Aries Weekly Horoscope 19th – 25th April, 2020


Love and Relationships

In the world of love, you may need to be careful. Do not let any trivial differences blow out of balance. If your partner displays any faults, forgive them and don’t hold animosity. Be cautious with your words, lest they are harsh. In time, however, all sensitive scars may heal. Always try to maintain a humane nature and a soft attitude. All the differences from your love life may fade, restoring the romance once again. While it is pretty common to have a difference of opinions with your loved one, you need to keep your language in check. Choose your words sensibly, as they may have an abiding effect on your partner. You may need to realize that loving someone may be more significant than declaring yourself right every time.

Education and Knowledge

The Sun moves through Aries during this period, which may impact academic growth positively. Students who are pursuing graduation or diploma courses might find a reinvigorated appetite for procuring new knowledge. Their focus and vision may be brisker than ever. Even though earning might not be a preference for them, students who are seeking a doctorate degree or a post-graduate degree, may look out for part-time jobs or jobs, that may help them meet their financial needs. Students need to put in enough time into their studies to guarantee their results are not affected adversely.


Beware though, as the movement of Saturn from the eleventh house may bring about a minor health issue. This may slightly diminish the positive influence of Saturn. If you notice any symptoms of declining health, do seek a physician’s advice as soon as possible. You may need to be cautious, especially considering your left eye. If you encounter any discomfort, do consult an ophthalmologist. Seeking expert medical advice may save you from further complications.


In the world of money and finance, this week may be a pleasant one. You may experience actual financial growth and stability. The journey of Mars and Saturn through the eleventh house may mean good fortune for you, as this house is directly linked with good opportunities and monetary growth. Don’t let financial prosperity affect you, and don’t adopt unfair practices of making money. Such shady opportunities may look lucrative in the short run but may be very bad in the long run. The second house during this period may be decidedly inspired by Jupiter. This means protection for your financial interests and a chance of furthering your financial prospects. Overall, the stars might remain in your favor this week, which may indicate a favorable financial position.

Career and Business

The ninth house, linked with the luck of an individual, is governed by Jupiter. The positive power of Jupiter may weaken the destructive Ketu, which seems to be moving through the tenth house. During this period, businessmen may need to put in more than their best effort in order to get deserving results. No major profitable sales may occur during this period, and regular business activities may carry on as usual. Salaried employees might do well to heed the guidance of superiors at work, which could mean a radical development in their performance. This week may be great for those who want to move on to better job prospects. If you are part of a team, tasks that you’ll carry out together might have a better opportunity at success.

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