Bollywood hits by Pankaj Kumar – Dil Ye Deewana a hit among all age groups in these Pandemic Times

Pankaj Kumar is one of the finest and best singer in music Industry in india, and surprises us with one by one hit songs. You can check out his Official Site :

Here is the Viral Video Song which has been liked by many Indians these days .

Also, Pankaj Kumar is well appreciated and supported by his huge fan base on social media. His Bollywood debut came along with a blast. Then his voice quality was recognized by the audience.

He has released a few new songs which are “Lag Ja Gale”, “Deewana Leke Aaya Hai”, “Dil Ne Tere Dil Se” and “O Baby”, all are of different generes.

You can watch and listen to his new Music covers released on his Youtube channel:

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