Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 26th April – 2nd May, 2020

Love and Relationships

If you are eligible, you might crash into your childhood love at a shopping mall. Both may be very pleased to meet each other and may choose to meet each other again in the near future. Singles may be able to strongly convey the true emotions that have been pent up in their hearts for a while. The next meeting singles may have with their loved one might be very blissful. If you wish to enter a pressing relationship with this person, do go ahead. When it comes to family, don’t get stressed out over a trivial issue, and try to handle it with tact. Think twice before you engage yourself to someone who you do not know.

Education and Knowledge

Students who are seeking their graduation in commerce or arts may need to put in genuine efforts. They should not be puzzled by any disturbances, and need to focus solely on academics. This may help them to learn and memorize more effectively. Meditation, if followed regularly, may be of exceptional help to them. Students may perform outstandingly in their final exams if they put in the effort. Students pursuing higher education like post-graduation may need to be extra-attentive. Their overall progress may be satisfactory and may stun everyone.


During this period, the movements of the planets indicate that some unexpected health issues may catch up with you during this week. If you experience any discomfort, you must rush to your local doctor immediately. The doctor may prescribe medicines, that may give you immediate relief. Beware of digestive system disorders cropping up during this time. Stay away from consuming junk and spicy food. Eat healthy and nutritious meals, to keep away stomach disorders. Try to exercise regularly to stay fit. If you must drive, do so thoughtfully, and don’t over speed. Be careful, as you may have an accidental injury during this week.

Money and Finances

During this period, Jupiter holds the duty of the second house, which is mainly associated with finance and family. Jupiter is seen transitioning in its debilitated earth sign Capricorn and moving through the twelfth house, which is linked with expenses and monetary losses. During this period, no meaningful monetary gains may occur. However, worry not as you may be able to manage your routine and related expenses comfortably with your current income sources. Keep a tight leash over undesired expenses. Don’t worry, as the wheels of fortune soon might turn.

Career and Business

For salaried employees, this may be a tough time, but they need to stay committed to their work. They may need to continually aim to improve their overall efficiency. If they do, their position within the organization won’t be in danger. Businessmen may be expected to give their best efforts for the growth of their business. A quality-conscious strategy may help businessmen market their products in the future. During this week, businessmen may not be able to strike any meaningful deals, even though normal business may go on as usual. However, there is no reason to worry, as just like seasons, hard times may soon disappear, as long as you keep giving your honest and dedicated efforts.

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