Free Face Masks By Jaipur Fabrics: An initiative to help fight against the Corona Virus

The coronavirus has taken a massive toll across the world, even in India, where the numbers are steadily rising every day, leading the country into stage 3 of the pandemic wave.

People worldwide are fighting the virus by taking preventive measures like self-isolation and social distancing, following the offensive strategy used by most countries, since not much is known about a cure.

The initiative by Jaipur Fabric to distribute free face masks with every order could not have come at a better time. Through this initiative, Jaipur fabrics want to remind its customers of the safety measures they must opt for, to fight against the coronavirus.

If you already own a face mask, you can always help a needy person without one. With this initiative, Jaipur Fabrics aims to help the needier section of the country as well, and hope to at least spread awareness on safety and preventive measures.

About Jaipur Fabrics:

Jaipur Fabrics is an e-commerce platform that brings the rich culture of Rajasthan to its every product and, from there, to your doorstep.

From Quilts, blankets, bedsheets, and bedspreads, to aprons, cushion covers, table linens, and more; this site offers an exquisite range of products made by expert craftsmen in Rajasthan.

Affordable prices, superior quality, and durability are characteristics that Jaipur Fabrics guarantee their customers. They also offer you their services and advice on adorning your home with these vibrant, culturally embedded products.

The Initiative:

The company took the initiative to provide face masks to everyone and, in the process, spread awareness and safety measures to people without access to this knowledge.

People are urged to be safe and stay at home, follow the Lockdown rules and guidelines laid by the government, and maintain social distancing and self-isolation.

Washing your hands regularly, being aware of the surfaces you touch, and staying at least 6 meters away from people, especially older people, is something everyone should be aware of. Always wear a face mask and wash off or keep aside the items you bring back home for 2-3 days. Please take care of your local vendors and cleaners, while spreading awareness about the safety measures they need to follow. With this initiative, Jaipur fabric aims to help flatten the curve. 

They also urge their customers to use these masks well, even if they already own face masks. You can give them away to your local vendors, cleaner or security guards, preventing them from getting the disease and preventing the spread, thereby breaking the chain of positive COVID-19 patients.

Jaipur Fabric believes not only in the usage of masks for prevention against the virus but also for self -hygiene and to prevent the spread from any of us. This is why, with every order, they will dispatch one free face mask in support of the lockdown.

Thanking those on the Front line:

This initiative was taken especially as a huge appreciation for vendors, doctors, nurses, policemen, and delivery personnel who have made the sustaining of this lockdown possible. At Jaipur Fabrics, they are aware of the massive burden on the shoulders of these workers, and they aim to reduce it by preaching prevention.

If you notice that any of these workers aren’t getting their masks, please offer them the one you get with your order. This way, delivery boys, vendors, and cleaners can safeguard themselves and their customers, effectively flattening the curve.

“With this noble cause of dispatching a FREE face-mask, we want to thank the doctors, nurses, paramedics, police, railway workers, banking personnel, rubbish collectors, pilots, and grocery suppliers who are still in action to ensure you don’t face any trouble and working for a coronavirus-free nation.”

With the effects of the coronavirus storming the world and the nation, Jaipur Fabrics urge all their customers and members of the society to stand united in this fight against the virus and follow the protocol strictly, so that we can reverse these effects and get back on the roads quickly. Stay safe, stay indoors, and order from Jaipur Fabrics to vamp up your house and help make a difference in the fight against the Corona Virus.

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