Enjoy the scent filled with notes of roses

In the New Year period, many brands produce holiday gift sets. The diptyque brand did not stand aside.All connoisseurs and beginners of the world of perfumery are undoubtedly pleased with the magnificent design of the bottles of the current line of aromas.It is not to mention the luxurious perfumed candles, which the brand is famous for, and limited releases.


In 1961, three artists founded the diptyque house and opened their first boutique at 34 Bd. Saint-German. Initially, they created fabrics, gifts, and home decorations, then candles, and in 1968 they released the first fragrance. Now the bold and independent Diptyque is one of the most successful niche perfume brands.In continuation of the tradition of its founders, DIPTYQUE completely abandoned advertising or marketing techniques and relies exclusively on natural components and unusual compositions.

In 1961, the founders of Diptyqueopened a handmade dyeing salon. The original idea was to sell cotton materials. But this idea did not find a response in the hearts of Parisians. Then the designers came up with an original way – they began to sell candles along with fabrics, in harmony with bright saturated tones of materials. Thus, in 1963, the first perfume candles with the smell of pine and hawthorn were created.

The experiment turned out to be extraordinarily successful and gradually scented candles, and after them, the Diptyque perfumes won worldwide fame and love of millions of fans.Today, the Diptyque collection has about 48 fragrances – and this is so far the most extensive collection in the world.

Philosykos Eau de Perfume limited edition

“Fig leaves and wood, white cedar – a unique bottle, where transparency and light intertwine, illustrating the spiritual origin of Philosykos fragrance.

The sun is at its zenith. The famous fig tree changes its appearance, becoming a hot cedar haze.

“A limited edition of the colorful woody fragrance Philosykos, shrouded in vibrant shades, will be available in a volume of 75 ml ($ 165).

Giant candle Limited Edition Deluxe Holiday Candle (1500 grams)

Each glass of the giant candle is unique – it was created manually by the masters of the Virebent pottery house, known since 1924. And before you enjoy the scent filled with notes of roses and black currant leaves, you can also appreciate the beauty of the illustrated holiday candle case.The cost of a candle weighing 1,500 grams will be $ 350.

Eau de Perfume Discovery Set – 5×7.5ml

Discover the universe of diptyque fragrances through five of the brand’s acclaimed compositions: Tam Dao, Philosykos.The kit includes five vials with a volume of 7.5 ml. The cost of the set is $ 115.

Set of 12 mini candles

Another celebratory novelty of the brand is twelve perfumed candles that incorporate woody, spicy, floral, and woody aromas. Twelve flavors, one for each month of the coming year, which you can choose as you wish.The set includes candles under the names Mimosa, Berries, Roses, Fig Tree, Jasmine, Cypress, Hazelnut Tree, Amber, Tuberose, Wood Fide, Pomander, and Benzoin.The weight of each candle is 35 grams. The holiday set is available for $ 190.

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