MAJED VEYSEL—- The lad remarkably exemplifying his piece of art.

These days photography is deemed to be one of the terrific chore one can carry on with. Its uniqueness fibs in its simplicity with quintessence. Among a few prominent photographers, Majed Veysel is also on the count.

Starting from the very beginning, Majed Veysel is a prominent architecture and a fabulous photographer with an incredible voyage. For his education, he went to the American school in Aleppo back in the year 2012, after which he moved to Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi in Istanbul, where he graduated in architecture. He studied architecture in Italy and started his master two years back.

As a talented architect, he has numerous Laurels in his shelf like an Intern Architect, “S.B.ARCH Bargone Associati” In Rome – Italy in the year 2016, now well known for his work on Skyland Istanbul Highest Skyscraper in Turkey.

Apart from this, his photography skills are phenomenal, he is renowned for portraying the true essence of art by creating a masterpiece. He perfectly frames the black and white pictures of some memorable places like Rome, Torino, Lavazza to everywhere in Italy, Turkey, France, and other such places.

His passionate temperament and leading personality led him to observe each and every aspect to capture some mesmerizing perspectives. He says that “art is universal and again – art has not limited. A lot of buildings, architecture in the Western World are inspired by European, modern areas and renaissance art. Art is global and the attention on my pictures is global. My main fanbase, I cannot tell. More than 100 countries follow me on Instagram and there is a beauty in seeing the global traction.”

This shows that how beautifully he has admired the essence of art and created a wonderful platform to make it reachable to a huge audience. The core of his ideology is that everything in the Universe is established twice: first in one’s mind, then in the concrete realm. Thus his perfect ideology of creating a masterpiece is incredible and praiseworthy. For more information about Majed, you can visit his official website- Wish him good luckin the future

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