NYK Review of WWE WrestleMania 36 – Night Two and Play by Play Results

Welcome to NYK Daily’s review of Wrestlemania 36 (Part-2) brought to you by Nikhil Chandwani all the way from Nagpur, India. As I said in part 1, this is the most different and unique WrestleMania there’s ever been. Why do I say that? We don’t have a crowd in here.

Let the part-2 begin.

Stephanie is back again for a historic night. She hopes that they can help us forget everything else that’s going on and entertain us tonight. Welcome to WrestleMania. We see Rob Gronkowski again. He says that tonight is going to be more hype because he knows a thing or two about Sundays being hype. (Rob Gronkowski was a bad idea, period.)


The two women start with circling the ring and then we get an attempt for a collar and elbow tie up, but Charlotte goes under and taunts Rhea. Rhea tries again, but Charlotte instead picks the leg of Rhea and then mocks her. The two women circle again and finally we get a collar and elbow tie up. Rhea fights to back Charlotte into the turnbuckle, but Charlotte reverses and hits a few chops on Rhea while telling her that she has been the Raw Women’s Championship, The Smackdown Women’s Championship, and now she is going to take hers.

Rhea whips Charlotte into the corner in response and Charlotte tries going up and over, but Rhea counters with a surprise kick. She then hits Charlotte with a surprise Riptide and goes for the cover!!! 1…….2…….Charlotte kicks out! Charlotte rolls out of the ring to collect herself, but Rhea follows and hits a flip onto Charlotte off the steel steps.

Rhea throws Charlotte back into the ring and she is going right after Charlotte, driving her shoulder into the midsection repeatedly. She throws Charlotte to the mat and then hits Charlotte with some kicks to the lower back before mounting her from behind and smacking her repeatedly along the back of the head. She locks in a body scissors and then turns it into a pin, but Charlotte kicks out. Charlotte gets up quickly and hits Rhea with a forearm, but Rhea tries to come back with a boot to the face of Charlotte, but Rhea gets hung up on the top rope. Charlotte uses the mistake and pulls down hard on the leg of Rhea.

Charlotte now has her target, as she begins to work on the left leg of Rhea. Rhea screams in pain and Charlotte pulls Rhea to the corner and starts to wrap the leg of Ripley around the post repeatedly. She does it 3 or 4 times before Rhea finally pulls Charlotte into the post to get some separation. Rhea struggles to get up and as soon as she does, Charlotte hits a vicious chop block onto Rhea and Rhea is screaming in pain again. The referee threatens to stop the match, but Rhea screams “NO!” Charlotte begins to pick up Rhea and hit forearms to the back of the neck. Ripley starts to fire back with knees and then a superkick to the face of the Queen. She finishes up her flurry with a low drop kick to the side of the face of Charlotte, but can’t capitalize as her knee gives out.

Rhea picks up Charlotte and hits her with some short arm clotheslines, then throws her into the corner. Rhea goes after her and Charlotte sends her up and over, crashing down hard onto her knee. Charlotte climbs to the top, but Rhea gets up and kicks Charlotte to the side of the face. She picks her up and puts her on her shoulders and send Charlotte crashing face first in the center of the ring. Rhea goes for the cover, but Charlotte kicks out at two.

Ripley gets up and goes up top and hits Charlotte with a missile drop kick and Rhea goes to the cover, but Charlotte kicks out once again at two. Rhea immediately grabs at her knee, and slaps at it, trying to get feeling back into her leg. Charlotte gets up in the corner and Rhea goes after her. Charlotte blocks and hits a chop block to the leg of Rhea! She hits a knee to the leg of Rhea and then continues to try to go to after the leg. Rhea grabs the leg of Charlotte and sweeps it, then turning it into a standing Cloverleaf!

Now it’s Charlotte screaming in pain! She crawls to the ropes, but Rhea brings her back into the center of the ring. Charlotte is able to flip the leverage and now turns it into a Boston Crab. Ripley gets out and rolls up Flair, and gets a two count, but Charlotte counters into a cover of her own. Rhea turns it into a cover, and then Charlotte reverses into another cover. Rhea kicks out and both women get up and Rhea surprises Charlotte with a super kick.

