Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 29th March – 4th April, 2020


Love and Relationships

Single people may be attracted to someone in the neighbourhood or close friends circle. That person in turn, may reciprocate these emotions. Both may decide to meet up and spend special moments together. A younger family member may face some hurdles, which would make you uncomfortable. You may need to take charge of the requirements of this member. Your social circle would expand during this period. A serious relationship with an influential person might take shape. This relationship would be good for increasing your prospects in general.

Education and Knowledge

According to planetary charts, students would need to put in extra hours and study hard while staying focused. Students in their final year of graduation need to be extra-cautious about their education. These students may feel low and have a lack of confidence about their exam preparation. Students undergoing post-graduation or doctorate degrees would learn new things fast and memorise concepts efficiently. Students pursuing higher education would make encouraging progress.


Take care of your health during this week, as you would be prone to illnesses. Some health complications may catch up with you. It would be difficult to find the cause of the illness that you are facing. Undergo a full body check-up to identify the cause of these issues, and treat accordingly. Diabetics need to be watchful of their diet. Adhere to your physician’s advice and avoid foods with high sugar levels. Take regular checks of your sugar levels to keep tabs on fluctuations under control.

Money and Finance

Jupiter rules the 2nd house associated with finance for your zodiac. It is also in its sign of debilitation Capricorn along with the malefic Ketu. Both of these planets are stationed in the 12th House, respectively. This position of the debilitated Jupiter along with the malefic Ketu, would not prove to be favourable for you during this week. Your financial prospects are likely to be troubled in the process. It would be wise to avoid any new investments during this month. Also, stay from speculative schemes. You need to be careful about your income too. Despite these minor issues, you will be able to manage your daily expenses.

Career and Business

Businessmen will need to put in extra hard work in order to sign a huge deal. They may also need to check the credit-worthiness of a new client before extending any lines of credit. A businessman needs to keep track of receivables and then follow up to make sure they arrive on time. Businessmen may travel which would bear good results, without much stress. Employees may keep performing efficiently. They would be secure with their position and find future prospects bright.

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