Do it Yourself: How to Make Food Candles Using Silicone Molds

Before we go into “How to make food candles”, let’s get into the mind of your candle customer. You have to know why you are adding this line of products to your candle business. A majority of your candle buyers love food candles especially baked goods and sweets. Baked good candles stimulate memories of childhood and a time when life was easy. Besides invoking memories, they also create an air of “at home goodness”. A place where family wants to be.

Better yet, your customer can have the beautiful smell and decor of an apple or cherry pie without adding to their waistline. You can smell apple or cherry pie in the morning, noon or night. This is the healthier marketing side of adding food candles to your business.

Here are 5 more reasons to add food candles to your candle business:

  1. Food candles add an unexpected twist to your candle making business
  2. They make great gifts for customers to buy for friends and family
  3. Food candles make nice party, wedding and baby shower favors
  4. They have a fun, distinct look
  5. They make nice decorations for the holidays, for example, apple pie for July 4Th, pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, Lemon Meringue pie for Easter, cherry pie for Valentine’s Day

Here are the materials and directions I use to make a food candle for simple 5 inch pie food candle.


  1. 3 inch fruit topper silicone mold or a any fruit silicone mold. I find that a fruit topper is easier to use
  2. 5 inch full crust pie silicone mold
  3. 5 inch pie tin
  4. Votive/pillar wax
  5. Fragrance oil
  6. Wick
  7. Color
  8. Drill


  1. Melt the candle wax (per companies directions)
  2. Have 3 separate small containers of the melted wax. One for the fruit topper, one for the full pie crust and the rest for the pie crust filler
  3. Add color to the containers of wax. I make the fruit topper and pie crust filler the same color
  4. Pour your wax into your fruit topper silicone mold and full pie crust silicone mold
  5. Allow them to cool off
  6. Take them out of the mold
  7. Melt the pie crust filler and pour into your pie crust, making sure it is not too hot to melt the pie crust shell
  8. Allow the filler to cool off slightly to a gel consistency
  9. Place the fruit topper on top of the pie crust filler. The topper should sink in the filler a bit. This will adhere the topper to the rest of the pie
  10. Take your drill and drill a hole into your pie candle
  11. Place your wick through the hole

Your pie is finished and ready to be packaged and sold to a happy candle customer/

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