Rhea puts Charlotte on the top rope and beats away at Charlottes neck and then tries to muscle a superplex. Instead, it’s Charlotte that knocks Ripley off. Charlotte goes for a moonsault, but Rhea gets her legs up! Rhea gets up and Charlotte surprises her with a spear! Charlotte locks in the Figure 4 and Rhea tries to fight it off, but Charlotte is able to turn it into the Figure 8 and Rhea Ripley is forced to tap out and we have a new NXT Women’s Champion! The match went 20:30.

Winner AND NEW NXT Women’s Champion: Charlotte Flair

Match Review: 3.25/5. This was good, but went way too long. Cut short 6-7 minutes, and I would have rated it 4/5. Charlotte was on point as usual proving she is the best women wrestler right now, and Rhea took the beating poetically. She kept coming back and I thought she is winning this one. I just have a couple of complains.

  1. The women were screaming every 2-3 minutes which felt a bit off and irritating. The voice echos in empty arena which made the screams louder than usual. The screaming and groaning was very distracting
  2. Rhea should have won the match. Charlotte didn’t need to win this one. Does Flair need another title reign? No, but WWE loves pushing her.


The match begins, and Black immediately tries to get position on Lashley, but Lashley shows his power and throws Black off him. We get a test of strength, but once again, Black tries to get position, but once again, Lashley throws him off. Lashley pounces on Black but Black is able to toss Lashley to the outside. Black tries for a springboard moonsault, but Lashley moves out of the way and then hits an overhead belly to belly onto Black on the outside.

Lashley tosses Black back in the ring and puts him in the corner to hit a running shoulder to the midsection, then turns that into a vicious neck breaker on Black. Black gets back up and tries to go after Lashley, but Lashley quickly answers with a powerslam. He goes for the cover, but Black kicks out at two. Lashley picks up Black,  and Black surprises him with a kick, sending Lashley back to the outside. Black this time hits his moonsault and throws Lashley back in the ring. Lashley pops up and hits Black with a running crossbody, then picks up Black to hit the Dominator.

Lana hops up on the apron and demands that Lashley spear Black, so he agrees and puts Black down. He sets up for the Spear, but runs right into a Black Mass to allow Aleister Black to pick up the victory. Match went for 7:20.

Winner: Aleister Black

Match Review: 2/5. Simple match which barely told a story. Lashley is way past his age and his gimmick hasn’t developed. Does the end mean Lana and Lashley are seperating? I don’t knoa & honestly I don’t care. I am bored of them already. Aleister Black should have been in the main event already. He is talented, he can speak and he can definitely fight.


Sonya Deville comes out with Dolph Ziggler and Otis comes out alone. He goes right after Ziggler, but Ziggler gets right out of the ring. Ziggler gets back in the ring and Otis catches him and he drives his shoulder into Dolph’s midsection. He proceeds to splash Dolph. He tries to hit another, but Dolph moves and Otis gets hit with a super kick by Ziggler.

Otis is out of the ring and Ziggler follows and throws him right into the steel post. Back in the ring now, and Dolph chokes Otis right onto the ropes, then scrapes his face on ropes. Dolph hits Otis with a kick to the midsection, but Otis seems unfazed. He picks up Ziggler and slams him to the mat. He whips Dolph into the corner and he has him exactly where he wants him. Otis whips Ziggler into the post, sternum first this time and Ziggler looks to be in bad shape.

Otis throws Ziggler to the outside now and throws him first into the barricade, then into the post. He throws him back into the inside and hits a version of the Compacter, which is essentially a pop up slam. He looks to hit the Caterpillar, but Sonya Deville gets on the ring apron, distracting the referee long enough for Dolph Ziggler to nail a low blow on Otis.

We see Many come out and slap Sonya Deville across the face then, following it with a Lou Thesz press. The referee proceeds to check on Mandy, but Mandy hits a low blow on Ziggler! Otis hits his caterpillar to pick up the victory! Match went on for 8:15.

Winner: Otis Dozovic

After the match, Otis picks up Mandy and they give each other a big smooch.

Match Review: 2.5/5. Otis you lucky bastard. Simple match with a predictable victory. I liked this match to be honest. Otis can wrestle well and adding Mandy in the mix who crushed Zinggler’s balls (and he sold it really well as usual), with a post match kiss made this match all the more interesting. Stay together Otis and Mandy. Bless you two.


