Gemini Weekly Horoscope 12th – 18th April, 2020


Love and Relationships

There is a sharp possibility of forming a close relationship with someone from the opposite sex living in the neighborhood. Your beloved may invariably pressurize you for getting married. Those who are single will form new relations. Initially, like every bond, these new relations will start off as a friendship. Be careful! Be choosy with your preferences of friends, as one bad apple will spoil all else. Do not be too dependent upon anybody. This only causes sensitive injuries later on. This week offers a great time with these lately formed friends, given you choose them correctly and with caution.

Education and Knowledge

The movement of planets proves to be extremely positive for students pursuing graduation or other diploma courses. Advice for students: It is not the amount of time that you spend behind a book that counts. What is essential is the level of attention and concentration! The second your concentration level increases, you will be able to understand things much faster. Sufficient focus will also increase your memory. If you learn to engage your focus throughout this period, your overall journey is bound to be exceptional! Those who are anxious about availing admissions for higher studies abroad will be successful.


Sufficient anticipation will be your mantra during this week as far as matters of your health are concerned. Diseases that were apparently cured long back will appear to come back! However, not serious in nature, you will still need to exercise proper precautions. We encourage you to talk to your physician immediately on the slightest of discomfort. Older men are reckoned to be even more cautious in this regard. Diabetics and blood pressure patients are firmly advised to get a thorough body check-up to keep their sugar levels. This is just to avoid any future developments.

Money and Finances

The week appears to be very satisfactory on the financial front. Assure that your conviction does not turn into overconfidence. Embracing shortcuts and unethical practices of earning a quick buck will land you in trouble. Such events may seem productive initially but are not. An equivalent amount of hard and honest work will unquestionably be much more worthwhile in the longer run. The Sun and Mercury seem to be moving through the eleventh house. This guarantees a steady inflow of money along with monetary gains. Try and evade needless expenditures whenever possible. Start saving for a more favorable future.

Career and Business

Entrepreneurs and Businessmen must maximize their struggles to boost their sales. Short trips to nearby places for expansion of business territories is also a possibility. Do not be disheartened if you do not get instant results. Strong and steady work never goes unrewarded. Do not be bothered with momentary setbacks and choose unethical methods of earning money. With constant effort and a rock-solid confidence, you will, fortunately, be able to turn the tide in your favour! Wonderful job openings offering promising career growth are soon to come your way. Teamwork will assure success. Keep driving ahead!

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