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If we notice in the current days “EARPODS” are pretty much trending and why are they so tending ? EarPods are one of the most fashionable, portable, dangling cord free and eye catchy accessories. Almost, everybody wants to have it in their accessories list as it is currently trending.

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Every sophisticated product comes up with an ultra-expensive price, if you consider the Air-Pod(s) its price ranging from 150$ and even more which is quite expensive, So are you willing to pay $150 over airpods? Or you really want to explore an exciting deal which will provide you with similar features to that of AirPods in a minimal price. In that case let us help you out with some flabbergasting cost-effective product w.r.t., Incredible sound system, waterproof technology, Audio quality, Smart battery monitoring, High-Quality 3D Sound Stereo and cost-effectiveness.

We would like to introduce you to “Jive mini Pods Review” which have a wide variety of features similar to airpods which comes with a minimal range of cost compared to AirPods and below are the features of this product.

What are the Pros and Cons of Jive Ear Pods ?

If we refer to any other electronic gadget it has its own Pros and Cons, similarly wireless earphones have its own pros and Cons and below are the details which will help you to assess the product and get a complete picture about the product prior purchasing it.


  • Battery Back-up
    • Jive EarPods last upto 30 hours which is comparatively more effective compared to other products in the market which will provide charge upto 24 hours.
    • Also, it includes fast charging technology which is another add-on for this product.
    • It uses 3.0 Battery charger technology which helps in many ways like low consumption of battery, effective usage of the product for a longer period.
  • Audio Quality
    • Jive EarPods provide us crystal clear audio, which will give a better and soothing experience and also voted best sound quality in 2019.
    • Like the saying “Music can cure Anything”, it provides us with outstanding sound quality.
  • 3D stereo sound effects
    • This feature predominantly will manipulate the sound produced in the Jive EarPods and provide the user with real time experience.
    • It includes the feature of Binaural stereo sound which will enhance the quality of listening for the users even more. 
  • Noise reduction technology
    • Noise reduction technology is one of the most necessary technologies which the users are seeking and Jive EarPods provides us with Noise reduction technology.
    • It includes the feature of Beforming noise reduction technology which will eliminate the noise and enhance the quality of listening for the users even the surroundings are not pleasant i.e., more nuisance.
  • Waterproof Technology
    • Jive EarPods provide Waterproof features and also protects the EarPods from sweat and water from damaging the product, this will be mostly useful for the sports enthusiasts also it will fulfil your desire to run the rain by listening to pleasant music .
  • Ease of Bluetooth Pairing 
    • Bluetooth pairing with multiple devices is real quick and ease of accessing bluetooth pairing is very simple and quick.
    • Below are the step by step procedure on how to connect to Jive EarPods ,
      • Switch on the EarPods 
      • Enable the Bluetooth on your phone or any other device like Laptop, Tabs e.t.c.,
      • In the available devices section,search until you find JiveEarPods and press on the JiveEarPods to connect.
  • Smart Battery Monitoring
    • Jive products are well known for their OOTB features which is rarely available in other products.
    • You will have the best experience in listening to music on the go due to the  automatic Sync-Up with your smartphones or any other compatible devices.
    • One of the brilliant features of Jive EarPods is the battery monitoring system which will be available in your paired device and also provide us with notifications whenever the battery is reached to low charge.
  • Compatibility
    • Jive Mini Pods™ comes with various options, 


  • Known None.

Modes of availability of Jive Ear Pods Cost for Purchase :

  • You can refer to the Official Jive EarPods Website [ http://www.officialjiveminipods.com/] in which all the details related to places to purchase will be available.
  • Jive Mini Pods™ EarPods are manufactured with high quality and standards, if you think the product is not better than AirPods you can return the product within 60 days and it holds the policy to return the full money i.e., Money back guarantee (w.r.t., the website). 
  • Also, as per the website reference, you can save upto 70% on your first purchase i.e., if the price of the product is $198, post the firstpurchase discount it will be available for $59.96 only. Which is an outstanding deal to buy the product for such a minimal price which holds the features equal to the Airpod also in the market compared to all the products . So, are you ready to thrive with Jive? 

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Information about the manufacturer Jive Mini Pods™

Jive EarPods producer is a Malta based company and it is located in Malta. 

  • Below is the address: 

MDE Commerce Ltd, 29, 

Triq il-Kbira, 


BZN 1259. 

  • Email address for support related queries and trade enquiries is mention below
  • We do not find further information about the product manufacturer.

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