Libra Weekly Horoscope 5th – 11th April, 2020

Love and Relationships

Singletons may try to revive a bond they had with a dear friend of the opposite sex, with the anticipation of the bond turning romantic. During this time, planetary movements are agreeable, which is good news for these singles. Love birds may spend cute moments together, without entertaining physical intimacy. Married people need to stay relaxed, and look out for the sensitivities of their life partner. If there is a quarrel, try and settle the matter quietly, in order to let harmony and warmth in the relationship prevail. Working people need to maintain a warm and friendly relationship with their peers. If there is a technical barrier at your job it is these co-workers who may come to your aid.

Education and Knowledge

This week’s planetary situation is in support of students. Those pursuing graduation in science or IT-like subjects need to be committed to discovering new things, only then may they make adequate progress. They need to study for extended hours to notice results. Students pursuing graduation may learn new information efficiently, and may even remember better. Students pursuing higher education need to be cautious. They might not stay very focused on studies for some reason or the other. Their learning progress may slow down. However, students shouldn’t get discouraged. If they work hard, they may shine and flourish.


Take care of your health during this week, as things may not be very bright. You should not miss even a minor health scare. Visit a doctor, who may give you a proper remedy, to protect you from future difficulties. Slow digestion may pose a difficulty for you. Dodge late-night heavy dinners. Take steps to maintain your digestive system in order. That may keep you healthy and robust. Do some light exercises in the morning. These exercises may help in shielding you from all sorts of chronic illnesses.

Money and Finances

Thanks to favorable planetary inclination, you may face a stable financial profit, in the coming week. This may establish your economic status. You may be able to handle regular and incidental expenses without difficulty. There may be no additional expenses incurred by you during this period. This time may also see you conserve a satisfactory amount of money. Thanks to the inflow of funds, you are certain to have a delightful time. Beware of adopting immoral methods or taking unnecessary risks to strengthen your financial status. If you do so, the money you gain won’t be useful for you.

Career and Business

Salaried employees may feel uneasy about their position in the company they work for. They need to stick to their existing task, as no other choice may be accessible at that moment. They need to work efficiently and enhance their output. Businessmen dealing in the production of goods, or services can strike a big contract this week. You should form a good strategy to surpass competitors and boost sales in the local market. Some businessmen may even explore new areas for growing their sales. Overall, this is a superb time for businessmen, as Lady Luck seems to be in their service.

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