Edge stares at the ramp, waiting for Orton, but instead he gets RKO’d OUTTA NOWHERE onto Edge!!! It looks like Randy was disguised as a camera man! The ref tries to make sure Edge is OK to go, but as soon as the bell rings, Orton hits ANOTHER RKO. The referee starts to count and Randy taunts him as he counts. Edge has to pull himself out of the ring to be able to stand.

Orton picks up the camera and slams Edge across the face with it. Edge staggers to the backstage area and falls and the referee once again starts to count. Orton breaks up the count and they are in the gym of the performance center. Orton starts to choke Edge with some equipment and trash talking.

Orton tries to grab a weight and hit Edge with it, but Edge kicks it back into the face of Orton. Edge hammers away on Orton and then falls into a weight bench. Edge throws Orton onto a chair and then flies onto Orton, sending them both crashing. Edge picks up Orton and tries to throw him into the wall, but Orton reverses and Edge goes crashing. Orton tires to ram the sled into Edge, but Edge moves out of the way and then tosses him into the squat machine.

The match makes its way into the production area, and Edge throws Orton into a steel door repeatedly. The match makes its way back to ringside and Orton throws Edge into the barricade. They make their way into the office area. Orton tries throwing Edge into a table, but Edge counters and throws him into it instead. Orton is laying on the table and sees a steel grating and climbs up and hits a short elbow.

Edge drags Orton back towards the offices and Orton hits a thumb to the eye and then the two men go into the storage facility. Edge throws Orton into a group of ladders that are stacked against a wall. Orton sees some steel steps stacked and he sends Edge into them and the referee begins to count. Edge just BARELY makes it to his feet, but he picks up a sandbag and throws it at Orton. Edge proceeds to hit a stiff kick to the midsection of Orton. Edge picks up Orton once again and then hits him with a running knee, sending Orton right onto a table.

Edge climbs up a steel grating and hits a diving elbow to Orton through the table! The referee starts to count and both men can barely stand up but we get both men up at 8. Orton is bloody from the back but he is able to hit Edge with a headbutt and then a kick. Edge is having trouble standing.There is a pickup truck and the two men climb up the cover of the bed. Orton puts Edge on the top and hits his draping DDT onto the bed of the truck.

Edge seems to not be able to feel his hands and he is trying to get feeling but he climbs some crates and up onto a production truck. Orton struggles to get up there, but he eventually does as Edge is up there, laid flat. Orton seems to be prepping for something horrible and charges after him, but Edge hits him with a spear onto the steel top of the truck. Both men are down and Orton barely makes the count at 9. Edge goes after him and tries for another spear, but Orton turns it into an RKO. Orton gets off the truck to get some chairs as the referee counts for Edge, who barely makes it to his feet to break up the count and then falls once again.

Orton hits Edge in the back hard with a chair and then puts a chair down on the top of the truck and lays Edge’s head on there. Orton looks to hit the Conchairto, but Edge gets up and puts in the triangle sleeper. Orton goes to sleep and Edge puts Orton’s head on the chair and hits him with a Conchairto. Orton is unable to answer the count and Edge picks up the victory. It went for 36:50 minutes.

Winner: Edge

Match Review: 3/5. This was a very long match that went way longer than it needed to be. It was a brawl all around the building with Edge making the big comeback to get the win as expected. There wasn’t one guy that dominated the match in terms of offense, but I thought they really hurt the match quality by going so long. If this was more of an exciting, fast paced style brawl that was closer to 15-20 minutes then it would have been a lot better. Not taking anything way from Edge and Orton, it just felt so long and tiring to watch. The match started well with two RKOs out of nowhere but then it just went slow with a lot of things happening everywhere in the building.


Ford and Dawkins quickly send Theory and Garza to the outside. Dawkins comes out to chase, but Garza surprises him with a super kick. Angel Garza comes in and takes off his pants before splashing Dawkins. Garza tags in Theory, who hits a rolling dropkick to Dawkins.

