Clearing Admission Process of TOP MBA Colleges is easier than it seems


MBA aspirants in India always dream of adding an experience of IIM in their resume, but very few make the cut. While only around 3000 students manage to clear the admission process of IIMs, lakhs of students sit for the exams every year.  As per last year’s data, IIM Ahmedabad alone had 385 seats to offer, while IIM Bangalore, one of the top MBA colleges in Bangalore, had a seat intake of 382.

Well, though it might appear to be a bit tough to crack IIMs and other top MBA colleges in India after reading these stats, in reality it is not that much difficult. Most of the students appear only for exams like CAT while there are many other exams like MAT, CMAT, XAT, SNAP and so on. Other reputed colleges aren’t far behind IIMs in imparting quality education with quality infrastructure. With just patience and perseverance, you can succeed in your journey with them.

Below given are some suggestions to make your expedition a smooth-sailing ride. So, buckle up tight to enjoy this journey and we hope these tips will help you in upcoming adventures.

1. Ease the Anxiety

Exams may vary and so do the approach of students towards exam preparation.The capability of students varies and thus one definite procedure may not apply to all. But with no doubt, preparing for an exam at the nth moment isn’t ideal. It will only elevate your anxiety levels and not reap anything beneficial. Also remember, studying more doesn’t translate to knowing more. 

Utilize the last stage of preparation in revising your notes, concepts, formulas and so on. Solve as many mock tests you possibly can fit in the last chunk of time. This will give you confidence and relieve your stress in leaps and bounds.

2. Shortlist Your Colleges

Shortlisting the colleges well in advance can be really beneficial. There are plenty of online education platforms available like that allow MBA aspirants to predict the best B-schools for them depending on their expected percentile. So, before the results are out, based on the scores you would expect in the entrance exam, you could make use of this opportunity to know which B-school can you be a part of.

If you can’t find one that meets your needs or doesn’t feel quite right, it could be that the course you have selected isn’t right for you. For instance, maybe you would be better off looking at doing accelerated programs in nursing instead. You could find that you look up an ABSN degree from Wilkes University and love the online aspect and how it is run. If it gets you excited, you know it is the right course for you. There is nothing wrong with having a rethink of your choices when it comes to getting into college. 

3. Select Colleges Based on Accurate Result

Earlier you made a list of colleges based on the results you would expect. It is not every time you get the expected colleges. Due to differences in a few points in your score, you might not make the cut-off. Do not lose your heart. Always have a backup plan. Keep in mind several options for colleges and re-list them and then choose. This could be your blessing in disguise. Every adventure doesn’t happen in a pre-planned path; sometimes you have to make a detour for a greater adventure.

4. Keep an Eye Out for Application 

With more than 4000 MBA colleges alone in India, students may be overwhelmed and get lost in choosing their college. So, list out your top colleges and upon getting your result, look out for their shortlisting criteria and application dates. As mentioned earlier, have a set destination in mind. If it’s Bangalore, then you might have shortlisted the Top MBA colleges in Bangalore based on the results obtained and the cut-off mentioned. Time is always the game-changer. You wouldn’t want to lose out on your options merely by some silly mistakes.

5. Prepare Well for the Interview

Aspirants always concentrate on the first steps of the admission process but forget to focus on the final steps. They nail the exam but fail the interview. There have been instances where students have scored more than ninety percentiles but didn’t clear the interview. Keep in mind, an exam is just to choose the cream of the crop to reduce the selection pool. Actual test is being done in the interview. The committee would be looking for aspirants with good communication skills, your extra-curricular achievements, your answers to the questions asked and many other factors. So, having noted these, make sure to prepare well for the interview alongside your exam. 

Pro Tip: Always be optimistic in your answers and prepare well thinking about what kind of questions you might be asked.

6. Seek Help from Others

You can always ask help from your mentors or friends who are an alumnus. They could help you in fine-tuning your interview answers. Give a mock interview to them and get feedback from them. This could pave a long way for you as you will be more confident and confidence is one such aspect everyone looks out for.

7. Selecting the right college 

The interview is over and you are pretty sure you have done well. Kudos to you. Now the final step towards your dream destination is to select the college and the course. Each college has different things to offer you. Choose the college and course which fulfills your requirements. Weigh the pros and cons and choose wisely.

Life is easy or hard as you think it is, and this applies to your MBA admission process as well. Don’t get perplexed by so much competition in the sector and just focus on your preparation. You will surely crack the admission process of the top MBA colleges then.

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