Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Addresses The Nation Live


The Prime Minister of India addressed the nation today, in lieu of the battle of 1.3 Billion citizens against Coronavirus and marking the end of the 21 day lockdown previously imposed.

He started the address by appreciating the resolve of citizens to fight the virus and obey the lockdown, saying, India is doing well to tackle COVID-19. He thanked people on the frontline of the battle and said “I know the kinds of difficulties the people of India have been tolerating for days to protect the country. You have faced difficulties with food, work, but you are still resolved to fight.”

The PM remembered Dr. B R Ambedkar on his birth anniversary, and extended his wishes to several communities of the country who celebrate the harvest season at this time of the year, along with thanking them for celebrating the festivals at home in peace and not violating social distancing.

He mentioned that india, compared to other countries has been able to curb the spread of COVID-19 better. Even when India did not have a single positive case, screening at airports had begun. “Before cases reached 100, foreign travellers were surveilled. When India had 550 cases, it had started a 21-day lockdown”

“While comparing with other countries is not appropriate, some truths cannot be ignored. Countries with better resources, even compared to them, India is in a much better position. Thousands of people have died in many countries have died. If India had not carried out a holistic and integrated approach, the condition of country could have been unimaginable, invoking goosebumps to think about.”, he said.

The PM opined that Social Distancing has paid off well in the fight against coronavirus, and that while it may seem expensive to carry out, it is necessary to save the lives of Indian citizens. Even with limited resources, India is boding well.

He praised the States for their timely efforts. He also expressed concern for the alarming way COVID-19 is continuing to spread across the world. “How will we win against coronavirus with limited troubles and economic impact? We have discussed extensively with everyone.”, the PM said.

The 21 day lockdown that had been imposed earlier was to come to an end today, but keeping safety in mind, Narendra Modi announced an extension of the Lockdown upto May 3rd, to curb the Coronavirus at all levels.

He explained that even if one person dies due to coronavirus, it should spike our tensions, which is why hotspots have to be surveilled with extended vigilance, and harsh steps need to be taken to curb spread of coronavirus. If new hotspots come up, the efforts of every Indian citizen and the government will not see light.

Till 20th April, there will be strict regulations in place for surveilling the hotspots and against citizens who may not adhere to the lockdown – this is an inevitable measure taken to curtail the spread of the Virus. Whatever relaxations granted during the lockdown to some areas and citizens will not be without specific conditions. Even if one such case is reported, the relaxations will be taken back.

A proper report on the lockdown and its measures will be issued tomorrow, said PM Modi. He also spoke about daily wage workers and labourers, stating that new guidelines will be made keeping their interests in mind. Farmers too will be taken care of, considering the harvest of Rabi crops is currently going on and relevant measures will be taken to reduce their troubles.

Speaking on the health infrastructure of India, he says it has improved by leaps and bounds. Labs have come up, beds have increased and more than 600 hospitals are working for coronavirus treatment. These facilities are being added to and enhanced every day. “Even with limited resources, I request young scientists to come forth and help in creating coronavirus vaccine.”, the PM requested.

He underlined 7 steps for citizens to follow, that would help him and the country in curbing Coronavirus.

  • Take proper care of the senior citizens of your house, especially those with underlying problems, as they are the most prone to Coronavirus.
  • Lockdown and social distancing should be properly followed. Home-made face covers and masks should be used, to utilise resources as judiciously as possible.
  • Increase your immunity by following directions given by Ayush (Health) Ministry. 
  • To help curb coronavirus spread, download Aarogya Setu App on your phones, which tracks a user if he/she has come in contact with an infected person and then provides timely location data to the government.
  • Wherever possible, assist poor families.
  • In your businesses, help your coworkers and don’t fire employees.
  • Respect the Coronavirus ‘soldiers’ – doctors, nurses, sanitation workers.

Prime Minister ended his address by asking citizens to be very vigilant in following the Coronavirus lockdown, which has now been extended till May 3. He wished everyone good health against the menace.

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