Chinese Horoscope – See what’s in store for 2020


The Rat can prepare himself or herself for a year of plenty. If he can plan his year, giving himself enough time and resources to reach his projected goals, he will succeed. Being a Rat, you have the gift of intuition, foresight or gut-feeling. Make use of this during the Rat year because the Rat year will enhance it. There are times where plain logic fails. What prevails is vision and intuition.

You will also be motivated and spurred on by your inner compulsion to go for a promotion, a better job or a position in politics, government or an association. Follow this propelling energy. The path will be full of benefit and experience.

The area to be most cautious about will be how you communicate your thoughts and feelings. Guard your tongue. Hold your counsel. Do not repeat anything you have heard unless it is verified as true. Do not let your tongue run away with you especially when you are under pressure or angry.

In love, there will be periods of anguish and sadness but it will not be long-term or final. Keep a cool head when dealing with emotional matters. If something has to end let it go. There is something more waiting for you.

According to, foreign elements will feature significantly during this period. It could be in the form of traveling abroad for leisure or business or both. It could also be that someone or something from a foreign land will come into your life and bring you happiness and wealth.

If you are offered such an opportunity do not turn it down!


The Ox will find himself or herself in a great flurry of activity and charged energy in the year of the Rat. Put into action all that you wish to accomplish. You will find your energy boundless and your energy will overcome many obstacles, even ill health so that you can reach your goals.

During this year, you have daring and strength of purpose. Fired with this enthusiasm, you will have the passion to conquer unprecedented areas in business and accomplishments.

If you are a lawyer, you will use the laws with brilliance to win cases. If you are in the military forces or the police you will excel in your bravery.

If you are a politician you will vanquish your foes.

If you were a mother and house-maker, you will protect your family and work towards their success, happiness and comfort with tireless zeal.

So it will be a good year for you as long as you can be in control of the events.

But, when all is said and done, you will be filled with a sense of anxiety and unfulfillment.

During this year, with all its dynamic achievements, there will be an underlying inability to achieve the grounded stability an Ox needs to sustain his or her well-being.

This can manifest itself in the dire need to re-invest in your business, thus being unable to save or see tangible profits.

It can also happen that you will be too busy with your activities that you will not have the time to see to your personal needs like love and family life.


What the Tiger endured in the Year of the Rabbit will culminate in a reaction for the Tiger in this year of the Ratn. The dramatic and eccentric Tiger will be provoked by the flame of the Rat to explode and do something rash and unfortunately damaging to his or her reputation.

The uncontrollable desire of the Tiger to be the leader, to be noticed and to be in command will explode and no more will the Tiger be rational and conservative.

There is so much danger for the Tiger!

He or she is surrounded by false friends who fan his ego and daring. This misguided bravado will lead the Tiger to his demise, be it politically, financially or emotionally. As it is, the Tiger thinks he is infallible. With such self-profiting advice of his friends, he will be further blinded to reality.

Moves he or she makes during the year of The Rat will cause him to incur losses not only in status and glory but also in finances.

At all costs, the Tiger must face the reality of the situation. He must swallow his king-size pride and back down if he wishes the situation to be kind for him or her.


And how does the Rat year greet the Rabbit? The diplomatic and congenial Rabbit will not be oppressed or caught short this year as long as he or she listens to his voice of reason and intuition. If he gets confused by his lack of decision and becomes too impatient, he will surely miss his chance of consolidating all that he has acquired and can further acquire this year.

The Rabbit will be fortunate this year if he has dealings with investments, speculations, import and export and dealings with foreign lands. Dealings with the government and established associations and organizations will also meet with success.

Positions of power and authority can be bestowed to the Rabbit be it in politics, associations, government or large organizations. He will do well in these appointments and he should accept it even if it means that he has to curtail his fondness for partying and the good life.

In matters of love and romance, the Rabbit will face his major upset and unhappiness. He should do everything to avoid a confrontation in this area. Delay finalizations of engagements otherwise, consult me for a more harmonious period that does occur during a difficult year.

