NYK Review of WWE Monday Night Raw and Play by Play Results: April 20 2020

  • April 20th, 2020
  • WWE Performance Center

Pre Show Notes: I am back to regular reviews for Monday Night Raw.

We begin WWE Raw with Drew McIntyre who thanks us for joining him, but he then gets down to business. He says he’s not surprised by what happened last week because the title he has paints a huge bullseye on his back because whoever holds it is considered the best of the best.

Drew says he was once told it was lonely to be at the top, but that’s a lie, it’s crowded at the top. Drew then talks to Seth Rollins and says it’s not complex, as he questions whether Rollins deserves an opportunity. He has come to the conclusion that he could make Seth jump through hoops, but Seth is one of the most decorated champions of all time.

Drew says he needs to beat the best, and therefore he challenges Seth Rollins to a WWE Championship match at WWE Money In The Bank. McIntyre then tries to keep the promo going but Zelina Vega and her men (minus Andrade) makes her way out.

She says that they are so sick of Drew’s rah rah speeches, saying he is looking past Angel Garza tonight. As she says that, Andrade makes his way out from behind, attacking Drew from behind, but that doesn’t last long as Drew nails Andrade with a Claymore Kick.

Vega then tries to get Garza or Austin Theory to try and go help him, but they’re too scared to hit the ring and instead Drew just nails him with another Claymore.


The two men start out the feeling each other out with plenty of grappling, and it is Austin Theory who gets the best of the early moments, managing to avoid Aleister Black’s classic leg sweep. However, Black continues to keep fighting and while Theory avoids the Black Mass, he then gets caught with a dropkick, sending him to the floor.

Vega then leaves commentary and trash talks Aleister, distracting him as Theory launches his opponent into the barricade. Theory then rolls into the ring and connects with a dropkick immediately, following it up with some ground and pound.

Theory continues his dominance, launching Black into the turnbuckles, but he then catches a boot and a power slam from Black. Austin tries to bust out the ATL, but Black has it scouted and brings it down to the mat with a triangle submission.

However, somehow Austin Theory powers out and drops Black with a massive powerbomb to break things up. Theory once again sends Black crashing into the turnbuckle, but he responds with some great strikes and then a running knee to the face.

Black hits his springboard moonsault to keep the momentum going, but Austin kicks out. Black then misses with another knee strike and gets caught with a big boot from Theory as he then drops Black onto his knee, picking up a near fall.

Once again, Austin looks for the ATL but Black battles out and lands a huge knee to the face, following up with a huge German suplex into a bridge. Theory ducks Black Mass and then connects with a big elbow of his own, but Aleister fires back with Black Mass and secures the win.

Winner: Aleister Black

Match Rating: 3.25/5. Good Match with Aleister Black Standing Tall. Impressed with Black as usual.


Prior to the match, Charly Caruso asks if she took things too far last week. She says that she didn’t break any rules, she just broke Sarah Logan’s arm.

When the match officially begins, Shayna Baszler immediately attacks Indi, taking her down to the mat and trying to stomp on the arm as she did last week. However, Hartwell reverses with a roll-up and then catches Baszler with a kick to the face.

However, that proves to be a bad idea. Shayna immediately takes her down, hits a major knee strike to the face and then stomps out the arm, just like last week.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

Match Rating: 1.5/5. Short Match. Shayna squashed Indi

After the match, Shayna gets Indi Hatwell out of the ring, swinging her into the barricade. She has a ladder which Indi gets launched into as well. She then sets Indi’s arm inside of the ladder, next to the steel stairs and she runs and stomps it, trapping the arm inside.


Brendan Vink immediately dominates Ricochet, launching him into their corner, but as Shane Thorne enters, he isn’t able to keep that momentum going as Ricochet hits a huge dropkick. Alexander then tags in and he and Ricochet hit a great double team to Thorne.

After Cedric avoids Vink sending him to the outside, the duo hits another double team as Ricochet tags in, but he is ragged off the apron and wiped out by the big man, Vink. He then gets sent into the turnbuckle by Ricochet who brings Alexander back in and he lights up both men on his own with his quick attacks.

Thorne hits an uppercut but Alexander makes a blind tag and Cedric uses the ropes to hit a tornado DDT. A standing moonsault from Ricochet almost gets the job done but Vink breaks it up, only to be hit with a DDT himself.

Ricochet then hits the Recoil on Shane Thorne who bounces up and straight into the Lumbar Check as the upcoming team gets the win.

Winners: Ricochet & Cedric Alexander

Match Rating: 2.5/5. Ricochet and Cedric will make an awesome pair. Good Match.

Backstage Charly Caruso is then shown with the Bauki Warriors whoa re singing and going crazy. She asks them about Kairi’s match and why it will be different to last week as they say she is being stupid and Asuka says Kairi is ready for a rematch.


