NYK Review of WWE WrestleMania 36 – Night One and Play by Play Results

Welcome to NYK Daily’s review of Wrestlemania 36 brought to you by Nikhil Chandwani all the way from Nagpur, India. The Wrestlemania was telecasted live here in India but began 3:30 AM Onwards. I started watching when the main show started and missed the PreShow. This is the most different and unique WrestleMania there’s ever been. Why do I say that? We don’t have a crowd in here.

Before I begin my review, I would like to extend my warm congratulations to the pro-wrestlers who are still busting their asses. The current world scenario is very depressing with lockdowns, deaths, lack of ventilators etc. WWE’s Wrestlemania was, in a way, a good distraction from all the pain news and visuals.

I want to suggest something to my readers though. Stay smart, don’t venture out of your homes and we’ll get through this together. . Thank you also for reading and supporting NYK Daily. I’m writing as much as ever because it’s what I love to do and I’m grateful for your support. Let’s begin the show.

Stephanie McMahon starts the show

“Every year, about this time, WWE presents its premier event, WrestleMania.” Each event has its own personality and has been different from before. This year’s will be the most different of all. The current circumstances prevent there being an audience, but there will be the same commitment to provide us all with the diversion, a sense of hope, determination, and of course, entertainment. With that said, the WWE thanks its fans, and welcomes them to WrestleMania. WrestleMania has always had the best of the best be part of the celebration.

But with no live crowd allowed, that also means no live performance of the National Anthem. So instead, WWE presents a montage-medley of all 35 previous performances. Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Ray Charles, Michelle Williams, Boys II Men, Little Richard and so many more amazing voices blend together to sing the anthem of the great United States of America.

Rob Gronkowski welcomes us to WrestleMania 36.

The NFL Super Bowl winner is here as “the host with the most” of this epic weekend. The party is too big for one night, so now we need the entire weekend. Well Gronk is the right man for the job. So sit back, grab a drink, and forget your world to be entertained in this world. Gronk brings out Mojo Rawley and we get hyped. High stakes, no brakes, and it starts now.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: The Kabuki Warriors VS Bliss-Cross

Who better to open a pirate themed WrestleMania than the Pirate Princess? Kairi Sane and the Empress of Tomorrow look to keep hold of their treasure. But will the Goddess and loony lass be take their booty and kick some ass?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and teams sort out. Alexa and Asuka start, ready for a rematch from SmackDown. The two approach, Asuka dodges Alexa, and the Kabuki Warriors have a good laugh. Kairi tags in and she now steps to Alexa. Kairi pushes Alexa around but then starts making them harder palm strikes. Alexa falls down and Kairi mocks the ribbons in Alexa’s hair. They’re cute, but then Alexa slaps back. Alexa catches Kairi’s retaliation and mocks Kairi’s hair. Alexa then hits the standing STO and then mocks Asuka. The ref keeps Asuka back as Alexa drops knees. Tag to Nikki and Nikki dropkicks Kairi: Cover, ONE, but Nikki waist locks to hop on for a thrashing sleeper. Kairi puts Nikki on ropes and in the Kabuki corner. Tag to Asuka and Asuka attacks Nikki.

The Kabuki Warriors stomp Nikki down but the ref backs Asuka off. Asuka says she knows the rules. Asuka snapmares Nikki to then buzzsaw kick. She toys with Nikki and pushes her around. She talks trash in Japanese but Nikki hits back with forearms. Nikki gets an edge but Asuka pushes back. Alexa tags in and Nikki throws Asuka out. Nikki trips up Kairi and clubs away with forearms. The ref reprimands Nikki but Alexa wrecks Kairi with a dropkick. Alexa is on the apron, and she cannonballs onto Asuka. The ref starts a ring count but Nikki crossbodies Kairi down. Bliss-Cross are fired up and hug it out as the Kabuki Warriors regroup. Alexa gets Asuka in the ring at 5 and covers, TWO. Alexa drags Asuka up and wrenches. Tag to Nikki and Nikki climbs up. Nikki leaps for double ax handles.

Nikki wrenches but Asuka decks her. Tag to Kairi and Kairi ax kicks Nikki down. Kairi whips but Nikki reverses to send Kairi back out. Kairi hurries up but Nikki swings. But Kairi catches the kick to chop…And chop. Asuka comes over to help but Alexa wrecks her with a dropkick. The women are brawling and Asuka throws Alexa into the post. Nikki throws Kairi at barriers but Kairi goes up to headscissor back. Asuka roundhouses Nikki down. The Kabuki Warriors talk trash and praise themselves as the ring count climbs. Asuka puts Nikki in at 8 and follows. Asuka stomps Nikki down short of getting to Alexa. She says “Mudi mudi.” aka it’s impossible to beat the Kabuki Warriors. Asuka tags Kairi and they mug Nikki.

The Kabuki whip and kick Nikki. Then ax kick to bulldog to dropkick. Asuka and Kairi are having fun now as Kairi sits for a cover, one so Kairi clubs away on Nikki. Kairi drags Nikki up in a facelock and cranks on her neck. Kairi lifts but Nikki sunset flips, two, and Nikki hurries. Kairi grabs at Nikki but Nikki kicks her away, hot tag to Alexa. Alexa rallies with lariats and counter punches and dropkick. Asuka shouts for Kairi to get up but Alexa runs in. Kairi dodges but Alexa still punches her first. Alexa climbs up but Asuka hurries over. The ref reprimands them but the Kabuki Warriors trip Alexa up. Kairi climbs to WOE stomp Alexa down. Cover, two. Alexa survives and Kairi argues the count.

