Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 12th – 18th April


Love and Relationships

Singles Rejoice, you might get married during this week. Love is indeed in the air. You will be interested in tieing the knot with someone you are in love with. You won’t be commitment phobic. Free physical intimacy is also foreseen. Minor disruptions within the family may make you unsettled at times. You will need to work out a resolution without bruising any egos. Preserving family balance will be significant. Minor discrepancies of opinions may arise between married couples. Given enough freedom and time, all hesitations will slowly fade away.

Education and Knowledge

Students seeking graduation or diploma courses will need to endure better. They will need to keep academics as their top preference. Daily review of studied subjects is important. This will guarantee that you are not burdened with studies at the time of your final exam. Everything else can wait. It should be perceived that hard, constant and genuine work will be needed. Failure to do so will showadversely on the final exam result. Teachers, coaches and scouts will give students precious tips which will allow them to experience and grasp tough concepts easily. Students pursuing post-graduation will shine.


Taking usual precaution of your health should be your aim during this week. You should explore medical advice even on the slightest physical discomfort. There may be minor issues with your digestive system. Avoid junk. Stick with fresh and nutritious meals. A morning trek and light cardiovascular exercises will help you to stay fit. Instill a habit of doing this daily. This will help you feel wholesome and dynamic throughout the day. If you encounter any trouble with your left eye, consult an ophthalmologist.

Money and Finances

As a result of this planetary transition, you will need to handle matters of finance very thoroughly. There is also a powerful chance of catching a major expense during this week. Such an incident may put a hole upon your savings. Cutting edges and choosing shortcuts to earn money fast will seem to be very intriguing initially. Do not fall prey to such provocations. Unfair shortcuts of earning money will unquestionably end in a financial tragedy!

Career and Business

The week is going to be somewhat on the more rigid side for salaried employees. However hard they try; their struggles will still not be recognized by seniors at work. There is no reason to get depressed by this. Just like seasons shift, these hard times will change too! Just keep investing your upright and devoted efforts! Businessmen will not be able to discover any major deals this week. It would be a noble idea to search new territories and formulate a new customer base. Normal business will go on as usual. We suggest that you do not take any major settlements of business during this period.

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