Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 5th – 11th April, 2020


Love and Relationships

Thanks to planetary shifts, couples may encounter some amount of pressure from family members, to get married and settled down soon. Beware of some small family issues that may make you feel uncomfortable. Do not let something insignificant cause you stress, and become a prestige problem. Be patient, and accept the opinions of other family members, so you can keep peace and harmony in the family. New relationships may begin to develop here. Those in a new relationship need to be careful, and not be overly reliant on the opposite person. Else, a problem may arise in an otherwise meaningful relationship. Keep your composure, and fix any issues to maintain peace, love and warmth in the relationship.

Education and Knowledge

Students who are pursuing graduation in commerce or arts related courses, may stay alert when it comes to academics. They may be focused, and study actively to learn new things, and learn their portions effectively. Students pursuing their post-graduate or doctorate degrees may make academics their top priority as this time is most important for them, determining the tone for the times to come. Students may get useful advice from their seniors and may need to focus more. As a result, students may make good progress soon.


Mars passes through Aquarius during this period, thus strengthening your immunity. Even if you fall ill, you’ll recover quick. Beware, however of some accidental physical injury. Also watch out for excess acidic reflux in the digestive system. Resist this with antacids, fiber-rich grain and vegetables. This may result in the acidic reflux getting washed out of the digestive system. Do any light exercises in the morning, or go out for a quick walk. This is a great method to feel fresh and energetic while working during the day. Take care of your health, for your and your family’s sake.

Money and Finances

When it comes to finance, unfortunately, this month may not be good. The ruler of the second house associated with finance, i.e Jupiter, moves in its sign of debilitation, the earth sign Capricorn, along with the malefic Ketu. Both move together through the 12th house, thus linked with profits and losses. Exercise caution when spending money. Avoid being a spendthrift, and save enough for unexpected emergencies. Your income may grow, but there might be no notable monetary profit. During this period, you can manage regular and related expenses easily.

Career and Business

You may stay active on the professional front, according to planetary movement. People in business need to put more effort, even if things aren’t going as intended. There is an expected surprise, on Wednesday. Efforts put in the past, may bring fruitful results. Progressive energies may work collectively and efficiently for your advantage. This is a fabulous time if you are intending to make a big investment. Day job holders are likely to remain motivated to put in their best at work. They may feel relaxed, thanks to bright future growth prospects.

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