Leo Weekly Horoscope 19th – 25th April, 2020

Love and Relationship

Those who are single may feel drawn to someone of the same or opposite sex, who is staying in the same neighborhood. The feelings might be mutual, and you might see your love answered. This is due to Venus moving through the eleventh house, creating the opportunity of a new relationship. This is a fabulous time for family, as you may go out on a picnic to a nearby resort. Family time spent during this period, might be very pleasant. Married couples need to be cautious during this time, as minor disagreements could arise between them. If you want to make new friends, do so, but pick wisely who you connect with.

Education and Knowledge

During this period, scholars who are pursuing undergraduate degrees may remain alert and concentrated. Their coaches, teachers, and educators may present them with priceless tips, which may help them master tough concepts. However, students must remember that hard, honest work may still be required, and failure to work vigorously may reflect on the final examination results. Students must realize that concentration is most valuable. Students who are pursuing post-graduation may meet their financial needs like term fees, by taking up any part-time assignment or jobs. They must remember, however, to always prioritize academics. This may ensure excellent overall progress.


During this week, there may be no major health concerns. However, beware of any minor issues regarding your digestive system. Try and avoid street-side junk, and stick with fresh and nutritious meals. Keep your dinner as light as possible. Try stretching and going out for an early morning walk, to a nearby park or garden. And try doing some moderate cardiovascular exercises. Doing so, may make you feel fresh and energetic throughout the day, thus allowing you to put in long hours at work without getting tired. Take care of accidental injuries. If you must drive, take all required precautions while doing so, and under no conditions, over-speed.

Money and Finances

This period may be decisive for your finances, thanks to favorable planetary influences. Any investments made in the past, may bear sweet fruits of results sometime now. However, be wary as this is not a good time for contemplating new investments. Do not cut corners or adopt alternatives to earn a quick buck. While this may seem productive initially, such appeals might lead to failure in the long run. Beware of overspending. Cut down on needless expenses, and focus instead on saving for the future.

Career and Business

For Leo, the tenth house is linked with employment and profession. During this period, Mars moves through the seventh house, keeping a close eye over the tenth house. This may guarantee you being busy all the time. Salaried employees may face execution issues that seem to crop up with nowhere. Businessmen, this might be an excellent chance to strike a profitable deal with a very reputed customer. While the finalization of the deal might take a while, keep faith in your expertise, and wait for the good things to slip in your hands

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