Guide to Call Center Outsourcing

Every business, big or small, tries smart ways to reduce operational burdens and especially the operational costs. Well, it’s the need of the hour as the kind of competition today’s businesses face leaves no time waste any resource. They have to bring focus on things that are key aspects and hand-over the mundane work to others.

Call center outsourcing is one practice that businesses have started opting recently. We all know what importance the call center holds for a business. That being said, we can’t deny how hectic it is to run a hassle-free call center. Many areas really exhaust your energy and patience.

But, outsourcing this service brings great relief at all these fronts. If you also want to try this strategy and want to know its benefits and from where to start, this guide will help you for sure.

What is Call Center Outsourcing?

Call center outsourcing is a business model wherein a business hires an external organization, specializes in customer services, and hand-over the responsibility to run the call center from their behalf. The hired company takes care of all the call center running operations like hiring the staff, establishing the infrastructure. Buying the virtual phone number, provide training, and so on.

Why businesses do it all the time?

The outsourcing call center has picked up speed in recent times as it has proved helpful at various fronts. Some of the key pros of doing so are stated below:

  • It’s cost-effective

Though having a call center is an essential need, running it by your own exert great operational burden on the business. Setting up the infrastructure, hiring the team, and train them are some of the key areas that are pocket-pinching in developed nations.

On the other hand, doing all of this in developed countries like India is far cost-effective. If an Australia-based business is outsourcing its call center from an India-based customer service company then they will be able to save a huge fortune.

Are you worried that your customers will not be able to connect with them? Then you may need more information about it. There are many ways via which a customer service company ensures that they can connect with your local customers. For instance, they use the Australia virtual phone number of your operating city like Adelaide (+087) or Brisbane (+073), work as per your time-zone, and hire native speaker employees.

This way your customers never find out that they are contacting a person who is sitting in a different continent and discussing a business that operates on a different continent. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

  • International expansion is easy

Outsourcing call center services is an ideal way to do the cost-effective international expansion. Instead of having your own office and hiring your team at the targeted location, you can outsource the entire customer service facility and start selling/pitching. This is also a great way to get expert service/manpower that can connect with the locals.

For example, if you are a China-based firm looking for expansion in flourishing Australian markets like Melbourne(+038/039) and Sydney(+028/029, you can hire a local customer service company, guide them to use Australia virtual phone number, and start educating locals about your business. 

  • It saves time 

Time is money for businesses. Having your call center wherever you move is not only pocket-pinching and consumes a lot of time as well. But with a call center outsourcing facility, you can save your crucial time and invest it in other important areas. 

What kinds of outsourcing models are available for you? 

We are sure that after reading the above-mentioned facts, you must be all set to consider outsourcing the call center service. Before you actually make a move in this direction, you must understand what your options are.

  • On-Premise Model 

In this type of outsourcing model, the hired company is the contract and takes care of the staffing and management model. They send their staff to work at your site. Other infrastructure elements like furniture and equipment will be provided by the employer company. 

  • Dedicated or Off-site Model 

In a dedicated outsourcing model, everything starting from the equipment, virtual phone number, staff, and their training, and management is handled by the hired company. They also help you meet all the compliances of the call center. This type of model is commonly used in the banking and insurance sector. 

  • Share Environment Model 

This model has been designed to leverage your existing call center ecosystem and offer better service. Your agents work in collaboration with expert agents of the hired company. 

How much outsourcing the call center costs you?

We know that outsourcing call center is a cost-effective deal. But, is it free? For sure, it’s not. Here is an overview of the cost that you have to bear for an outsourcing call center:

  • Pay per minute

Pay per minute is the most costing model of outsourcing call center facility. It is often known as ‘Talk time’ as well. In this model, the hired customer service company charges the business as per the minutes they have talked with their customer. Now, the per-minute cost varies in every case. Generally, the average cost of this model comes out as 70 to 120 cents per minute domestically. But, cost variation is always expected.

  • Pay per hour 

Businesses can also avail outsourcing facility by paying the hired company based on the productivity hours. The average cost of this model can lie anywhere $25-$45 per hour. 

  • Pay a fixed cost 

Though not many companies are a fan of this costing model, it works for enterprises wherein call traffic is actually very high. In this model, the hired company charges a fixed cost and is reliable to handle all the call traffic and related operations. 

The final checklist of call center outsourcing 

Here are some of the key points that you must keep in mind while before you go for outsourcing the call center:

  • Always choose the industry leader: As call center is an important business aspect, make sure that you are choosing nothing but the best option. Do your research on the industry experience, customers’ feedback, and market presence of chosen options before taking the final decision. 
  • Don’t hesitate to inquire about their modus operandi: Before you hand-over, the responsibility in the hand of the hired firm, try to make inquiries about what kind of tools they use, the quality of their team, and other aspects.  

Enjoy hassle-free operations 

You can’t go wrong with your call center as it’s a way via which you bridge the gap between the business and the customers. Call center outsourcing is an ideal way to ensure quality and hassle-free call center operations. But, make sure you are choosing the right service provider.

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