The beginning

Its human nature to crave things that look out of the box. Since the time of the stone age, man has always looked for jobs around the corners nearby. No matter if it is finding nutrition or searching for the medicaments for a cure. As the age passed and things started becoming civilized, the whole stack of interest turned towards homage. The man began to make homes instead of living in a random cave. As humanity recognized the worth of their enthusiasm to get living, they started investing more and more time in it. When it came to making their home, they began to used bricks and muds and later even the best woods from the forest. Yet, the quench for perfection never gets satisfied. After their settlement in small towns, all they looked for the things and measures to beautify their homes. Hence, people started to look around. The easiest thing they found to cope up with the thirst to beautify were the flowers. Still, things did not seem adequate. Therefore, the struggle continued. After several days being passed in toils and moils, finally, they got something that changed the entire concept of beauty. Out of the blue, they found wooden bark of true nature from the Tapioca plant tree that is native to much of South America and the Caribbean areas. Apart from the so many benefits which humanity owes to this specie; there it comes its bark. Like every unusual thing, its bark bears reliable properties. It can be molded into the flowers of desired shapes. Yes! You heard it right. Flowers out of the barren woody bark. When a man found this feature, they took no time to learn and make flowers out of these. Today, we know them as sola wood flowers, which are the most preferable ornaments these days. Their long life and cost-effectivity contribute to its outclass status on a market scale.

Beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder

Man, who found the beauty in a piece of bark earlier, didn’t know about the benefits and favors that later influenced. Sola wood flowers bear all the uniqueness that one could imagine. Their texture and fiber are even superior in terms of its reliability from other usual barks that you may found in your surroundings.


Its human nature to use the things beyond their warranty. It’s obvious when you spend a penny on something, and you want even more benefits. Sola wood flowers, unlike the casual flowers, last longer. Nothing could nullify their beauty even after years you have got them.


To make these sola wood flowers, one needs a minimal investment. There is no need to think about spending huge bucks in it, even if you want to make them on your own. They can also be bought from online platforms like https://www.woodflowers.com/. There are several options available to customize your flowers.

Eco friendly

Everything that comes from nature goes back to live silently. Sola wood flowers are ecofriendly because they are biodegradable. Unlike the usual plastic, if you burry them and wait for them to get converted into the soil. Doesn’t it look magical? Yes, of course.

Fragrance and colors

You might be thinking about if you could avail of the desired aroma and colors in hand made sola wood flowers. Don’t worry. You can use the desired essence and even colors on them to customize as per your choice. These colors could be oil paint or also spray paint as well.

Beautify homes

As discussed in the beginning, sola wood flowers can be used to decorate homes, especially on events like your wedding days or Christmas, even new year or may be as simple as merely putting them on a central vase to amaze the visitors.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever

When it comes to offering gifts to our loved ones, we always seek for something to make them feel special. These sola wood flowers have the power to keep you in their memory no matter either near or far. Above all, no one can deny the worth of handmade stuff.

Be an entrepreneur

If you think you are artistic and nature has granted you the skills to make miracles with ordinary things, you can start your own sola wood flower business. You will be amazed to witness the attention that you will gain.


So, as we have offered to brief about the favors of these wooden flowers, let’s have a look at how you can make them.

You need:

  • A hand planes
  • A hot glue gun with glue
  • A pair of scissors.
  • A piece of wood

Step ahead:

  1. Set up your plane for having wood shavings. You must keep the thickness adequate and consistent. You will need between 15-20 pieces. The rest of the wood will be used as a profound base then.
  2. Pick up the scissors and shavings. Start cutting the shape of a petal with the help of each shaving. The curl you make should run along the whole width of your leaf.
  3. Now, take one of the smaller size wooden petals and roll it clockwise. This will be the central point of your flower. Use a drop of hot glue to stick the very first piece to the base. You may cover the bottom with tape as well to keep it more comfortable to detach the flower and the station later on.
  4. Repeat this step with your desired number of petals as per the size of the flower you want. The bigger the flower gets, the bigger the petal pieces, and the more flat the angle must be.
  5. Once you are done with the flower, cover it with spray lacquer to protect it and keep it stable. Else, the petals will curl unevenly when the moisture later. You may try to spray it with a color to avail of the whole natural look. Fragrances can be added by using crafting smells.


After getting aware of the benefits and the perfect way to start making your sola wood flowers, there is nothing left behind to hesitate or get nervous about. Get yourself, motivated, plan your things before the deadlines, gather the items from nearby arts and crafts shops, and start doing magic. Trust us, your friends, family, and neighbors will cherish your skills, and maybe they start to give you initial orders for their big days. All you have to do is, stay focused, and consistent while working for these wooden flowers and start making miracles out of nowhere.

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