How can you lead your thoughts towards a more simplistic path after lockdown?

Life is difficult. In fact, it is too complicated and you have no notion how you have arrived at this point. What’s worse? You have no idea how to change this situation. If you want to figure out how you have ended up where you are, then you must recognize that you are not the only one to have landed in this place.

Believe it or not, there are speculations that so many people feel like their lives are spinning out of control. We just don’t have the time to do the things that make us happy anymore.

How did your life get not so simple? Are you puzzled by things you really don’t need? Do you not have enough time to spend with the people who are essential to you? Do you work to make money, only to spend it and have that lead to you having to work again? Would you like to live your life that follows your values? 

These values could include using less and to live on this earth.

What could be stopping you? Well, there are things that are “stopping” you that may be noticed by taking a closer look.

Today’s world is about trying to get people to buy all this stuff that is bigger and better than any other stuff. You have to realize that you do not need this bigger and better stuff.

You may want to feel that you are a part of the social people you hang around with. You want to fit in and not be seen as being different.

You just may not know how to make everything easier instead of more complex. You need to know where to begin.

How to begin? That is simple.

  1. Number one is to turn off the tv that is constantly telling you to buy all this bigger and better stuff.
  2. Number two is to get rid of the junk mail you get every day. Do not even open it. Just get rid of it. In the recycle bin of course.
  3. Number three is to avoid magazines that are all ads. Did you really want to pay to read ads?

Avoid all of this media that is telling you to buy all this stuff. This will reduce your exposure and the messages to buy, leading to a simpler, less congested life.

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