A way to minimize the problems of miscommunication that occur during this powerful and hectic year, the Rabbit should preplan every speech he has to make during important functions and negotiations. All contracts and agreements must be vetted by himself and an expert to avoid ensuing complication. The Rabbit has to watch his every word, be astute in his speech. He must control his hastiness and above all, he must count to five before he shoots his mouth off.

The fixed element of Wood of the Rabbit will be tamed somewhat by the ruling element of Metal. To ensure success and pervert problems, the Rabbit especially Metal Rabbits must succumb to the dominating element of Metal. This year is a strong Metal year, therefore to prevent undue stress and problems He must abide by the law, follow rules and regulations and curb his desire to over expand.


This is a powerful year for the Dragon . 

Dragons will progress amazingly well this year. This is the year for opportunity and explosion of achievement and success for them. Ideas will be prolific. They will be given the opportunity to display their charismatic, leadership character and many will be captured by the Dragons charm. This is the year Dragon Hero’s are made.

But, there is always an underlying thread of danger which I must warn you about, Mr. and Lady Dragon, you must be on your guard and do not take things over the limit.

Enemies always lurk in your shadow and though you may be untouchable this year, be careful that you do not drive your enemies too far, for sooner or later they may destroy you. Therefore be wise, during this powerful year, instead of planning to overthrow your enemies, plan to make them your allies especially if they are in positions of power. Can you do this?

The Dragon year emphasizes the strong traits of the Dragon. The Dragons strength is emphasized, his energy is more intense, his visions become more brilliant and his gift of leadership, glorious.

These qualities can be applied to all matters from little domains to wherever he rules, like in school, clubs, in the office, in large corporations, in the government and in politics. Take the opportunity to make your dreams reality as your “chi” shines bright.

You inspire those around you in a magical way and you are able to rally those around you to march to your tune towards glory.

All the forces around you will bend to your will and you must make the most of it.


The year of the Rat can scorch the cool Snake. You are warned that things may get too hot for you to handle. Therefore, do not tempt providence in any way.

But I must warn you that unfortunately, the influences of this year will draw danger to you like a magnet, as there is a clash of forces. What you have to do to survive this year with minimum damage is to stay far away from the fire or it may burn you and worst of all, leave you with a terrible scar.

Snake ruled countries will face conflict and violence. It could be from natural disasters like earthquake and volcano eruptions as well as aggression. As you prefer to work behind the scenes, you are advised that your plans or plots may boomerang and explode in your face. It is not advisable to play politics or seem to be. If you have the habit of whispering into your colleague’s ear during a meeting, refrain from doing so, as it will be misconstrued.

You may be lured and tempted to get involved in intrigue. Secrecy always excites you. If you do so this year, you will be caught and greatly embarrassed or even sued for it.

Illicit relationships be it sexual or romantic will draw you into an inextricable web of pain and disaster. Steer clear of anything that smells of danger. Underage girls, indecent exposure, extra-marital sex and affairs or even forbidden love. You will be badly burnt by this folly. Like I said, you will attract it like a magnet and sometimes, it may even be a set-up. Protect yourself. There is danger of a sexually transmitted disease.

This year could also be a year when your health will be weakened and illnesses can overcome you. Problems relating to the blood system, your heart or your head can emerge. These problems can appear for Snakes of any age but Fire Snakes are most vulnerable. If you are young then you must be more careful of accidents, fight or personal danger. If you are older then the added problems of health like high-blood pressure, cholesterol and heart problems are added to it.


The time to move ahead has dawned for the restless Horse. After the previous year of frustrations and delays, the Horse can finally make his moves.

The Rat year will fill the Horse with great energy and inspiration to forge ahead with the dramatic energy and enthusiasm he naturally possesses. Fences will be broken down and doors burst wide open in the face of his pent up energy. My only fear is that he may burn himself out, as his fixed agent is fire.