Straight away Kairi Sane uses speed to avoid Nia Jax as she locks in a sleeper hold, but Nia just throws her off and then swings Kairi around. Nia continues to dominate by launching Kairi into the turnbuckles, landing awkwardly with her head hitting the bottom turnbuckle.

However, as Jax tries to hit the splash in the corner, Sane avoids it and then begins attacking the leg of the bigger opponent, taking her down to one knee. Sane then hits a massive spinning back fist and that sends Jax to the mat and into the bottom turnbuckle where she hits the sliding knee.

Sane looks for the Insane Elbow but Jax avoids it, launching her up into the air and back down with a huge Samoan Drop.

Winner: Nia Jax

Match Rating: 1/5. Another squash with poor Kairi getting pinned in under 4 minutes. Kairi is a talented wrestler. She should be pushed better.


Seth Rollins is then shown from home where he says he admires Drew McIntyre being a fighting champion and that he is one of few men who understands what it’s like to walk in those shoes. Not many know what it’s like to beat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania in the main event, but he does.

Seth says they have a lot in common, they command the respect of their peers, and have a deep love and passion for this industry. He accepts Drew McIntyre’s challenge, but not out of respect or disdain, as he states it’s not personal. But he accepts out of duty, because now more than ever the WWE Universe needs a leader.


Before the match, MVP says that in his storied career he has seen a lot of WWE Superstars literally rise and fall for the pursuit of the briefcase. He says that right now it’s his turn to qualify, and standing in his way is probably the most gifted athlete on the roster today.

However, MVP says Apollo is outmatched, as when they wanted the most unique match, they called the most unique superstar, MVP. He says he called his agent to book the private jet, as he is going to Stamford, but his promo is cut short as Apollo Crews makes his way out.

Apollo starts the match out impressively, catching MVP with a great dropkick and as the WWE veteran asks for a timeout, he gets sent to the outside. However, Crews turns his back to try set up a moonsault and instead MVP just swipes his legs.

Back in the ring, MVP locks in a submission as he talks trash to his opponent until Apollo powers out and dumps him into the turnbuckles. However, MVP fires out of the corner with a huge clothesline, picking up a close near fall.

MVP then looks for the Playmaker, but Crews is able to reverse with a big spine buster making MVP pay for too much trash talking. Crews then hits a huge splash in the corner as he unloads with several blows and then a superkick.

Crews then unloads with a big clothesline and then a slam, but MVP is able to kick out. Crews then goes high risk and misses with the Frog Splash, and MVP hits the Playmaker, but somehow Crews is able to kick out. Apollo then hits a standing moonsault to get straight back into things after lifting and dropping MVP. He follows it up with the toss powerbomb and secures a place at Money In The Bank.

Winner: Apollo Crews

Match Rating: 2.5/5. Good Match. Apollo is impressive but he needs a good gimmick. MVP was used here to push Apollo Crews.


Liv Morgan starts out strong, shoving Ruby Riott into the corner, but the former Riott Squad leader connects with a forearm and gains firm control early on. However, Liv has no problem in fighting back with some huge clotheslines as she then bounces off the middle ropes and connects with a dropkick.

Riott quickly regains control though by hanging up Morgan on the ropes, following up with a big kick to the head. Ruby keeps up her aggression, slamming Liv headfirst into the mat as she then hits a dropkick. However, Riott takes a little too long trash talking and as she hits the ropes, Morgan connects with a Flatliner off the ropes.

Winner: Liv Morgan

Match Review: 1.5/5. They tried to tell a story but it was short and very basic.


Rey Mysterio and Murphy go back and forth early on taking each other down as Murphy calls Rey an old-man. Rey quickly shows that’s not the case though, setting Murphy up for the 619, with Murphy avoiding it at the last second.

Murphy goes for a kick to Rey and catches his finger, so he takes a step out of the ring to tend to that but Murphy joins him outside and launches him into the barricade. Back in the ring, Murphy keeps up the attack, working the hand and wrist of Rey’s.

The two men spill outside the ring again, as Rey connects with an elbow. However, Murphy once again goes to attack the hand, slamming it onto the metal grate of the ramp. Murphy continues the attack on the outside, smashing the hand onto the steel steps to keep targetting the injury.

Murphy keeps it going by putting Rey’s hand onto the ring post top as he stamps on the hand until Mysterio just shoves him off as he then dives off the steps, hitting a hurricanrana, seeing Murphy crashing onto the metal plate.

Back in the ring, Rey connects with a big kick and then hits a senton and a springboard crossbody, but once again Murphy goes for the hand. However, he sets up for the 619, yet Murphy gets up to reverse it only for Mysterio to have another counter up his sleeve, turning it into a DDT.

