Important Tips for Solo Female Travelers


The number of women choosing to travel alone has increased phenomenally in the last ten years. Just because you don’t have a ready-made traveling companion doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a holiday. There is a growing market for lone travelers and hotels, tour operators and other companies throughout the sector are realizing that they have to cater for the lone female traveler. As well as the conventional city breaks and beach holidays, there is a fantastic range of activity holidays that will offer the opportunity of being in the company of like-minded travelers. Having traveled alone many times, these are my top tips.

Before You Go

So that you can relax and enjoy your travels, plan for all aspects of your trip. Organize the information on your itinerary and keep it to hand when you are traveling. You can find all the information you need on-line. For example, find out which airport terminal you are flying from. Check out Google Earth to see the area where your hotel is situated.


Travel light. Although most airlines allow at least a 20kg for checked luggage plus cabin luggage, can you easily carry it? Don’t forget you may have to carry it up and downstairs at stations and airports. Consider what to wear when traveling, it is comfortable? You may have to walk a very long way in some airports, you could regret those killer heels! Pack lightweight crease-resistant clothes. A mix and match selection of garments for a versatile holiday wardrobe. Check on-line what is on sale at your destination, it could be easier to buy it when you arrive. A toilet roll is a must for some destinations!


Losing your possessions is a nuisance so don’t let it spoil your holiday. Take out a good travel insurance policy and read the small print to make sure you have the best cover. Carry your money, documents and passport in a bag that has a strap across your body; or consider a money belt which also has room for your passport. Remember backpacks and rucksacks are easy for pickpockets to dip into. Ensure you hold on to your bag in very crowded areas and avoid very quiet streets where there are no other pedestrians.

Personal Safety and Male Attention

Check out ‘appropriate dress’ at your destination or for any tours you plan to make while you there and pack accordingly. Be aware that flirting or provocation varies according to the social norms at your chosen destination. The law in other countries varies as to what may be considered provocation or even consent. Wearing a wedding ring is an internationally understood deterrent to male attention if that is what you want.

Most of all, enjoy

Make contact with your hotel or guesthouse before you travel, they could be a source of invaluable local information. Lone women travelers are admired for their independence and thirst for adventure. There’s never been a better time to take the leap and go traveling alone.

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