My strongest words of advice to the Horse is that he must look before he leaps and he must pace himself if he wishes for sustained solid success.

But the “hit and run” nature of the Horse cannot be altered. It is totally impossible to expect the Horse to focus and concentrate on one subject entirely. To do so will reduce his performance and render him inefficient. To tap the maximum from the Horse’s asset is to allow him to work at his pace while giving him a target and promising him solid backup. So if you are working with a Horse or if you are a Horse, this is the way to make the best of the “chi” the Rat year will enhance you with.

For the Horse, this is the year for mergers, contracts and partnerships. Enforced by the Metal Rat, it promises to be strong and lasting bonds. This applies mainly to business and financial deals. When it comes to bonds in family, marriage or emotions, I would need your complete date of birth for analysis as certain elements in the Horse’s zodiacscope advises against firm commitments in love and marriage.

When it comes to love, marriage and family bonds, it would be a year when certain elements of the Horse’s Zodiacscope will prevent a permanent commitment form being made. This is caused by the erratic nature of the Horse which will have his or her partner uncertain of his or her sincere intentions or a journey or the distance between the Horse and the partner will bring the temptation of forbidden affairs.


The force and fire of the Rat can spur the complacent and easy going Sheep into action as the fixed stem of the Sheep is Fire. However, the Sheep will try to resist this compelling force and can be put under stress by it. It is advised, therefore, that the Sheep tries to cope with the pressure and tension that comes with the pace by finding a balance in his or her life so that the Sheep can maximize the force of this year and gain from it without any volatility. His or her creativity will be acutely heightened and he should use this even in business matters.

In matters of business, fast expansions and consuming energies are seen. There is great activity and involvement with a rapid increase of business and speedy expansions. However there comes with this hectic and heady activities, pressure and moments when the temper of the Sheep will be pushed to exploding point. He is advised to walk away from confrontations as this could totally destroy his good fortune. He will be constantly provoked and agitated and to enable the Sheep to take all this in his stride, the Sheep must always stay calm and realize that a destructive show of temper can blow away all the positive good and create dangerous enemies and losses.

As the Sheep has to work under tremendous pressure and at an accelerated pace, his health can be undermined. Headaches are the first sign that should sound warning bells that things are not going well. Slow down when this happens. Blood pressure will rise and you have to be concerned of your cholesterol buildup.

It is quite common and true to form for the Sheep to take compensation in food and to a lesser extent alcohol when he or she is under stress. So this again could bring about other health problems. If you drink, don’t drive and above all don’t pick a fight because accidents and injuries are also present in your horoscope this year – as it shows the spilling of blood. In this case, the injury could be to your Head.


The year of the Rat, especially the Metal Rat can see the Monkey in great positions of power and control. With this comes happiness and a glorious sense of satisfaction.

In business and your career, you can expect recognition of your skills and leadership strength or you will be sought after for these qualities and placed in positions of power and authority. You are encouraged to accept it as it will bring you happiness and success.

This is the year when you will attain a high profile. You will be talked about, written about or make the spotlights. Enjoy this limelight. Delight in it because there will be a lot of other offers and spin-offs that come because of this positive exposure.

Although the Monkey generally has a rocky emotional life, during this year of the Metal Rat, the Monkey will be lucky in love and happy in romance. Marriage is predicted or the single Monkey will meet the girl or the boy of his or her dreams and a beautiful romance is predicted. Cherish this love when it comes your way and make a firm commitment. It couldn’t get better than this.

This is truly a glorious year for the Monkey and for once, he or she should live this year as honestly and as sincerely as he or she can so as to maximize the ultimate luck this year can bring to him or her. To try to be evasive, tricky or non-committal will spoil everything. To play hard to get will frustrate a good relationship. To try to get the upper hand at anything will wreck any good deals or relationships.

