Netflix Vs Cable TV

Online streaming has indeed transformed the telecommunication industry. Services like Netflix have taken over the cable TV industry by storm. It is true to say that cable TV subscriptions still lead the game but Netflix is surely evolving as a tough competitor. This is the reason we observe an increasing trend of users opting for Netflix and deserting cable TV subscriptions. But at the same time, we also have examples of high-quality providers like Optimum Cable that enjoy loyal customers. It mainly depends on the individual experiences you have had with your cable TV provider. It is the reliability, high quality and cost-efficiency of a service that helps in retaining their customers. Online streaming services have been quite successful in enticing customers to cut their cord. After all, they do provide their subscribers with on-demand movies and shows anytime they want. But cable TV remains the dominant player as it offers more than just movies and shows. There are no doubts about the fact that the future of streaming services looks very bright. Anyways, without any further ado, let us dig in deeper into various aspects to find out what both the services have in store for their users.

Lesser Cost and Greater Convenience

Price and convenience are two important aspects that need to be considered when opting for the best options. Streaming services are winning customers in this regard as they continue to offer a gateway to unlimited entertainment at cheaper rates. Even if you are subscribing to one of the most popular streaming services like Netflix, it will still cost much cheaper as compared to most cable TV plans in the long run.

You can watch all your favourite shows or movies anytime you want. What makes streaming services even more convenient is the fact that in addition to your TV, you can watch any of your favourite stuff on a laptop or smartphone too. 

Accessibility to your Favorited Shows

Streaming services lack in providing access to the current shows. However, you can watch any older movie or show on Netflix along with its original content. But usually, to catch up with the currently aired shows, you need a cable TV subscription. However big cable companies like HBO have their own streaming services.

The vast number of streaming services that are available these days is another valid reason as to why more and more users are not reluctant to cut the cord nowadays. We also see more and more cable companies jumping in and launching their own streaming services to strive for the ever-rising competition.

With more and more streaming services booming, it does become a bit confusing to figure out who is offering what. Netflix has a wide catalog to suit each country where it is accessible.

Availability of Content

Streaming services sure provide you greater ease since they have an immense library of content available to be accessed whenever and wherever you want. Most of the broadcasters are now also providing their streaming services. This gives the advantage of viewing the content anytime to their users. However, one area where cable TV might take over the streaming services is sports broadcasts. However, when it comes to enjoying your favourite show during your commute time when you are waiting in the subway or enjoying sipping coffee at a nice café, you do find streaming services more convincing since you are never bound by the place or time to watch any content you want.

One area of content where cable TV might outshine Netflix is sports, as you do not get to watch live events, sports or news. Consumers who want to get more of news or sports but also want to catch the shows or movies at any time, can keep both subscriptions or use an antenna to access the local news channels. If you like Netflix alternative, you can check Cyberflix TV APK which is a great Streaming app for Android.

Enjoy Commercial-free Content

Netflix allows you to enjoy access to commercial-free content on any device you want. Cable services usually are available only to your TV sets along with the set-top box. The TV apps that might be offered by your cable TV provider do not typically work outside your house. When watching your favourite show on Netflix, you do not have to worry about unwanted commercial interrupting every now and then to waste most for your time.

Netflix Originals

If you are a fan of Netflix originals, you cannot live without it. With so many shows going on and the fact that you do not have to waste half an hour over lousy commercial breaks, you can make the most out of your time by watching more stuff. You will have to miss out on these outstanding Netflix standalone shows on your cable TV subscription.

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Contract Policy

Netflix does not bind its customers in any contracts like most of the cable providers do. So with Netflix, even if at any point you realize for instance, that the content is not your type, you can quit anytime since you never signed a contract. That might not usually be the case with cable TV subscriptions since they usually require you to sign a one or two-year contract policy. You cannot quit the service since you might be charged an early termination fee.

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Summing Up

If you are new to Netflix, you might find cutting the cord a little complicated or you may be in a contract with your current provider. But once your contract is over and you seem to be unsatisfied with your current provider’s services, you can switch to Netflix to save your time and money while enjoying TV shows and movies on the go!

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