Libra Weekly Horoscope 19th – 25th April, 2020


Love and Relationship

If you are single, you may encounter persistent demand from family members to get married either to someone you love, or someone they choose. The former is likely, which could swing things in your favor. Getting married is not a modest decision. Remember to consider all the pros and cons. Married couples need to be more thoughtful and give their partners more space while being sympathetic to the choices, likes, and dislikes of their partner. You need to pardon your partner when possible. A soul full of love, should not have a bit of ego.

Education and Knowledge

Students, particularly those pursuing graduation in science or information technology, may need to stay focused. Doing so may enhance their grasping power. This may have a concrete impact on their overall result. If you are a student with problems focusing, remember to inculcate a habit of meditating daily. This may eliminate all negative stress, and may renew your focus, and improve your mind and attention span. Students who focus may surprise everyone with their final exam results. Students pursuing higher education may be thoughtfully and caringly guided by teachers and mentors.


During this time, Librans may have no significant health concerns but may need to be still careful. Some old ailments that you considered cured, may crop up. There is no need to panic in this case. Visit your physician, and avoid any further complications. If you have a sweet tooth, don’t overindulge in consuming sweet delicacies, and sugary carbonated drinks. Diabetics may need to keep a constant track on their blood sugar. Try going on a daily morning walk to a nearby garden. Light exercises may also help you during this period.

Money and Finances

You may get good monetary gain during this time. You may remain in a very comfortable place during this period. While it may be tempting to adopt shortcuts to earn a quick buck, do abstain from doing so. Such unethical ways of earning money, may end in a disaster. You may incur a major expense, linked to your family. Make sure you save enough money for a contingency. Assure you cut down on useless expenses and focus upon saving. Be aware of the family needs of your family.

Career and Business

For businessmen, this may be a tumultuous week. They might be allocating multiple deals all at once. Manufacturers may need to plan backward synthesis, which might help them improve output efficiency. Try using money and resources over staff welfare as well. This might keep your staff positively motivated. Salaried people need to give their job their best shot during this week. They may be required to work efficiently, fast and flawlessly. If you don’t, your place in the company may be endangered. Professionals who undergo short business tours may have a positive outcome. During this period, planetary forces are by your side.

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