Kairi drags Alexa up to grind her boots in. The ref counts but Kairi lets up to kick. Alexa kicks back but Kairi kicks her down. sliding D… Cover, two. Kairi drags Alexa up and wrenches her hair. Tag to Asuka and the Kabuki mug Alexa on the ropes. Asuka stands on Alexa’s neck at the apron. Kairi thrashes Alexa around while the ref pulls Asuka off. Asuka says she knows the rules, because that’s how they’re getting away with all this. Asuka clamps onto Alexa with an armlock. Alexa endures and fights her way up. Alexa throws hands but Asuka throws Alexa by her hair. Nikki protests but Asuka chokes Alexa on the ropes. Asuka lets up at 4 but Kairi hotshots Alexa down.

Asuka goes after Alexa with forearms, then runs corner to corner for a hip attack. Alexa denies the bulldog but not the pop-up knee. Cover, two. Alexa toughs it out but Asuka is still on her. Asuka bumps Alexa off buckles as Nikki rallies for Alexa. Asuka runs in and Alexa knees her away. Alexa runs, ducks the back hand to surprise Asuka. But Asuka roundhouses back. Both women are down and crawling for their corners. Hot tags to Kairi and Nikki. Nikki rallies with big forearms. She runs in at the corner to splash and bulldog. Nikki unzips her vest and climbs up top, flying crossbody. Cover, TWO. Nikki drags Kairi up but Kairi rakes the eyes. Tag to Asuka and Kairi runs in at Nikki. Nikki puts Kairi outside but Kairi shoulders in. But into a facelock. Nikki wants her neckbreaker but Asuka clubs her on the back.

Asuka fires off palm strikes but Nikki blocks the back hand. Nikki hits THE PURGE. But Kairi hits the InSANE Elbow to break the cover. Everyone is down but Nikki heads for Asuka. Nikki and Asuka are up, Nikki waistlocks but Asuka pops out. ASUKA LOCK. Nikki flails and rolls but Asuka stays clamped on. Alexa uses TWISTED BLISS to return the favor. But Kairi SPEARS Alexa. Everyone is down again. Asuka returns to her corner but Alexa is nowhere to be found. Kairi tags in and Asuka hits a CODE BREAKER. Kairi is up top again, but Nikki goes after her. The two fight up top and Kairi clubs away. Nikki clubs back but Asuka tags back in.

Asuka adds on and the Kabuki have Nikki 2v1. Asuka sunset flips and Kairi adjusts, KABUKI DOOMSDAY. Cover, TWO. Nikki survives and the Kabuki Warriors cannot believe it. Kairi tags back in and Asuka drags Nikki up. Kairi DECKS Alexa and then runs. But Nikki dodges. The Kabuki avoid colliding, but then Nikki POSTS Asuka. Kairi clubs Nikki but Nikki ducks the back hand. THE PURGE hits again. Tag to Alexa, for another TWISTED BLISS. Cover, Bliss-Cross wins. (15:05 Minutes)

Winners: Bliss-Cross, by pinfall (NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions)

Match Review: 3.5/5. This was good. They got a lot of time to tell the story. Asuka was the GOAT in the match. Cross had a good performance in terms of spending time getting beaten up in the ring, then making the hot tag and fighting to put on a good match. I enjoyed the finish. Asuka and Sane are a poetic tag team. However, the title change made sense since Asuka/Sane barely defended the titles (they didn’t have any active rivalry) and hopefully Bliss/Cross have a good second run with the titles.

Backstage interview with Sami Zayn.

Sami and his Artist Collective are feeling good, but now Sami must defend his title against Daniel Bryan. Is it inevitable, though? The “inevitable” was Braun Strowman beating these three to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Yet it is Sami, “The Great Liberator,” holding the title. Everyone wants to see Bryan shut Sami’s mouth, but that’s not inevitable. Having this match doesn’t mean Bryan gets at Sami. The Artist Collective always has a plan. But one thing that is inevitable is that Sami will do what very few have ever done. He will walk in as Intercontinental Champion, and then walk out still Intercontinental Champion. Which inevitability will become reality?

Elias VS Baron Corbin

Corbin grabs a mic to say, “The King has arrived at WrestleMania” But Elias is nowhere to be found. Corbin replays the footage of his attack to make sure we all remember how it happened. “That felt good to send Elias flying off that balcony. And what’s going to feel even better is getting my second win at WrestleMania in a row.” So Elias should be counted out and Corbin’s hand should be raised in victory. But wait. The guitar strum signals that Elias IS here. Corbin rushes Elias but Elias kicks and guitar SMASHES Corbin back. This match isn’t official because Corbin didn’t wait for the bel. Elias throws Corbin into barriers and into the post. He CHOPS Corbin down then bumps him off the apron.

Elias puts Corbin in the ring but the ref keeps Elias back. Corbin flounders to a corner and drags himself to his feet. The bell rings and Elias goes after Corbin on the record. Elias CHOPS and clubs Corbin then whips him to ropes. Elias runs Corbin over with an elbow and covers, TWO. Corbin can’t get away before Elias is on him with another CHOP. Elias throws big forearms and springboard stomps Corbin down. The ref backs Elias off but Elias drags Corbin up. Elias reels Corbin in for a swinging neckbreaker. Cover, ONE. Elias drags Corbin back up to CHOP again. But Corbin flapjacks Elias up and out of the ring. Corbin demands the ref count Elias out, and the count begins. Elias is up at 3 and in at 4, but Corbin throws him into a POST. Corbin covers, TWO.

