Exploring the hottest town down under this winter

Lockdown, lockdown, lockdown… Ah! Staying at home is so boring. But, it is important and you all must stay indoors until the situation is normal. However, once the world is back at her very best, we might already leave the summers behind. In winter, there are not many options to travel and so, we are bringing a travel destination from down under which can be considered this winter.

Destination name? Sydney, Australia. Winters in Australia ranges from June to August.

With beautiful beaches, spectacular waterways, and beautiful summer temperatures, travellers sometimes don’t know what to do when the cold weather hits. But winter in Sydney is not cause for hibernation! There are a range of indoor activities and attractions that can be overlooked in the warmer months and winter is the perfect time to experience some of Sydney’s indoor delights. Here are a few to choose from and keep you entertained while Sydney weathers the cold.

  • Art galleries and museums. 

    Sydney boasts some of Australia’s best art galleries and museums, which are often home to visiting international exhibitions or shows. The Art Gallery of NSW, for example, is surrounded by beautiful parkland and houses the works of some of Australia’s finest artists. Other popular and first-rate museums include the science and technology Powerhouse Museum, and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Use the winter months to get your cultural fix!
  • Classes. 

    Always wanted to take a class and expand your skill or knowledge base? While the beach is out of bounds, use your weekends or free time to take that art, cooking or language class that you’ve always dreamed of taking.
  • Walks, bushwalking and other outdoor activities. 

    It might get cooler but winter in Sydney doesn’t mean freezing temperatures and endless rainy days. More often than not, the sun is still shining and it’s as easy as ever to experience most of the outdoor splendour that Sydney has to offer. The ocean is still warm, and it can be more pleasant to do Sydney walks, bushwalks and cycle trips when the temperature is cooler and you don’t have the hot summer sun beating down on your back.
  • Shopping and exploring the inner city. 

    Sydney and the inner city suburbs are a labyrinth of streets and alleyways speckled with hidden boutiques and cosy eateries and bars. When winter hits, don your coat and head out to explore all that suburbs such as Surry Hills, Darlinghurst and Paddington have to offer. They ooze charm and style, and winter is the perfect time to treat yourself to a designer, vintage or bargain purchase.

With its natural beauty, alluring attractions and fun and friendly atmosphere, no matter what time tourists visit Sydney, they will have a memorable holiday experience. The localities can also make the most of the winter months to explore their own city and the indoor attractions they may ignore in the summer months.

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