Aries Weekly Horoscope 12th – 18th April, 2020

Love and Relationships

Do not let trivial delusions to blow out of proportion. Forgive your partner wholeheartedly if you do not like a critical stance. Do not be too rigid with your words. Time will unfailingly heal all gushing wounds. Stick to soft language and a humane attitude. Slowly, all disputes will be sorted, restoring the romance in your life. It is very common to have differences of opinions with your loved one. Only the language needs to be kept in check. Pick your words carefully as they will have an intense effect on your loved one.

Education and Knowledge

The Sun is passing through your sign and is affecting your academic progress very positively. Students pursuing graduation or diploma courses will have an insatiable hunger for collecting new knowledge. Their focus and vision will be more energetic than ever! Students pursuing a doctorate degree or post-graduation can look for part-time jobs or responsibilities to meet their financial needs. Although, earning should not be a preference at this time. Enough time should be devoted to studies so that your results are not negatively influenced.


Your health will endure in top-notch condition! You may face a trivial issue in regards to your health since Saturn is seen to be moving from the eleventh house. This will insignificantly diminish the positive influence of the Sun. If you notice that your health is worsening in anyway, we advise you to seek a physician’s consultation immediately. You will need to be especially careful about your left eye. If you encounter any trouble with your left eye, consult an ophthalmologist. Seeking professional advice will certainly save you from further complexities.

Money and Finances

This week appears to be very encouraging as far as your financial growth and security are concerned. The movement of Mars and Saturn through the eleventh house is going to be very beneficial for you. This house is directly linked with immeasurable possibilities and monetary growth. Do not adopt unfair methods of earning money. Such possibilities will appear fruitful but will prove to be remarkably harmful in the long run. The second house is being boldly influenced by Jupiter. This ensures your financial interests and also enhances the growth of financial prospects.

Career and Business

Positive influence of Jupiter will weaken as a destructive Ketu seems to be moving through the tenth house.

Entrepreneurs will be obligated to put in their best efforts for acquiring a pleasing result. No major successful deals are likely during this time. Normal business activities will continue as usual. Superiors at work will guide salaried workers as a result of which their performance will improve drastically. This period is beneficial for those who want to move on to a better job. Tasks done as a team will have better odds of succeeding.

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