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Earth has been experiencing a lot of agony. The roots of this planet are getting exploited and polluted everyday. But owing to the global attack of Coronavirus, this gigantic living ball has started to breathe again. When the earth itself is experiencing such pain, what are we? Just humans after all and we all know how a decline in lifespan is prevalent all around the world. The immunity of our species in this materialistic world made out of concrete has gone for a toss.

But, it’s not too late to go back in time, in the era when societies thrived on arts, culture and traditions.

Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Dance, Martial Arts, Music, Drawing, Painting and several other art forms help an individual to connect with the real self. Knowing our body well, keeps the mind and soul happy too. When we’re happy, our focus automatically gets enhanced and we are closer to our goals in life. Working with undivided grit and determination helps us become a successful and fully satisfied person. Going by experience and stories of ancient times, indulging in these physical and intellectual arts increases the immunity of our mind and body together. A complex human body goes hand in hand with the equally complex mind – to ensure complete oneness with the universe.

At a time when the Earth is trying to regain its immunity, let us humans also work on it together and revise the ways we have been living our lives.

Art is one such way to positively connect with yourself, with society and with the wholesome Universe. We have to believe that every individual is an artist with creativity hidden among our layers. Let’s bring this into perspective today, on the 50th Earth Day that the world smiles upon.

There are very few people who know the art form they should pursue, and some who don’t know at all.

To know what you are good at or to know what you are creative in, you should always ask a pertinent question to yourself, “What is the meaning of art and whom do you call an artist”?

I found the answers I’d been looking for in an Art School, Kalaakosh. My process of self discovery started when the school told me what art means to them.

“Art has always been more than just an activity. It is an expression that enhances the creativity in you. Every work that you do requires the language of an artist. Expressions on your face, moving your hands while you’re conversing – all of this is a part of artistry. Dancers express through their dance, musicians express through their vocals and instruments, painters through their canvas, and health-seekers through the beautiful form of Yoga. Every individual artist has his/her own way of expressing things.” – Kalaakosh

Just imagine a place where beautiful artists of every art form come together, work and learn different art forms along with teaching their specialities to the ones who are lost. The process even involves showcasing their productions to art connoisseurs, who get involved in not only portrayal, but also via provision of platforms. Isn’t that imagination full of frolic and beauty? To my amazement, I realised I hadn’t come across such a school that has become a common ground for the common man to experience the real art in oneself. So, after a lot of pondering, planning, approaching the right people, collecting ideas and analysing them, the school was able to connect all the dots – just as beautifully as a child does when he/she draws for the first time.

Kalaakosh (Treasure of Arts) is a place where people can discover the artist in them by exploring not only the art form that piques their interest the most, but by also bringing out the skills they never thought they had.

The school was founded in June, 2019, by a young woman named Jyotsna.

Currently, this place offers expertise and learning, in Yoga, Aerial yoga, Bharatanatyam, Western Forms of Dance, Drawing/Painting and many more for people across all age groups. 

Today, the school boasts of a group of 50+ students, a number quite admirable for an institution that opened less than an year ago. Students and visitors have always been generous with tons of positive feedback, for not only the school but also the way Jyotsna engages her students, and ensures their happiness.

The best part about it is, they offer affordable sessions both offline and online.

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Postal Address: Kalaakosh, Gauthami Junior, Degree & PG College, Telangana Enclave, near HP Gas, Chandra Nagar, Chinthal, Balanagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500037. You can locate the Address on Maps here

For citizens outside the area, avail the affordable Online Class facility here

If you are an individual on a quest for art, and seeking the best version of yourself, Kalaakosh is the place to be!

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