Garza misses wildly with a clothesline, which allows Montez Ford to be tagged in. He nails a leaping clothesline to Garza and then a moonsault. He looks to cover, but Garza kicks out at two. Both men get up and Montez Ford hits a float over DDT onto Garza. Theory surprises with a cutter but Dawkins flies onto him and hits a senton to pick up the victory. Match went for 6:20 minutes

Winners AND STILL WWE RAW Tag Team Champions: The Street Profits

Match Review: 1.5/5. It felt like a regular Monday Night Raw match. Short match with the right winner. Nothing much to say. I liked Dawkins Senton Bomb.


Tamina takes out everyone and then splashes both Naomi and Lacey Evans. We are left with only Team Bad in the ring, Naomi, Tamina, and Sasha Banks. Tamina offers her fix in and the three women embrace before Tamina hits Sasha with a superkick. Naomi puts her on the 2nd rope and Sasha is able to hit her with a 619. Bayley proceeds to hit the elbow on Tamina. Sasha frogsplashes her. Lacey hits her with a moonsault, and Naomi hits the split legged moonsault for them to eliminate her.

Bayley starts getting aggressive on Naomi, stomping away on her. Sasha comes to help her out, but Naomi hits a double dropkick. She tries to get a pin on them both, but both kick out. Sasha and Bayley both try to hit a series of hits to Naomi, but Naomi counters at every turn. Finally Sasha is able to lock in the Bank Statement, forcing Naomi to tap out.

Lacey realizes its 2 on 1 and she tries to fight them both, but the numbers are too much. Sasha tries to hold Lace in the corner for a knee by Bayley, but Lacey moves out of the way and the knee inadvertently hits Sasha. Lacey is able to nail Sasha with a Women’s Right and Lacey picks up the pin as Bayley just watches and Sasha is eliminated.

Bayley comes in aggressively and stomps away on the arm of Lacey Evans. She picks her up and puts her toward the corner. Bayley proceeds to tie the arm of Lacey Evans to the corner and pummels Lacey. She runs at Lacey and Lacey hits her with a big boot and unties herself. Lacey jumps to the top rope and hits her reverse moonsault. She goes for the cover and Bayley kicks out at two!

Sasha Banks comes back and hits Lacey Evans with the backstabber and Bayley sends Bayley face first to pick up the three count. Match went for 12 minutes.

Winner AND STILL WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion: Bayley

Match Review: 3/5. Good match but I am not sure whether it was Wrestlemania worthy. Maybe I am saying this because there was no crowd involved, but Bayley and Sasha needs a fresh start. Separate them in different brands maybe. Sasha was impressive with her Frog Splash. I predicted Sasha to win but no complaints with Bayley retaining. Lacey looked amazing with her reverse moonsaults. Sasha helping Bayley was a good surprise in the event. Decent match.


John Cena comes out and welcomes us to WrestleMania, but he’s immediately cut off by the Firefly Fun House. Bray says that another world exists where gods, monsters, angels, and demons are neighbors. He asks why we do the things that we do and proposes taking a look at who John Cena really is. He says that John Cena is about to face himself. Welcome. To the Firely Fun House.

We see John Cena suddenly transported into the Funhouse with Abagail and Ramblin’ Rabbit. Rabbit tells Cena that Wyatt went through that door and tells him to be careful. Cena goes through the door and it’s complete darkness. Puppet Vince McMahon comes and asks if John Cena has enough ruthless aggression to be successful in this company. We then see Bray in the middle of the ring, and he is impersonating Kurt Angle in Cena’s first match. Cena comes out in his old gear from all those years ago. Wyatt asks him why he thinks he has what it takes to hang with Bray Wyatt.

John Cena says RUTHLESS AGGRESSION and tries to slap Wyatt, but Bray ducks. He says RUTHLESS AGGRESSION again and Wyatt says “you can look but you can’t touch”. And then runs out of the ring. Suddenly we see Saturday Night’s Main Event and Bray is now impersonating Hulk Hogan. Cena comes in and starts to lift weights with him and its very intense. We then transport into Cena being the Doctor of Thuganomics. He comes to the ring in his jersey and stands in front of Wyatt. He can only speak in rhyme form apparently. He says that Wyatt has blown every chance. Wyatt says that he shouldn’t have to talk about chances. He has had to earn everything and still his chances are taken. But Cena is given everything. He is not a hero. He is a bully.