The two men then brawl on the ring apron with Mysterio coming out on top, sending Murphy into the barricade which he follows up with a sliding hurricanrana that has Murphy going back into the barricade once again. Back in the ring and Rey hits a crossbody, but Murphy rolls through and then plants Mysterio onto the back of his neck.

He follows that up with a huge knee strike and then a brainbuster, but somehow Rey kicks out. Murphy then scales up to the top turnbuckle, but Mysterio joins him there and as Murphy looks for a sunsetflip, Rey holds on and actually hits a destroyer which sets up the 619! Mysterio follows with the dive from the top turnbuckle and picks up the victory.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Match Review: 3.75/5. Rey gets better with age. He hasn’t lost a beat. Impressed with both these wrestlers. Murphy complimented Rey with amazing come backs. Brainbuster nearfall was the best part of the show until now.


Charlotte Flair starts out pulling on the ropes, and she then bursts off with a massive big boot that catches her opponent off guard as Charlotte then hits a chop. However, as she goes for another big boot, Carter avoids it and Flair’s leg gets caught on the middle rope.

Carter hits a couple of great kicks as she then locks in a submission, keeping Flair down to the mat with a brilliant move locked in, but Flair stands and takes Kayden to the ropes, hitting a huge elbow to the face, which rocks her.

Carter then misses with a kick attempt and Flair destroys her with a massive Spear. Charlotte then locks in the Figure Eight and gets the submission victory.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

Match Review: 1.5/5. Another squash match. Kayden should not job to anyone.


Akira Tozawa immediately takes the fight to Andrade, hitting a huge running knee strike. He keeps things rolling and sends Andrade to the outside, them flying off the ring apron with a massive senton to Andrade as they crash on the barricade.

Andrade then gets set in the ring but Akira connects with a missile dropkick and despite an attempt at fighting back from Andrade, Tozawa locks in the Octopus until the champion eventually gets a rope break. As they pull apart, Andrade hits a massive elbow to the face to get some separation.

Andrade then nearly gets caught by several roll-ups from Tozawa, and eventually, Andrade walks into a superkick. Tozawa goes to the top rope, but Andrade pulls his legs just in time and then hits the Hammerlock DDT from the top rope to somehow escape with a win.

Winner: Andrade

Match Review: 3/5. Good Match that was evenly paced. Andrade getting the win is no surprise.


Bianca Belair overpowers Santana Garrett early on, slamming her to the mat and then lifting her up, but Santana shoves her way out and gets a little too confident. That frustrated Bianca and she gets back to being in control of Santana, planting her to the mat several times.

Santana manages to hit one big slap, but as she goes for a hip toss, Bianca doesn’t allow it and instead hits a shoulder tackle. Belair then connects with a vertical suplex and a big splash. Santana fights back though and does connect with a crossbody and then a superkick.

However, Belair turns it all back around by dropping Santana face first onto the top turnbuckle as she then hits the KOD to get the victory.

Winner: Bianca Belair

Match Review: 2.5/5. Crossbody and superkick was poetry in motion.


It’s main event time now as Drew McIntyre takes on another Zelina Vega’s men this week, this time in Angel Garza who smartly works on the leg of the WWE Champion early on. He beats down on the leg all while locking in a submission, but Drew eventually kicks out and connects with a big clothesline.

The WWE Champion then hits a massive big boot and actually goes to the top rope, leaping down to take down Garza as he sets up for the Claymore. Garza is smart though and looks to fall out of the ring and while Drew grabs him back, it rips Garza’s pants.

Instead of just waiting though, Drew flies over the top rope to take out all three men. He launches Andrade over the barricade and nails Theory with a Claymore. Back in the ring, he tries to hit the reverse Alabama Slam, but Garza reverses with a roll-up. Unfortunately for Garza, when they both get back to their feet he is knocked straight off with a huge Claymore Kick.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Match Review: 2/5. Dominant showing by Drew. He will be over with the crowd once the stadium fills up again. When will that happen, I don’t know. 🙁

Monday Night Raw Review: 7/10

  1. Too Many squash matches which didn’t excite me much. Charlotte and Nia squashed talented wrestlers.
  2. Rey hasn’t lost a beat. I loved seeing him fight Murphy. I want both of them to be a part of this year’s Money in the bank. The chemistry was there.
  3. Seth’s promo was kept basic. I am looking forward to Seth Vs Drew Rivalry.
  4. Talking about Drew McIntyre. He was GOAT. That jump over the rope is unmissable and the best part of the show

TOP 3 Stars of the show

  1. Rey Mysterio
  2. Murphy
  3. Drew McIntyre

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