In matters of health, the Monkey may only be troubled by excessiveness. Too much drinks or overeating can bring about self inflicted pain and discomfort. Too much sex or uncontrolled sex can bring about an unexpected child. To terminate the pregnancy would be very BAD LUCK as this child would be the fruit of a very lucky period of your life. So be careful at all times.


During this reigning year of the Metal Rat, the Rooster will have a year that promises to be fantastic but alas, the results could backfire and become devastating. The Rooster, therefore has to be less cocksure of the outcome and exercise prudence and study humility.

The over presence of Metal in the formation of the horoscope of the year makes me uneasy for the Rooster who’s fixed stem is also Metal. The presence of metal in the Metal Rooster will make the outcome of this year even more unbalanced. This combination happens once in 60 years, the last being in 1940 when World War 2 erupted. With such a configuration, the major area of concern should be your emotional life, your family life and your financial situation.

In your emotional life, this is the year when you will find that the juices of love will infiltrate your bloodstream and drive you to make wild mistakes. Coupled with your somewhat erratic nature, you will make rash mistakes, which will leave you with regret.

If you are divorced or single, loneliness will drive you to indiscretion. Can you keep yourself under check?

There is a danger of a parting especially for the Metal Rooster. The parting could be a forced hand of fate or a result of interference in the relationship, be it in business, career or emotion.

When it comes to business and career, the Rooster will be fixed by the energy and grandiose excessiveness off the Rat year and he or she will be carried away by the mood but there is a danger that he or she will lack the foundation, basic strength and structure to make it work and he will find himself floundering under the wave that can sweep him off his unsteady feet. To avert major catastrophe, he or she has to ensure that he can cope with the added increase of business or responsibilities. Do not accept any contract unless you have the financial resources to sustain it. When an elevated position is offered to you, be sure that you have the qualification, experience and capability to handle it.


In areas of creativity, the Dog will be at his highest point. When it come to stamina and motivation, the Dog will be spurred to feverish heights then just as suddenly he can sink into a deep depression. This flux will leave all those dealing with the Dog utterly perplexed and a great deal of patience is necessary when dealing with the Dog during this period.  Although always congenial and sometimes vague to the point of being in another world altogether, those dealing with the Dog will be confronted by his stubbornness and explosive temper. This somewhat erratic behaviour can be attributed to the moodiness of this sign and a lot has to do with the movement of the Moon. During this period, do not aggravate the Dog or you will feel his wrath. Play along with him and you will get the best from him. 

 If anyone is in the mood for love, it’s the Dog.  His or her thoughts will be filled with imaginative way to seduce his loved one and the element of Fire will make him overcome his shyness.  Even Lady Dog will toss away her shyness and her coyness and make the first move if anything catches her fancy. Though the Dog is generally refined in his games of love and sex, the element of Fire in his life chart can make a Dog look for sexual perversity, as the Dog is a passive Earthly Branch. Some of these perversities only remain in his imagination.  During the period of the Ox in the year of The Rat, these thoughts may be more rampant. Whether the Dog will carry out his fantasies depends on other elements of his birthdays and his palms. 


The Pig has to slow down during this period and instead of being in search of new ventures and businesses, the Pigs should consolidate whatever he or she has procured so far and nurture them to ensure their success. The exuberance the Pig experienced so far will slow down during this period so it is timely for him or her to settle down and pay attention to establishing his domain and research and strategize his next move. This period will also see some dissatisfaction or antagonism, which you must deal with. In your haste and eagerness to push forward your plans and ideas you would have ruffled some feather and you must pacify them now if you are to carry on your plans successfully.  

  Here too, you need to give some attention to. Anger and explosive emotions are seen that needs attending to. Fights and arguments are going to erupt and there is fear of a pending break-up. Violence is not to be discounted. So, if you are caught in such a possible situation, be careful. Control your temper, pride and aggressive behaviour. In this period, you will end up the loser or the party who received the violence. Walk away rather than confront.

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