Gemini Weekly Horoscope 19th – 25th April, 2020

Love and Relationships

This may be an encouraging period, in love, as there may be a probability of acquiring a close relationship with someone from the opposite sex, residing in the neighborhood. Beware though, as your lover may constantly pressurize you to marry. Those who are single may start cultivating new relationships. Like every new relationship at the start, these new ones might start as a friendship. When it comes to friends, be cautious, as one bad nut may spoil the whole lot. This week gives a big opportunity to be with these newly-formed friends, given you choose them correctly, and with some consideration.

Education and Knowledge

Here is a word of caution for students consuming the midnight oil. It is not the number of hours spent with a book that scores. What is necessary, is the level of attention and concentration you put in during those hours. As your focus increases, your ability to grasp concepts faster might increase. The focus may even boost your memory power. If you see how to clarify your focus during this period, your overall progress may be outstanding. Students who wish to go away for higher studies might find success in doing so.


Precaution may be your mantra during the week when it comes to matters regarding your health. Ailments that were cured a long time back, may revisit you, popping out of nowhere. Even though they might not be serious, you need to exercise proper precautions. If you experience any discomfort, visit your physician immediately. Middle-aged and older men may need to be extra careful in this regard. Diabetics and blood pressure patients may do well to keep their vital parameters in check, to avoid any medical complications regarding sugar levels or blood pressure.

Money and Finances

This week may appear to be very healthy, on the financial front. However, beware, as your confidence may turn into overconfidence. Be careful of adopting shortcuts and unethical practices of making a quick buck, which may land you in trouble. Such opportunities may look lucrative initially, but they eventually aren’t. Put in hard work sincerely, and results may sow themselves in the long run. During this time, try to start saving for a brighter future.

Career and Business

Businessmen might do well to get their hands engaged in efforts to boost sales of their products. They might undertake short trips to nearby locations to grow their business territories. However, businessmen must not be discouraged if they don’t get immediate results. Hard and steady work may never go unrewarded. Do not be upset, if temporary setbacks occur. These obstacles should not push you to foster immoral practices of earning money. Try putting in an upright and regular effort with rock-solid conviction, and you may surely observe results. For career-oriented individuals, excellent growth prospects might be coming their way. During this time, teamwork may be compensated. Keep accelerating hard, and success may very well be yours.

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