Cyient’s drone-based tech helping implement Hyderabad lockdown

(IANS) Global engineering and technology solutions company Cyient is providing drone-based surveillance technology to Telangana Police to help it implement the COVID-19 related lockdown in Hyderabad.

The technology is enabling the police make lockdown-related announcements and organise their ground forces to monitor the situation in congested areas of the city, the Hyderabad-based firm said on Thursday.

Equipped with surveillance cameras, thermal imaging payloads and sky speaker for public announcements, Cyient’s drone-based aerial inspection capability is positively augmenting the police’s ability to combat the spread of the pandemic.

By providing situational awareness on a real-time basis, the technology gives police the means to understand and deploy resources very quickly to manage evolving situations.

“Great collaboration with Cyient to stop the spread of COVID-19. Their drone-based surveillance is assisting our ground forces to monitor sensitive areas in the city. Visuals from the drones are enabling correct decisions on moving forces to sensitive areas,” Cyberabad police said in a tweet.

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