DIY Face Masks for Daily Relaxation During Quarantine


We all have a lot of time on our hands during Quarantine, that can be used to finally pamper our skin. Earlier, our jobs and hectic routines wouldn’t let us take care of our skin, but now that we have some time off from work, here’s how you can make the most of it!

I just used empty moisturiser containers to mix some things I already had at home. I’ve been using these every day, but make sure to not exceed 10-15 minutes with the face mask and 1-2 minutes with the lib scrub since that can be harsh! I also find the face mask to be more effective if I steam my face for a couple of minutes before, followed by cleansing, before the mask. Once I take the mask off with a wet wash-cloth, I always tone and moisturise with a fragrance-free moisturiser. I want to reiterate that moisturising after the mask is really important since it can be really drying, which can actually make you break out instead of preventing it.

Calming detox face mask 

  • Flour and ground coffee in equal parts 
  • honey 
  • lime juice 
  • few drops of tea tree and rosehip oil 
  • crushed strawberries (you can substitute this for rose petals) 

All of these ingredients have either detoxifying, calming or cleansing properties and their effects can be easily verified online. I eye-ball the proportions until I get a thick consistency. Then I put the mixture in the fridge for some time before using it on my face for an extra calming effect. I put it on with a clean makeup brush but you can use your fingers as well – just make sure to wash them before. 

Daily lip scrub 

  • coconut oil 
  • honey 
  • sugar OR coarse coffee (not ground) 

Again I just eye-ball with the proportions – as long as you have a thick consistency. You can also try using it while you’re making it, which only makes the process that much more fun. I use the scrub after a shower and definitely before applying lipstick. Remember to not scrub too hard on your lips, just scrub enough to exfoliate the chapped skin off! 

Let us know in the comments section if these worked wonders for you!

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