Cancer Weekly Horoscope 5th – 11th April, 2020


Love and Relationships

Those who are single could be a little concerned about professional security this week. At the same moment, they may get an open gesture from someone of the opposite gender in their community. Do not bother about the former, and do not shun the latter. There may be some concerns related to family, which might cause anxiety. Try to spend some quality time with family members and solve this issue amicably. Aim at keeping some harmony and light within the family. You may have some issues with someone whom you are emotionally connected to. You may need to take care of the sensitivities of this individual. Solve the issue amicably to guarantee a sound, long-term relationship.

Education and Knowledge

Cancerians who are studying must stay strongly motivated to carry on progressing in their education, according to planetary shifts. Students must display focus while putting in extended hours with their books. While students may not be able to retain concepts sufficiently well enough, they need to improve their number of revisions, to study things by heart. Students pursuing higher studies might not get too much time for their academics, in the face of some trouble. This might slow their training process down.


On the health aspect, things aren’t too sunny this week. Do not neglect any minor health concerns, and remember to take any timely medical help if required. This may save more difficulties. Beware of viral infections, and take adequate care to safeguard against them. Middle-aged and older folks, need to be concerned about bothering health issues. Any deviations in blood pressure should be smoothed out immediately. One major thing you need to do is to lessen the consumption of salt to keep your blood pressure under check.

Money and Finances

This is a pleasant period, as planetary conditions indicate that your income inflow may grow. There is more profit, so get set for strength on the financial front. But be cautious while spending, as there may be some important family-related expenses. You may need to keep enough money for rainy days when working on financial preparation. While you may be tilted to spend money buying luxuries and adding comfort to your life, do not go overboard in wasting too much money. Rather, concentrate on protecting wealth for your future requirements.

Career and Business

Those who are salaried employees may face some pressure from their immediate managers, to improve their performance and speed their projects up. There might be some restrictions that might prevent the employee from working efficiently. Sometimes, the job-holder may need to stretch their working hours due to a heavy workload. Businessmen who are trading with government or semi-government establishments may sign a big-time long-term contract. They must be in a state to handle such a significant deal. During this time, progressive energies work completely in the Cancerian’s favor.

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