Cancer Weekly Horoscope 26th April – 2nd May, 2020

Love and Relationships

If you are in love, you may need to hear your partner without being judgemental or overly critical. Your sweetheart may present some improper conduct. Do not feel disturbed. Cherish, you may need to give your spouse enough freedom and time. Be imaginative, and try to find new ideas of spicing up your love life. When it comes to family, there may be some routine ups and downs, which may confuse you mentally. However, be cautious with your strategy, and use mild and simple language. Your priority needs to be protecting family peace and love. Salaried employees need to maintain a warm relationship with their colleagues.

Education and Knowledge

During this time, students who are seeking graduation might find it hard to concentrate. This might check their learning process. Memorizing might become a problem for them, and the overall condition of the students may be hindered. Well, they should not worry, as this is a temporary issue, and may pass soon. Students who are pursuing post-graduation may meet their financial needs like term fees and expenditure money, by taking up some part-time jobs or assignments. Adequate care may need to be taken, to keep studies as their top priority. This way, any lost concentration might come back.


Stay away from oil-rich spicy stuff, and avoid street food. Try to stick with fresh and healthy meals. Try adding fiber-rich grains and vegetables in your diet, which may considerably reduce the acid reflux issue that you may face. A glass of cold milk with bananas is an excellent remedy for acidity. Go on a morning walk and perform light cardiovascular exercises to stay fit. Instill a habit of exercising regularly.

Money and Finances

During this period, you may reap many financial rewards. The collective position of the planets may ensure some financial gain for you. Your financial strength may increase by leaps and bounds. You may spend a lot of money behind purchasing unnecessary luxury items, for yourself and the family. Don’t go overboard with your spending. There may be no issues with your finances at the moment, hence you can concentrate on saving for the future. You may incur unexpected expenses when it comes to family. Always remember, it is a good idea to keep some emergency funds handy.

Career and Business

Salaried employees may need to work hard, despite barriers that might crop up. You might even find it difficult to complete your regular office work. Bring out the warrior in you. Do not worry about the time, just try to work as hard as possible. Businessmen may need to positively boost their sales staff to perform better. Short business trips may turn out to be profitable. Regular business may carry on as usual, and to achieve any extra feats, hard work may be required.

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