How to find dropshipping products


When it comes to finding dropshipping products for your store, there are endless videos that talk about the best product research methods out there. First off, any supplier site such as Aliexpress, Wish, Banggood, and others are all made for dropshippers. We’ve listed a few of our top strategies that you can incorporate to effectively find profitable dropshipping products for your Shopify store.

#1. Use Dropshipping Product Research Software

The advantage of using Dropshipping product research software is that it makes your life so much easier. These product research software typically charge you a monthly subscription in exchange; they will have a library full of hot selling products. Some examples of these tools are AliShark, Dropship Spy, Ecom Hunt, Product Genie, and Pexda. With these tools, you get new products uploaded daily, and you’ll be able to see the product’s sales history along with the exact ad that has been performing well for the seller. Check out this dropshipping product research tools guide to help you decide which tool is be suited for you.

#2. Use an Ad Scraping Tool

Chrome extensions such as Turbo Ad Finder or AdHunter 2.0 allows you to filter your Facebook Newsfeed to see only ads. If you continuously follow dropshipping stores and click on e-commerce ads, Facebook will begin to only show you ads related to e-commerce because that’s what you’re telling Facebook that you like. Continue to follow stores and go through their checkout process, so that Facebook begins thinking that you are an active online shopper and targeting you with dropshipping ads.

#3. Snipe Competitor Stores

This method should be used in combination with the previous two product research strategies. As you’re using the product research software and scrolling through ads, you should be documenting all of the dropshipping stores that are performing well. From there, you can use a paid chrome extension such as Commerce Inspector to spy on how much revenue they are making from each product and new products that the store is launching.

#4. Sort by Orders on Supplier Site

You can go to different e-commerce platform sites such as Aliexpress or Amazon and go through many different categories. For example, you can go through every subcategory and see what are the top-selling products in that niche. From there, search that product up on Facebook. You should find videos of a dropshipper advertising that same product. If that video is doing well, such as 50k or more views, with a lot of recent comments, then it could be worth testing.

#5. Search keywords on Social Media

Dropshippers are notorious for using the same keywords over and over in their ad copy. Common phrases are “50% off today only”, “free shipping worldwide,” “get yours today,” and many others. Simply search these phrases on Facebook and filter by video and date posted, such as this week, this month and this year. Notice that you’ll see dropshippers who are selling products from Aliexpress and pick out the ads that have the most video engagement, such as views, likes, comments, and shares. From there, you can follow all of these Facebook pages and store website URLs because they are likely all dropshippers.

With the right strategies in place, finding profitable dropshipping products doesn’t have to be hard. It takes a little bit of practice, but the more strategies you have in your arsenal, the more significant advantage you’ll have over other dropshippers.

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