Leo Weekly Horoscope 5th – 11th April, 2020


Love and Relationships

Singletons may fall for a colleague of the opposite sex. They may get a positive acknowledgment of their romantic advances. Both parties may meet at a place where the situation is favorable to both. These love birds may have a happy and pleasant time but must abstain from any physical intimacy. Married people may encounter boredom in their lives, and they need to spice their marital life up. There are possibilities that a married person may not get the response they wanted from their partner. Married people need to spend quality time together. This gives sufficient time and opportunity to vent feelings, and address other familial concerns. During this period, the Leo sign may have a fun and delightful time with close friends.

Education and Knowledge

During this time, planetary changes indicate that students pursuing graduation may not be able to stay very focused on their education. Students need to ward off any aberration and concentrate solely on their academics. Students who are pursuing graduation in arts and commerce may make adequate advancement. Students pursuing post-graduation or doctorate courses must make education and grades their top priority, and always stay attentive. Students who have been eyeing top institutions around the world may find this time beneficial to make their dreams come true.


Take care during this week, as you may get injured surprisingly. You need to take due care of your health. Beware of any disturbing digestive disorders. Try and dodge late-night heavy dinners. While sluggish digestion may be a problem, doing any light exercises in the morning may maintain the digestive system in running order. With your system in order, you may stay fit to continue working without getting fatigued. If you are suffering from blood pressure deviations, then take a routine check-up to catch any variations. Once you see them, take steps to bring them back under control.

Money and Finances

This period is financially beneficial, as there may be an inflow of wealth this week. This may come just in time, as you may have to spend on a religious event conducted by your family. However, your financial supervision needs to grow. You have to prioritize what you want to spend on. Some major financial profit may be in store for you during this time. A married person may feel uneasy about overspending for their companion. Analyze and maintain routine and accidental expenses adequately.

Career and Business

Those who are businessmen may try getting in touch with big clients, to boost their sales which may not work out. There is no reason to fret, however, as planetary shifts may assist businessmen during this time. This is a time when these businessmen must explore new territory to improve their sales possibilities. Career-oriented individuals may face some restrictions and may not perform efficiently. Job holders may need to work long hours to fulfill approaching deadlines. All in all, progressive energies may keep working productively during this week.

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