Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 19th – 25th April, 2020

Love and Relationship

During this time, singles may marry. Love might indeed be in the air. You may be more than ready to marry someone you love and you may passionately commit your life to that person. This may also lead to unlimited physical intimacy. There may be trivial disturbances within the family, which may make you unsettled at times. Don’t worry. Try working out a resolution without hurting anyone’s ego. Maintaining family balance is of absolute relevance. Some small differences of opinion may creep up between married couples. All you need to do is to give time and space, and all miscommunication may slowly get cleared.

Education and Knowledge

This may be a trying period for students. Those who are seeking graduation or diploma courses may need to be very mindful and focussed and may need to make academics their top priority. They may need to revise their studied subjects every day. This may assure you that you may not feel overloaded with studies, during your final examinations. Hard and constant work may always be expected of students. Failure to work hard, may show adverse results during exams. Teachers, mentors and guides may give students advice that may help the latter grasp tough concepts with ease. Students who are pursuing post-graduation may excel.


During this period, you may need to take proper health precautions. You must seek medical consultation, even if you feel the slightest physical distress. Beware, as there may be some minor digestive-system related issues. Try and stay away from street side junk food, and consume nutritious and healthy meals instead. Try going for a morning walk and perform light cardiovascular workouts, which may help you stay fit. Maintaining a morning fitness routine may help you power through the day without fatigue. If you face issues with your eyes, specifically the left one, contact an ophthalmologist. Neglecting this may have severe results in the long run.

Money and Finances

During this period, Saturn and Mars move through the second house, primarily linked with finance. Hence, you may be able to manage financial matters very accurately. There may be a powerful chance of incurring a major expense this week. Such an investment might put a dent in your savings. However tempting it might be, try not to cut corners or adopt shortcuts to earn money, as they might end in financial tragedy. All in all, there might not be an issue in managing your day to day expenses.

Career and Business

This may not be a very promising week for salaried employees, as however hard they may try, their efforts may not be recognized by the seniors at their workplace. There is no need to feel low due to this. These hard times will pass, just like seasons. All salaried people need to do is keep investing honest and dedicated work, and results may follow. This week may not be very favorable for businessmen too, as they may not be able to strike any major deals. This time may be good for exploring new sales territories and expanding their customer base. A normal business may go on as usual. During this period, it is recommended not to take any major business decisions.

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