Corbin stomps Elias down then puts him in a corner. He throws big body shots and haymakers then whips Elias corner to corner. Elias hits buckles hard, but dodges Corbin. Corbin slides out then in then LARIATS Elias down. Cover, TWO. Corbin grows frustrated but he goes after Elias again. “How’s your arm, huh?” Corbin drags Elias up with a Chinbar to drive elbows into the bad shoulder. Then Corbin shouts at commentary to praise him. Elias body shots Corbin back. Corbin knees low then POSTS Elias again. Corbin grins as Elias falls back and clutches his arms. Cover, TWO. The Wolf King is frustrated again, and he argues with the ref. Corbin goes after Elias on the ropes and drives more elbows into the bad shoulder. Elias flops against the ropes but Corbin brings him back up.

Corbin whips Elias corner to corner, but Elias reverses and POSTS Corbin. Now Corbin clutches a bad shoulder. Elias goes to the opposite corner and runs in to LARIAT Corbin down. Elias whips but Corbin reverses. Corbin catches Elias as he goes up, but Elias still mule kicks Corbin away. Elias stomps Corbin and throws fast hands. The ref backs Elias off but Elias is furious. Elias stomps Corbin more and more but backs off again. Just to come back for more. Elias drags Corbin up, dragon sleepers, swinging Facebuster. Cover, TWO. Elias keeps his cool and drags Corbin to a drop zone. Elias climbs up top, leaps, but has to bail out as Corbin moves. Corbin gets Elias for DEEP SIX. Cover, TWO. Elias survives and both men back off to opposite corners.

Corbin sits up first but Elias slowly follows. Elias flounders on ropes but he gets to another corner. Corbin runs in but Elias dodges again. Corbin slides out then in but Elias dodges the lariat this time Elias KNEES Corbin down Cover, TWO. Elias drags Corbin around to stomp away on. He puts Corbin back in a drop zone but Corbin rolls away. Elias pursues but Corbin grabs the ropes. Elias tries to get Corbin up but Corbin throat chops Corbin covers, using the ropes The ref spots that and stops the count. Corbin argues but Elias rolls Corbin up. WITH TIGHTS. Elias wins. ( 9:02 Minutes)

Winner: Elias, by pinfall

Match Review: 1/5. This was boring. It was a typical Yawn fest (all Corbin matches this year have been yawn fest) Elias and Corbin had zero chemistry in the ring. Don’t give us Roll up to Death Finish at Wrestlemania? If they had a crowd, they’d have chanting ‘This is Boring’ for good 5 minutes. This should’ve been moved to Pre Show.

Raw Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch VS Shayna Baszler

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this grudge match is here.

Becky circles with Shayna and then they start throwing hands. It is fast and furious to say the least. Shayna kicks Becky’s leg, then gets around her for the Kirafuda. But Becky escapes before Shayna can clamp on tighter. Shayna pursues and kicks away on Bekcy’s leg. Becky hits back but Shayna CLUBS her down. Shayna bumps Becky off the apron then refreshes the count. Shayna stalks Becky, then dead lifts her. But Becky huricanranas free. Becky staggers over to bring Shayna up. She throws Shayna into the desk. Becky refreshes the count now to then throw Shayna into steel steps. Shayna writhes but Becky drags her back up. Becky puts Shayna in at 4 then climbs up top. Becky leaps to missile dropkick Shayna down.

Shayna flounders to the far corner but Becky runs in. Becky hits the forearm then stomps away. The ref counts but Becky won’t let up. The ref backs Becky off but she goes after SHayna with an uppercut and a back kick. Becky brings Shayna up but Shayna fights off the suplex. Becky elbows Shayna then jumps, but her kick is blocked. Shayna KNEES Becky down. Shayna stalks up behind Becky to bring her up in a butterfly. She gut wrenches but Becky slips out. Becky wants the arm, but Shayna clamps onto a shoulder. Becky sits down out of the clutch to victory roll, TWO. Shayna SPINE BUSTERS Becky down. Shayna drags Becky back up, butterfly to CUTTER. Cover, TWO. Becky survives but Shayna isn’t done with her. Shayna waits for Becky to rise, and then runs in.

Becky dodges to clamp onto the arm. Shayna whips Becky to the apron. Becky KICKS Shayna back then drags her out to join her. The two start brawling on the apron’s edge. Becky says this is HER title, no one else’s. Shayna fires off hands and knees. Becky wobbles, but she catches Shayna for a SLAM onto the apron. Becky pushes Shayna in to cover, TWO. Shayna survives and Becky is at a loss for words. Becky thinks on what to do next, and she drags Shayna over to a corner. Becky climbs up top, but SHayna springs up to enziguri. Shayna THROWS Becky off the top. Shayna clamps on, butterfly to an ARMBAR. Becky flails, endures, and manages a grip. Becky moves to make it a cover, TWO Shayna Tries to the Disarm-Her.

Becky endures her own move, and rolls around to get up. But Shayna trips Becky to KNEE her point-blank. Cover, TWO. Becky survives and Shayna grows frustrated. Becky goes to the apron but Shayna pursues. Shayna brings Becky up but Becky hotshots her away. Becky climbs up, DISARM-HER on the ropes. But Shayna shoves Becky up, KIRAFUDA in the ropes. The ref counts, Shayna lets go at 4 and Becky flops to the floor. Becky crawls but Shayna is in pursuit again. Shayna kicks Becky down then grabs the legs. Shayna dead lifts and SWINGS Becky into the desk. She drops Becky to refresh the count, and now grins. Shayna drags Becky up and says, “Some hero.” She puts Becky in the ring but takes her time returning.

