Good News: UK PM making very good progress in COVID-19 recovery

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is making “very good progress” in his recovery from COVID-19, his office said on Saturday.

Johnson was moved out of intensive care after three nights on Thursday and Downing Street said on Friday he had managed to start walking, although his recovery was at an early stage.

“The Prime Minister continues to make very good progress,” a Downing Street senior spokeswoman said.

Johnson’s spokesman said Thursday that he would “receive close monitoring during the early phase of his recovery” but was “in extremely good spirits.

“The Prime Minister spent three nights in intensive care and received “standard oxygen treatment,” according to his spokesman, but did not require mechanical or invasive ventilation.

Johnson was taken to hospital on Sunday because he was displaying “persistent” coronavirus symptoms 10 days after testing positive.

His condition deteriorated and he was taken into intensive care on Monday, causing a ripple of shock across the UK. Good news is that he is recovering, and recovering really well.

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