Is International Baccalaureate Really The Future?


The academic success in traditional schools is often achieved through memorising skills. In middle school and high school, one would experience late night revisions and memorisation of handouts and note-cards. But today, schools are transforming their curricula keeping a student’s professional future in mind.

One example of such schools, is those with the International Baccalaureate curriculum. The IB concept originated in Switzerland in 1968 but is now used all over the world, all the way to Singapore. The focus of IB schools lies on making students plan their future ahead. Read on to know why International Baccalaureate is really the preferred future. 

Encourage students to be globally minded

IB schools give students the opportunity to explore and understand global cultures and values that lays a foundation for them to manage significant local and global issues they may face later in life, and cooperate accordingly. This also promotes open-mindedness and being accepting of other views, cultures, opinions, traditions, point of views along with respecting them.

Nurtures intellectual curiosity

International Baccalaureate offers significant educational and developmental benefits. IB curriculas such as IBDP include programmes that enable students to embrace a broad set of skills that include being analytical, investigative and the desire to always acquire knowledge and expertise. IB schools also emphasise the importance of asking questions and pursuing answers. This provides them a strong foundation to prepare well for higher education, career and beyond. This also promotes consistent communication by receiving and expressing ideas which is very useful in team work during college and professional career.

Holistic learning approach

The learning approach in IB schools is holistic – finding connections between IB subjects and extracurricular activities. Teachers are trained to encourage students to pursue academics as well as non-academic interests such as music, sports and community service. Another trait students pick up due to a holistic approach is being developed to the level of showing commitment to action and service, which is a good quality of a future leader.

Promotes self-awareness

Parents of IB students were amazed to see children understand themselves better and have clarity on how they learn best which would also help them in selecting courses for their college course and eventually in choosing a career. Students learn in different ways. Methods that work for some don’t always work for others, so it is imperative for students to learn and practice in their most preferred learning ways.

Requires students to be self-directed

IB schools give students more room to own projects that belong to their areas of passion and interest. This motivates them more and encourages them to be proactive individuals which is a sought-after skill at workplace. Exploring new roles that appeal to them and experiencing unfamiliar/challenging situations not only intrigues students but it also gives them the confidence to take risks.

IB programmes are designed for individuals to be intellectually curious and to acquire significant traits that help them become autonomous long-term learners, in solid preparation for the future. The goal of IB schools is to send competitive students into the professional world who can lead the world, creating one community at a time. This is why International Baccalaureate is considered to be the future of education and everyday, the countries that are adopting and promoting this curricula are only increasing, such as Singapore.

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