How a Mobile App helped us secure a larger readership?

Did you know there’s an easy way to boost your brand and strengthen your customer base, while increasing your sales? It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. All of this is possible by creating a mobile app for your online store. In today’s world technology is about convenience and mobility, meaning an increasing majority of people spend their time browsing the web, shopping online and using social media from their phones, not their computers. Because of this, ecommerce apps are taking over the world of online shopping and it’s no surprise that they are also multiplying the profits.

This growing smartphone usage and increasing ecommerce activity brought the estimated worldwide value of the mobile ecommerce retail market to a whopping $151 billion, in 2017. This in itself is solid proof that ecommerce apps aren’t just appreciated by customers, they are here to stay and they are an asset to any ecommerce shop.

We, at NYK Daily, enjoyed around 600,000+ monthly website views gradually increasing weekly. We were happy and satisfied but there was a missing element.

Our retention rate was quite low. We were unable to increase the percentage of people who visited our website everyday. That’s where the idea came for a mobile app.

We tried quite a few stuffs to design one. I sat on and spoke to multiple designers. Nothing was working out because either they were very expensive or the basic design was just not something we wanted. We were about to drop the idea and then, a simple google search introduced me to this website, !

People said, it is nearly impossible to get your app approved by AppStore. After designing our app from web2application, I knew we will get into the playstore but Apple will just not be possible. The Web2application not only helped us in building the app for a minimal price, but also helped us in getting approval on playstore and…AppStore.

We now have our Native apps on both Playstore and AppStore. We now send push notifications to people who have downloaded our apps. We increased our readership retention to around 28% from 6% a month ago. Our app trended on IOS App Store for 25 days and we received over 100 reviews on Android with thousands of downloads and counting. This would have not been possible without the esteemed support of I would like to personally thank Web2Application team for it.

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