Leo Weekly Horoscope 26th – 2nd May, 2020


Love and Relationships

Singles who are dating may get compelled by their partner to get married as soon as possible. However, due to busy work calendars, they may not be able to get married instantly. The partner who is contending for marriage may not recognize the pressing problem at hand. Tensions might crop up in love. Married couples may differ from each other when it comes to spending habits. They may be looking for extramarital affairs, to satisfy their urges. Salaried employees may need to keep a very warm bond with those at work, as this may be very significant in the future.

Education and Knowledge

Students during this time may do well to keep studies as their top preference. Students seeking graduation may remain alert and centered. Their teachers and gurus may give them precious tips that may help them grasp tough theories easily. Students pursuing post-graduation or higher degrees may face small obstacles, that might not allow them to focus upon their studies fully. They shouldn’t be discouraged. They need to remember their principal objective and should continue studying with full concentration. This may affect their results positively. Students may do well to practice meditation, to regain their locus.


There may be no significant health concerns during this period, however, be aware of issues that may bother your digestive system. Stay away from street food, and stick to healthy and nutritious meals. Consider going on a daily morning walk, and also do some light exercises at the gym. Doing so may help you feel wholesome and dynamic throughout the day. This may also help you to keep working without getting tired. Beware, for unexpected injuries might occur. If you must drive, take all necessary precautions, and do not over speed. If you have any discomfort with your left eye, consult an ophthalmologist immediately.

Money and Finances

During this period, the effect of the planetary movements, and their current placement may be in your favor, as far as investment and money are concerned. Your income flow may improve substantially, as new avenues for the generation of finance open up. However, beware of needless expenses. Do not buy items with large price tags that you do not need. Try to keep your investments under control, and your financial security may not be affected. Always be prepared for unexpected expenses. There may be a strong likelihood of incurring a family-related expense.

Career and Business

This week might have a tumultuous schedule, as you may be able to conclude a prosperous deal with a government organization, one which may prove to be very profitable in the long run. The administration of salaried employees may be hindered, due to restrictions that arise out of nowhere. However hard employees try, their work might not be appreciated by seniors at the workplace. Just as the seasons change, hard times may change as well. Just put in your precise and devoted efforts, and the fortunes may turn.

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