Shayna looms over Becky, but Becky grabs the arm. Becky tries to bring Shayna down but Shayna back suplexes her off. Becky lands on her feet, but Shayna spins her around, for the KIRAFUDA. Shayna keeps Becky from ropes and leans on her. Becky rolls back to a cover, and WINS. (8:30 Minutes)

Winner: Becky Lynch, by pinfall (still Raw Women’s Champion)

Match Review: 2.75/5. This was shorter than what I had initially predicted. Becky was beautiful as usual. Shayna tried all her move sets but Becky kept coming back. The match was decent overall. It is hard to do a Becky’s match without the involvement of the crowd and maybe that’s why it was kept short. We have seen this kind of Finish many times in wrestling where somebody holds onto a submission too long and the other wrestler counters into a pin to win. I can remember Bret Hart beating Roddy Piper and Steve Austin using a similar type of finish. Good Match, not great. Wrestlers can’t be blamed. This match needed a crowd.

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Sami Zayn w/ The Artist Collective VS Daniel Bryan w/ Drew Gulak

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this showdown begins.

Well, it would begin but Sami takes his time talking things over with Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura. Sami finally leaves his corner to circle with Bryan. Sami backs away into the corner again, then hops out of the ring. He says Bryan is crowding him but Bryan gives Sami plenty of space. Sami gets in and the two circle. But then Sami bails back out, just to annoy Bryan. Bryan keeps his cool but Sami lets the ring count climb. Sami slowly gets in at 8, but then jumps right back out. Bryan pursues and chases Sami, but Cesaro stands in the way. Sami gets back in the ring and Bryan heads that way, but again Sami bails out. Now Shinsuke stands in Bryan’s way. Sami slides back in with a cocky grin, but Bryan slides in. Bryan slowly approaches, Sami stumbles and Bryan almost gets him.

But now both Cesaro and Shinsuke stand in the way. So Gulak LEAPS Onto them both. Gulak and Cesaro brawl, and Gulak throws Cesaro over barriers. Gulak dodges Nakamura to clothesline him over, too. Sami sneaks up on Gulak but Gulak sees him coming. Bryan says Gulak can stand down, and let Sami go. Sami wants a count out, so just let him. So are they coming to their senses? Sami says this is Bryan’s best decision. But then Bryan goes out and TACKLES Sami at the ramp. Bryan punches Sami then puts him in the ring. Bryan has Sami all alone but Sami begs for forgiveness. No go as Bryan gets the legs. Sami keeps pleading but Bryan punches and clubs Sami over and over. Bryan keeps Sami down with knee after knee.

Sami flounders up but Bryan drags him from the ropes. Bryan has the leg and just toys with Sami now. Bryan kicks Sami hard in the leg, and the back, and then grounds ‘n’ pounds more. Sami gets away again but Bryan builds speed to DIVE. Direct hit sends both men into barriers. Bryan is up to kick Sami over and over. Bryan puts Sami in then climbs up top. Sami stands but Bryan leaps to missile dropkick him down. Bryan kips up and he has Sami’s legs again. Bryan laces the legs and pulls on Sami’s nose. The ref reprimands but Bryan crossface forearms Sami over and over and over. Bryan bumps Sami off buckles then SLAPS him. That’s for thinking Gulak’s a nobody. The kicks are because Sami hasn’t earned the title. Bryan hits a corner to corner dropkick.

Sami flounders about but Bryan brings him back up. Bryan knees Sami over and over. Sami tries to run away again but Bryan is after him. Sami elbows Bryan back and unloads haymakers of his own. He whips and LARIATS Bryan down. Sami is still stinging from everything Bryan did, but now he laughs because he’s in control. Sami SLAPS Bryan now. But Bryan just gets stronger. Sami CHOPS Bryan, and CHOPS. Bryan fires up as Sami whips, and he comes back with a LEAPING LARIAT. Bryan gives Sami YES and NO Kick. Kicks from all sides hit Sami over and over. And the BUZZSAW. Sami is in a daze but Bryan isn’t done with him. Bryan has the arms and DANIELSON STOMPS. He stomps and stomps and stomps.

Gulak says Bryan can finish Sami now by going up top. But Cesaro and Nakamura go after Gulak and throw him into steps. Bryan DIVES and takes them both out. Bryan hurries to do as Gulak said, and goes up top. Sami BOOTS Bryan out of the air. Cover, Sami wins. (9:20)

Winner: Sami Zayn, by pinfall

Match Review: 2.5/5. A quick match with interference and outside the ring action. I wanted to see a 20 minutes Zayn Vs Bryan match but I know why they did this. It was surprising to see Daniel Bryan lose. Zayn didn’t get a lot of offense, but he managed to get the win after Bryan was occupied with taking out Cesaro and Nakamura on the floor. I did like the finish a lot with Zayn hitting the Helluva Kick to counter a diving attack from Bryan. It felt innovative. Zayn should be booked stronger from now on. Make his victory believable by booking him strong.

There was a commercial for the WWE 24 documentary about Edge’s return to the ring. It will air on Sunday after WrestleMania on WWE Network. That should be great.

SmackDown Tag Team Championships Triple Threat Ladder Match: John Morrison VS Kofi Kingston VS Jimmy Uso

This was meant to be a tag team triple threat, but The Miz is not able to compete tonight. But as the show must go one, the WWE felt it was fairer to the champions to bring this down to a normal Triple Threat.

The bell rings and each man watches the other two closely. Jimmy aims at Morrison but Morrison dodges the superkick. Morrison kicks but Jimmy dodges that. Jimmy waistlocks but both men avoid Kofi’s double stomps. Jimmy flips Kofi but he lands on his feet. Kofi flips Morrison but he lands on his feet. The three stand off and start again. Jimmy bails out but Kofi and Morrison follow. They each get a ladder and bring it into the ring. All three men stand up ladders, with Morrison having drawn the short straw. Jimmy and Kofi go up their much taller ladders and go after Morrison. Kofi reaches for the belts but Jimmy CHOPS him Jimmy CHOPS Morrison but Kofi and Morrison hit back. Morrison kicks Jimmy’s ladder over. Jimmy falls down hard and Morrison goes after Kofi.

