Libra Weekly Horoscope 12th – 18th April, 2020


Love and Relationships

Singles will be under relentless pressure from members of their family to get married early, either to a companion of their own liking or to someone they recommend. There is a high probability of getting married to someone of your own liking! Getting married is not an insignificant decision. Take proper precautions and consider all the pros and cons. Married couples will have to be more understanding and give adequate time and space to their spouses. Be tender to the choices, likes, and dislikes of your companion. Forgive whenever you can! A heart that is full of love should be void of any ego.

Education and Knowledge

Students will have to stay focused and attentive this week, particularly those who are pursuing graduation in science or technology. Staying focused will boost your grasping power. This will have a very definite impact on your overall result. If you have difficulties in focusing, inculcate a habit of meditating every day. This will surely eliminate all negative stress and will restore your focus. Both, your memory as well as concentration span will drastically grow! Students will amaze everyone with their marks in the final exam! Those pursuing higher studies will be warmly and thoroughly guided by the teachers/mentors. Students pursuing higher studies will also shine.


No major health concerns are predicted, but you will have to be careful nonetheless. You may be disturbed by some old ailments that would abruptly crop up which you thought were already remedied. There is no cause for fear. Visit your doctor to avoid any further difficulties in the matter. Do not overindulge in eating all the desserts and soft drinks with high sugar. Diabetic patients are advised to keep a check on their blood sugar. Regular body check-ups are highly advised. Consider going on a regular morning walk, few exercises will definitely help.

Money and Finances

Roll up your sleeves! You are in for a huge financial game this week. You are going to stay in a very suitable financial space this week. Cutting corners and using shortcuts to earn quick money will seem profitable initially. Do not fall prey to such baits. Immoral ways of earning wealth will surely end in a disaster. There is a chance of incurring a big expense related to the family. You will have to keep enough reserve for an emergency. Be mindful of the homely needs of your family.

Career and Business

This is going to be a tiring week for businessmen. They will be settling multiple deals at once. Manufacturers can plan reflex integration which will assist them to raise output efficiency. Spending some money and supplies on staff benefits will be a useful idea. This will also keep the staff absolutely motivated. Salaried employees will have to give it their best shot during this week. They will be asked and expected to work efficiently, fast and flawlessly. Not doing so may jeopardize their place in the company. Short business trips by professionals will give a very positive result. Planetary forces are by your side!

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