Libra Weekly Horoscope 26th April – 2nd May, 2020

Love and Relationships

Librans may need to be cautious not to make companions too fast. Beware of making new buddies, particularly of the opposite sex. Singles who are in a faithful relationship may feel a lot of adverse pressure from their partner, for getting married soon. However, due to some unfavorable situations, it may not be possible to tie the knot so soon. Having said that, wedding bells may finally ring. Life may be pretty, and full of love and romance. During this time, the family environment may also be very pleasant. Salaried employees may need to overlook all grudges against their colleagues at work, and maintain a peaceable relationship with 


Education and Knowledge

Students who are seeking graduate degrees in science or information technology may be very focused and observant. They may be able to plan their study habits and dedicate sufficient time to academics. Their amazing concentration may help them in obtaining new things quickly. As a result, their overall progress may be great. For students who are pursuing post-graduation or doctorate degrees, this may be a tough time as they may not be able to focus and concentrate appropriately, for some reason or the other. However, despite conflicting results, they may need to keep working without feeling depressed or frustrated. Times change and students may soon regain their lost focus and attention.


During this period, Librans may do well to read every sign of discomfort that their body expresses. There may be a chance of facing a major health scare during this time. Even if you feel the slightest discomfort, rush to your family physician or a specialised doctor, as a preventive measure to safeguard from future ailments. Beware as there may be small issues with regards to your digestive system. Try to stay away from street food. Try going for a morning walk, and performing some light cardiovascular exercises to stay fit. Beware of unexpected injuries. if you must drive, take all prior precautions, and under no circumstances, overspeed.

Money and Finances

During this time, you may constantly be stressed when it comes to striking a big financial deal. Your principal focus may be to keep a strong financial position. Do not take every opportunity that comes your way, without properly analyzing its pros and cons. Apart from routine expenses, there may be a strong possibility of incurring major family-related expenses. it may be a good idea to plan your finances in advance, so emergency funds are always available. Do not overspend, and plan for future savings. This may ensure rock-solid financial stability.

Career and Business

Businessmen need to be strong, and not feel intimidated if they don’t get quick results. Try exploring unknown lands to increase your marketing activities. At times, businessmen may feel that trade has slowed down considerably. Well, don’t worry, as your efforts won’t go unrewarded. This period may be equally challenging for salaried employees as well, as they may need to keep working diligently to maintain their position within the organization. It may be tough to switch to a better-paying job during this time.

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