Kofi fights Morrison off and Jimmy returns. Jimmy drags Morrison off his ladder, but then Kofi LEAPS onto Jimmy. Morrison gets up and goes up the taller ladder, only for Kofi to pursue. Kofi drags Morrison down and the two brawl. Morrison snapmares Kofi and runs to Shining Wizard. Jimmy adjusts a ladder but Morrison pushes it over. Morrison mule kicks and clubs Jimmy down. Morrison positions ladders around but Kofi goes after him with clubbing forearms. The two brawl and Morrison cranks the neck. Kofi sips out but no SOS or Trouble in Paradise. Kofi ducks the Flying Chuck but Jimmy climbs. Jimmy is up top but Kofi gets up to stop him.

Kofi clubs and headbutts Jimmy down. But Morrison hurries to stop Kofi. Morrison has an arm and punches Kofi with a right. Morrison punches Kofi down, then pogo-sticks the ladder over. He reaches for the belts but Jimmy grabs at Morrison. Jimmy forces Morrison to come down, and hits him with an uppercut. Jimmy gets the ladder in position but Morrison hits Jimmy back. Question mark kick to mule kick. Jimmy CHOPS, and Kofi springboards. Kofi uses the ladder like a swing, but his huricanrana is blocked. Morrison and Jimmy both throw Kofi out. Jimmy kicks Morrison low then CHOPS him again. Jimmy goes back to the ladder but Morrison clubs him back. Morrison whips, Jimmy reverses, but Morrison slides under the bars.

Jimmy pushes the ladder over, but Morrison is safe in the gap. Morrison pokes Jimmy in the eyes. Morrison pushes the ladder and it SMASHES into Jimmy. With both opponents down, Morrison takes some time to prepare. Morrison puts one ladder in a corner, then grabs another to SMASH Jimmy’s legs. Jimmy writhes while Morrison moves ladders aside. Jimmy gets up to CHOP again. He hits Morrison with an uppercut, then puts Morrison on the ropes. Jimmy bounces Morrison’s head off the ladder Morrison himself set up. Jimmy climbs up to join Morrison, but has to be careful on the ladder. Morrison hits him back and trips him up. Jimmy is stuck on the ladder, and Morrison stands on the post, for a PARKOUR CORKSCREW. Morrison wrecks Jimmy with that ladder.

Morrison stomps Jimmy out of the ring then goes to a ladder. The Guru of Greatness stands the ladder up right under the belts. Morrison climbs up, careful of the wobbling. Kofi SPRINGBOARDS and SUPER STEINERS Morrison down. Morrison falls out of the ring but Jimmy slowly gets up. Kofi hobbles to the ladder and stands it up again. Kofi climbs but Jimmy hurries in. Jimmy gets a mule kick but gives an uppercut. Kofi whips Jimmy out and throws a big haymaker. Kofi sees Morrison and FLIES. They wipe out with the ladders. All three men are down but Kofi is up first. Kofi gets a ladder but Jimmy walks on the barriers. Kofi THROWS the ladder at Jimmy. Jimmy goes down in a heap with the ladder but Kofi keeps on him.

Kofi kicks Jimmy down then drags a ladder up. Kofi makes a ladder bridge between barrier and ring. “I know you got fight, Uce.” He clubs Jimmy then brings him up. He bounces Jimmy off the ladder, then hoists him onto it. Kofi clubs away on Jimmy until Jimmy stays put. But Morrison is up top. Kofi hurries to trip Morrison up and club him down. Kofi gets space, climbs up top, but Morrison is also up again. Morrison tightrope walks all the way to Kofi. And then uses a SUPER SPANISH FLY to wreck Kofi in the ring. But Jimmy USO SPLASHES down on Morrison. All three men are down but those titles are still above their heads. Jimmy forces himself to bring a ladder up. He positions it under the belts and wills himself up the rungs.

Kofi crawls over and anchors Jimmy, but Jimmy kicks him away. Jimmy climbs but Kofi pursues. Kofi climbs over Jimmy and grabs at his hair. Jimmy punches Kofi back and Kofi flops to the floor. Jimmy climbs back up, but Kofi comes up from under. Kofi kicks and punches from the inside of the ladder, and then smashes Jimmy’s head on a rung. Jimmy falls down and Kofi moves around to the outside of the ladder. Kofi grabs at the belts but Morrison is there. Morrison punches Kofi but Kofi hits back. Kofi headbutts Morrison down and heads back up. But Morrison comes back around to grab his feet. Kofi leaps for DOUBLE STOMPS. Everyone is down again, and the ladder tips over.

Kofi hurries to get the ladder back up, but Jimmy is bringing another ladder in. Kofi kicks Morrison out but Jimmy pushes the ladder in. It ends up another bridge as Kofi fights with Morrison. Kofi knocks Jimmy off the apron and then climbs. Kofi jumps off the bridge but into Jimmy’s kick. Jimmy SMASHES Kofi into ladder Jimmy talks trash but Morrison is lurking. Morrison goes over and Jimmy goes under. Morrison goes up again but Jimmy SUPERKICKS. Jimmy has Morrison on the ladder bridge, and then brings a third ladder into play. Jimmy stands the ladder up in a corner as he climbs. He is at the very top, but Morrison gets up. Morrison pushes this ladder over and Jimmy FALLS TO THE FLOOR.

