How to handle relationships from long distance during Quarantine?

Let’s face it. The worst part about lockdown for couples who don’t stay together is—–unable to stay together. Most of the unmarried couple relationships are suffering because of the lockdown (which MUST be followed no matter what as that’s the only way to fight the virus). Let me give you a few tips on handling your distance relationship with ease during this tough period.

  1. Don’t Fight: No matter what happens, keep your patience level at maximum and do not fight. I know it is frustrating to NOT go out but fighting will only make it worse. Do not fight each other and do not play the blame game with your other half.
  2. Don’t Cheat: Yes, the worst part about social media is the variety of people we talk to. Since we are home, not working and away from the worldly schedule, we have ample time to kill. We all feel distracted and want to start sparkling a romantic or erotic conversation with someone else (other than your boyfriend/girlfriend). This is wrong on many levels and I will advice you to refrain from doing this. This will fill you with guilt and destroy your emotions quicker than you think.
  3. Keep the communication lines open all the time: Use every moment you can on communicating with each other in which case time and date should be set early enough to avoid disappointment. In the period when your lover is busy, take time to do stuff that will cause self improvement.
  4. Learn a new thing together: Couple must resort to collaborating passionately on different levels. Learn a new music instrument together, write each other cute poems or maybe some new software. You are dating the person you love because of similar interest or mindset and this will be an easy task.
  5. Keep yourself Occupied: Let’s just take into consideration that your loved on isn’t interested in learning anything new with you. No problem. Don’t give up. Occupying yourself with useful activities will help you to be well behaved even in the absence of your loved one You must do some productive work and take up hobbies as pastimes. If you have a pet, you win.
  6. Plan: Free time means a free mind. Use the free time to plan your future with the love of your life. Your medium and long term plans must be put in place so it is good to discuss these with your partner. The long term ones will be to do with the future, like plan to marry and when. Also things to do with how many children, family home and so forth. The medium plans are simple, when will you talk to your partner on phone, when will you send email, or chat on the internet.

The easy communication is very good and others even enable you to bring the actual physical presence of your loved one into the room where you are. Never ignore the importance of holding long distance conversation with your lover. This phase will go, make sure it doesn’t take your love away.

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