He takes the weaknesses of others and turns them into jokes. He says he will do anything for fame. Poor, lonely John Cena. Bray knocks him out. But now we see old Bray come back, sitting in his rocking chair. Bray says that Abagail told him this day would come. He says that it is time for Bray to rewrite his own story. He comes after Cena now and splashes him, then tries for Sister Abagail. Cena slips out and Wyatt laughs. He hands him a chair and tells him to finish what he started all those years ago. Cena takes it and swings, but Bray disappears and now we are in WCW land in the NWO. Bray is Bischoff and Cena appears to be Hogan.

Cena loses control and spears Bray and then starts pummeling him. He looks again and it is now The Husky pig. The lights turn and we see The Fiend! We hear Cena’s words saying that this match is going to accomplish what should have happened 6 years ago. Ending the career of the most overhyped, over privileged superstar in existence….but now it’s directed to Cena. The Fiend locks in the Mandible Claw on Cena and then Bray Wyatt counts to three and it’s over. This thing went on for 15 minutes.

Winner: “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt.

Match Review: 3.5/5 (it was more of a movie sequel). Damn. What did I just see. Interesting.  It was a very unique and different kind of situation just like the Boneyard Match was last night. I don’t even think they took any real bumps there that you would see in a regular match because this was about the mind games from The Fiend. It almost felt like it was The Fiend giving Cena nightmares or something along those lines. It was stuff like Cena doing the NWO thing, so it showed what Cena would be like if he turned heel like Hulk Hogan did, for example. The videos seemed to be about things that Cena went through in his career and if he did things differently along the way. It was funny, at times lame but very interesting. WWE did a good job of designing this match on the best of their ability when the crowd were not involved. I want to give the creative team a shoutout for this ‘different’ kind of a match setup. I liked the Boneyard match more yesterday.


Brock starts with a kick to the midsection of Drew and then sends him into the corner! He hits several shoulders to the midsection of Drew, but McIntyre pushes him away and then nails Lesnar with a Claymore!!! McIntyre goes for the cover….1……….2………….Brock kicks out!

McIntyre tries to go after Brock, but Brock surprises Drew with a German Suplex! He picks up Drew and delivers another one! Brock picks up Drew McIntyre and puts him on his shoulders…..AND HITS AN F5!! Brock goes for the cover, but DREW KICKS OUT AT ONE!

Brock can’t believe it but he picks up Drew once again and he hits Drew with ANOTHER F5! Brock goes for the cover but this time Drew kicks out at two! Heyman tells him to keep doing it, so he picks up Drew and hits him with another! 1………….2…………….Drew just BARELY kicks out! Brock picks up Drew for another and Drew gets out, pushes Brock off the ropes, and then delivers a Claymore!

Brock staggers to his feet, and Drew hits another! Drew tells him to get up and he hits one last claymore to go for the cover…..1…………2……………3! New Champion! The match went for around 4 minutes.

Winner AND NEW WWE Champion: Drew McIntyre

Match Review: 3/5. Holy Shit. Drew McIntyre did it. The Chosen one did it. This match deserved a crowd more than anything else. A quick match with Drew kicking out of F5 at one. With Drew McIntyre surviving F5s over and over and again and again. I am rating it this high only because of the shock value. Match wise it was just finishers and kick outs. More of a 2/5 kind of a match. But the star power, the quickness and the shock value added the 1 rating more. I am so happy for Drew McIntyre but I believe he should’ve won in front of a crowd. Paul’s expression told the story. The booking was simple and it worked for this match.

Post match, Drew McIntyre celebrated with the WWE Title while Lesnar was down in the ring. McIntyre posed on the turnbuckle. Lesnar was still down in the ring selling the attack. McIntyre continued to celebrate. The show ended right there.

Wrestlemania 36 (Part 1) Review: 6/10

  1. It was an average show with two matches, Edge Vs Orton and Charlotte Vs Rhea going way too long.
  2. Most of the matches didn’t feel like a Wrestlemania match but I understand why. WWE had limited resources in hands and they did the best they could.
  3. I am genuinely happy for Drew McIntyre. I wish they had a crowd.
  4. Nothing more to add here, except I am happy to see Edge’s return.

TOP 3 Stars of the show

  1. Charlotte Flair and Rhea
  2. Bray Wyatt/John Cena
  3. Edge

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