Morrison has an opening and he tosses ladders out of the way. He heads up the rungs and grabs at the belts, but Kofi is back. Kofi climbs up as Morrison fiddles with the hook. Kofi CLUBS Morrison and then headbutts him. Morrison kicks Kofi, but Jimmy returns. Jimmy has another ladder side by side with the main one. He climbs as the other two brawl. Jimmy CHOPS and headbutts. Kofi gives them back. Morrison uses both ladders for balance, and all three men are grabbing at the belts. They all unhook it, but now it’s about who keeps hold. They keep brawling, and a DOUBLE HEADBUTT sends Morrison down. BUT WITH THE BELTS. The belts came off the hanger, Morrison wins. ( 18:30 Minutes)

Winner: John Morrison (Miz & Morrison are still SmackDown Tag Team Champions)

Match Review: 4.5/5. Fantastic Match with memorable sports. They did some very innovating things in there while wrestling at a fast pace. Morrison’s win came off as a cheap victory because he took a bump while he won, but I don’t mind it because it shows how close it was. Kingston was incredible with some of the high spots he did, Jimmy showed us he could be an awesome singles wrestler if given the chance and Morrison may have had the best performance of the three. If there were fans it would probably be a 5/5, but it was still a lot of fun to watch. Nice job by all three guys. A unique 1v1v1 match for tag titles, and an incredibly unique way of winning. Kofi busted his ass in this match and showed us how passionate he is for his job even without a crowd.

Seth Rollins VS Kevin Owens

The bell rings and Rollins gives Kevin a chance to end this peacefully. Kevin refuses and rushes Rollins, but Rollins goes to the ropes for defense. The ref brings Kevin back and Rollins sucker punche. Rollins throws more hands but Kevin hits back. Rollins runs away, but Kevin pursues. They brawl outside the ring and Kevin backs Rollins down. Kevin throws Rollins into barriers but Rollins uses Kevin’s shirt to bring him into a knee. Rollins goes to the ring but Kevin avoids getting a Curb Stomp. Kevin knocks Rollins down then CHOPS him to a corner. Kevin throws more hands but the ref backs Kevin off. Rollins gets up but Kevin whips him. Rollins kicks Kevin but Kevin LARIATS back. And drops a senton. Kevin taunts Rollins, “How did that feel?” Then he gives Rollins another senton.

Rollins is in a corner but bails out before the cannonball. Kevin pursues again and CHOPS Rollins more. Kevin brings Rollins over to throw into barriers. He drags Rollins up to throw into more barriers around the way. Kevin refreshes the count to go after Rollins again. Kevin stomps Rollins then puts him in the ring. Rollins rolls out but Kevin meets him around the way. Kevin drags Rollins up and around, but Rollins resists the lift. Rollins back drops Kevin onto the apron. Kevin writhes but Rollins seethes. Rollins drags Kevin up, for an APRON FALCON ARROW. Kevin falls to the floor and sputters for air. Rollins taunts Kevin now as Kevin slowly stands. Rollins builds speed and DIVES. Direct hit sends Kevin into barriers. Rollins asks if Kevin sees the mistake he made. “I become a GOD.”

Kevin stands again, but Rollins DIVES again. Another direct hit. Rollins is laughing now because “You’re making this too easy, Kevin.” Rollins goes back into the ring, taunting Kevin that he’s a disappointment to his kids. Kevin stands, Rollins runs, but Kevin holds Rollins first. But Rollins returns with a SLINGBLADE. Rollins rains down fists from all sides then kicks Kevin all around. Rollins taunts Kevin with his own words about being the one to #BurnItDown. Kevin stands, Rollins back kicks and runs. But no stomp as Kevin dodges. Kevin rolls Rollins, dodges another stomp, and hits a SPIKING DDT. Both men are down now but going to opposite corners. Rollins spots Kevin and runs in, but Kevin dodges. And SUPERKICKS back. Kevin hits the CANNONBALL. Kevin heads up top fast, for the SWANTON BOMB. Cover, TWO.

Rollins survives but is still in bad shape. Kevin stands and keeps Rollins from leaving. Kevin throws haymakers and whips, but Rollins slips out of the pop-up. Rollins kicks, Kevin duck sand rolls him. Rollins slips out and tries again, but Kevin kicks back. No Stunner, Rollins hits a PELE. But Kevin rebounds to LARIAT. Both men are down again but stirring. Kevin is up first but Rollins goes to the apron. Kevin grabs Rollins and brings him up at the corner. They go up to the top rope, but Rollins fights back Kevin clubs Rollins but Rollins resists the superplex. Rollins claws Kevin’s eyes. And then sunset flips. For the BUCKLE BOMB. Rollins SUPERKICKS, and SUPERKICKS. Rollins runs, into a POP-UP BOMB. Cover, TWO.

Rollins survives and Kevin can’t believe it. Kevin drags himself up on the ropes while Rollins crawls to the apron. Kevin heads over but Rollins runs. Rollins makes it to the timekeeper’s area but Kevin catches him. Rollins elbows Kevin away and then uses the RING BELL.

Winner: Kevin Owens, by disqualification

The irony is that the bell couldn’t ring until Rollins gave it back. Kevin wins the battle because Rollins is focused on the war. “That’s your WrestleMania Moment, huh?” It isn’t a failure, but it isn’t what Kevin wants. Kevin grabs a mic to shout at Rollins before he leaves. “You don’t get to end this this way.” Kevin thought Rollins said he was a wrestling god. But that was the act of a wrestling BI*CH. If Rollins is a man, then prove it. They need to finish this. NO DISQUALIFICATIONS. Rollins accepts the challenge. Will Kevin redeem himself in this instant rematch?

No Disqualifications: Seth Rollins VS Kevin Owens

The bell rings again and Rollins KNEES Kevin down. Rollins slaps Kevin around as he shouts, “When are you going to figure it out?” Rollins drags Kevin up to throw him out of the ring. He goes out to throw Kevin into barriers. He keeps on Kevin with furious fists and kicks against the barriers. Rollins throws Kevin into barriers at the timekeeper’s area “I can do whatever I want.” So Rollins grabs steel steps. Rollins aims at Kevin, and RAMS him down. Rollins taunts Kevin and kicks him all around. He takes the timekeeper’s chair and stalks Kevin. Kevin rises but Rollins SMACKS him on the back, and then on the arm, and on the back again. Rollins tells this is why Kevin should just shut his mouth.

