Cancer Weekly Horoscope 19th – 25th April, 2020

Love and Relationships

Those who are in love may feel hurt due to the improper behaviour of their loved ones. However, one must make sure to give adequate time and space to their partner. Lend a hearing ear to your partner without judging. When it comes to family, there may be some minor issues as well. These small circumstances may keep you under a perpetual state of cynical stress. Do watch your strategy, and be kind and gentle in your conversation. Married couples may feel cold towards each other. However, they would do well to help their partner with domestic activities and be a avid listener.

Education and Knowledge

Students might find it tough to sustain a level of attention and focus, despite reasonable efforts. Our recommendation to all students would be to exercise meditation. This may help restore some of their lost focus. It also might work as memory and stress-booster. This week might be unusually stressful for learners who are pursuing a graduate degree or a diploma course. Students who are seeking post-graduation or doctorate degrees might not find sufficient time for their studies, thanks to one cause or the other.


When it comes to healthcare, your aim must be prevention. Do try evading roadside junk, and drinking unfiltered water. This might eliminate all chances of you contracting a viral infection. Try to be especially careful about your left eye. If you encounter any pain or distress in your left eye, consult an ophthalmologist promptly. There may also be a risk of minor digestive disorders cropping up. Middle-aged and older men need to be very cautious in this regard. Diabetics and blood pressure victims would do well to get a thorough body check-up regularly. A quick morning walk and moderate cardiovascular exercises may help them stay fit.

Money and Finances

This week may offer a stable and strong financial situation throughout. Positive planetary forces may impact you during this period, therefore improving the chance of a major monetary gain. Beware of chances to cut corners and earn money quickly, as they may seem profitable in the short term, when in reality they aren’t. There might be a major expense to be caught for your family. You may do well to bypass needless expenses and save money whenever possible.

Career and Business

People managing fixed salary jobs may be under continuous analysis and stress from superiors at work. These superiors may want their employees to produce more output, fast. Thanks to this cynical pressure, employees may not be able to adhere to work submission timelines. This may cause employees uncertainty at the office, regarding their position. Businessmen may get repeat orders from their old customers. On receiving any new inquiries, businessmen would do well to check the enquirer’s credit-worthiness. Any business agreement inked with the government or semi-government organizations may prove to be beneficial. If you are a businessman, the timely release of goods to customers must be your priority.

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