The ref tells Rollins to finish this in the ring but Rollins says he can do whatever he wants. Rollins clears off the announce desk and brings Kevin up. But now Kevin uses the ring bell. Kevin has Rollins on the announce desk and hurries around… Behind the set? Kevin climbs the WrestleMania sign Kevin aims at Rollins on the desk, for a SUPER SENTON THROUGH THE TABLE. Both men writhe and referees hurry out to check. Rollins moans and gasps in pain but somehow Kevin stands up. Kevin won’t let it end here, he drags Rollins up out of the wreckage. He puts Rollins in the ring, then drags him up by his hair. Rollins begs for mercy, but he gets a STUNNER instead. Cover, Kevin wins. (17:20 Minutes)

Winner: Kevin Owens, by pinfall

Match Review: 3.75/5. I feel so good for Kevin Owens. He finally has his Wrestlemania moment. The Super Senton Through the table is a visual I won’t forget for a long time. Owens wanting to keep fighting and finding a way to win makes him the kind of likable babyface that you want to root for. I picked Owens to win because it just made sense in the storyline to have Owens get the victory that he needs to give him momentum as a babyface. The Chemistry was on point. Two of the best wrestlers and in ring storytellers of this era.

R-Truth joins Gronk and Mojo on the balcony.

The “WWE 24/7 48-7 7/11 I-95 South North European Television Champion” introduces himself. This title is bittersweet. He can’t go to picnics, church or cook outs. He got the baby back but he doesn’t want to lose it. Can Gronk and Mojo help? Gronk DECKS and covers Truth but Mojo drags him off it. Mojo covers Truth, and wins.

Winner: Mojo Rawley, by pinfall (NEW WWE 24/7 Champion)

Match Review: DUD. Segment. I love R-Truth though.

Backstage interview with Paul Heyman.

Heyman introduces himself and it spooks Charly Caruso. But the one that should be afraid is Drew McIntyre. We are 24 hours away from seeing that McIntyre is just a poser. Heyman said it on Raw, and knows that with all the marketing exaggerations, it seems he has failed to tell the world how unique Lesnar is. Lesnar isn’t just one amongst us, he is a unique being. McIntyre learns in 24 hours that there is nothing he can do other than dream, and crawl out of the ring a victim. Conquered not by a man, a mere mortal, but by a being unlike any other. The reigning, defending, undisputed WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World… Brock. Lesnar.

Segment Review: Paul Heyman can hype any match on any stage with ease. I love this guy on Mic. He is the very best.

WWE Universal Championship: Goldberg VS Braun Strowman

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this new yet equally epic encounter begins.

Goldberg and Strowman circle, then stare down. Strowman says Goldberg doesn’t have what it takes to stop him. Goldberg kicks low and whips Strowman to a corner. Strowman dodges and Goldberg avoids buckles. Strowman scoops but Goldberg slips out to SPEAR. But Strowman is right up. So Goldberg SPEARS him again. Strowman is up again, but gets a THIRD SPEAR. Cover, TWO. Strowman survives three, but will he survive more? Goldberg takes aim and runs in, for a FOURTH SPEAR. Goldberg is fired up but he needs to keep on Strowman. He wants to suplex but Strowman counters with a MONSTER SLAM. And another MONSTER SLAM. And then a THIRD MONSTER SLAM. Now the tables have turned, and Strowman dares Goldberg to get up. Strowman brings Goldberg up, scoops, and hits the FOURTH MONSTER SLAM. Cover, STROWMAN WINS. (2:10 Minutes)

Winner: Braun Strowman, by pinfall (NEW WWE Universal Champion)

Match Review: 2/5. Damn We should have had a crowd for Strowman’s victory. I was already tired of Goldberg holding the gold. Braun deserves this championship The Triple Crown Monster is born. Strowman is finally a world champion after surviving and conquering the Hall of Famer. I am glad this was kept short. Goldberg can’t go long matches.

A commercial aired for next year’s WrestleMania in Los Angeles at the new SoFi Stadium that will be the home of my LA Rams and the LA Chargers. Here’s hoping we can get back to “normal” by then with fans in attendance.

Boneyard Match: AJ Styles VS The Undertaker

Cameras take us to a cemetery in an undisclosed location. A hearse pulls up as Taker’s theme plays. Hooded figures bring a casket out of the back. The casket opens, but it isn’t Taker, but AJ Style Styles laughs as he hops out and looks around. “This don’t look scary at all” Styles dares Taker to show himself. “I’m ready” And pulling up on a motorcycle with Metallica blaring, it’s Big Evil. The American Badass drives into the Boneyard. Styles is surprised Taker came. Does Michelle know he’s up this late? A grave has been dug for Taker, but he says that’s for Styles. Taker steps to Styles, but Styles grabs a brick. Taker DECKS Styles first and dares Styles to get back up. Styles wanted this, now he’s going to get it. Taker decks Styles again then brings him to the grave.

Styles gets away but Taker pursues. Taker turns “Allen” around to DECK him again. Taker throws Styles into the casket lid. “It’s all fun, right?” He bounces Styles off the lid. And again. Styles crawls but Taker grabs a big spike. Taker goes after Styles but Styles moves. The hearse’s window smashes and cuts Taker’s arm. Taker isn’t scared, he’s just upset. Taker keeps Styles from crawling away but Styles kicks back. The two brawl and Taker throws Styles over the hood ONTO the windshield. The glass cracks and Taker wonders if Styles still wants some. Styles crawls up and over the top so Taker pursues. Taker brings Styles up but Styles punches back, Taker DECKS Styles again. He grounds ‘n’ pounds Styles over and over on the roof of the car. Taker tells Styles to never talk bad about his wife again.

Styles flops off the side of the car and Taker asks if he wants more. Taker stalks Styles but Styles hits back. Styles has Taker wobbling and he LOW BLOWS him. No Disqualifications in the Boneyard. Styles drags Taker over to the grave. Styles punches Taker over and over but Taker stays up. “Just fall already.” But Taker Hits Styles back. Taker hauls Styles up to punch him into the grave. “How does that feel down there?” But here come the Good Brothers. The OC says this is just getting started. Taker heads over, but then lights turn on. And from the light, hooded figures emerge and surround Taker. Taker watches them closely, and a huge brawl breaks out.

Taker fights off the mysterious minions but then Gallows and Anderson attack. They beat Taker down on the ground and stomp him around. Gallows drags Taker up and Anderson has a shovel stick. Taker fights free and boots Anderson down. He decks Gallows, then Anderson. Taker takes the shovel stick to CLOBBER Anderson. And then CLUB Gallows. But Styles returns and SMASHES Taker with a cinder block. “You ain’t got what it takes, old man. Styles clubs Taker back down and talks more trash about Michelle. He rains down hands but ends up jamming his own fingers. Styles fixes his hand and blames Taker for that. Taker gasps and sputters as Styles tells him to stay down. Taker refuses and sits up. Styles tells him to quit and retire already, or he’s going to bury him. Taker stands and Styles RAMS him THROUGH THE FENCE.

Styles crawls from the wreckage while Taker continues to gasp. “You just don’t have it anymore, old man.” Taker slowly gets up but Styles is standing. Taker flips Styles off and eggs him on. So Styles throws down more fists. Styles says the “American Badass” just looks like some “broken down old bi*ch.” Styles grabs a shovel with a head on it, and says he is doing the WWE Universe a favor. Taker crawls and Styles BREAKS the shovel across his back. Taker falls into the grave. Styles sprinkles dirt as he says, “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” Styles goes to the tractor and starts it up. But wait Is that…? Taker magically appears behind him Taker punches Styles again and again. Styles flounders off the tractor and Taker kicks him around.

Styles heads for a ladder. Taker pursues Styles as he’s on the roof. Styles backs away, but PILLARS OF FIRE keep him from running. Taker BOOTS Styles down. Then he punches the OC away. Taker throws Gallows off the roof. And he scoops Anderson for a TOMBSTONE. That’s a tin roof, too. Now it’s just Taker and Styles. Styles doesn’t understand how Taker is doing this. Styles throws hands but Taker just eggs him on. Taker then choke grips Styles, for a CHOKE SLAM OFF THE ROOF. Taker climbs down the ladder and stalks over to Styles. Styles stirs in the wreckage of the fence. Taker asks if Styles remembers his wife’s name. Taker wants Styles to stay awake, because they’ve still got plenty to do. He drags Styles from the wood wreckage and scoops him.

Taker carries Styles over to the grave and drops him just outside. Styles apologizes but Taker wants him to be specific. Taker drags Styles up and says he put up a hell of a fight. Styles doesn’t want to be buried, but Taker says he isn’t going to do that. They hug it out and Taker commends Styles for bringing the fight. Taker pats Styles on the head, then BOOTS him into the grave. Taker goes to the tractor, starts it up again, and DUMPS DIRT INTO THE GRAVE. And in the end, the head stone reads… AJ STYLES. Styles is left behind in a shallow grave as Taker gets back on his motorcycle. And with a raise of his fist, fire shoots from the barn. Taker’s symbol glows in the sky as he heads out into the night, for this is not his last ride.

Winner: The Undertaker

Match Review: 4.5/5. The Deadman still got it. American Badass visual was the best visual of 2020. There was a lot to that Boneyard match. It was shot like a movie scene and you can’t compare it to a regular match. I thought it looked pretty cool. The story saw Styles dominate some of it, Undertaker looked like he was done, then due to the magic of editing he was there to keep attacking Styles. That led to Taker beating up Gallows and Anderson as well. It was different than anything WWE has really done in the past and I don’t know if every WWE fan is going to like it. I loved it. It was creative, and it worked in terms of the story they were trying to tell.

Wrestlemania 36 (Part 1) Review: 8/10

  1. I was very happy with the show.
  2. The ladder match stood out as the best match with Owens/Rollins right there beside it. 
  3. The Undertaker was phenomenal (see what I did there). I missed the American badass and it was good to see him back.
  4. The rest of the matches were average with the Women’s Tag Team Title match being surprisingly better than Lynch/Baszler or Zayn/Bryan.
  5. Braun Strowman deserves the gold. Wish we had a crowd. They all deserved it.

TOP 3 Stars of the show

  1. John Morrison/Kofi/Jimmy
  2. The Undertaker
  3. Kevin Owens

Tomorrow, Wrestlemania 36 Part 2 line up is:

  1. Natalya vs. Liv Morgan (Kickoff Show)
  2. Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler
  3. Aleister Black vs. Bobby Lashley
  4. SD Women’s Title: Bayley vs. Tamina vs. Sasha Banks vs. Lacey Events
  5. NXT Women’s Title: Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair Raw Tag Team Titles: Street Profits vs. Angel Garza & Austin Theory
  6. Firefly Fun House Match: John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt
  7. Last Man Standing Match: Edge vs. Randy Orton
  8. WWE Championship: Brock Lesnar vs. Drew McIntyre

I’ll have that review up live.

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